Beginner’s guide of extra income streams online for Seniors

Extra income streams online for seniors it’s a “phenomenon” nobody talked about just a few years ago. People should have considered the growing group of senior citizens regarding digital development. But the senior behavior has been a bit different, and we seniors are more active than ever on the Internet.

The earlier big gap between younger adults and seniors regarding Internet activities has narrowed considerably in the last decade. The growing movement among senior citizens is a fact to consider seriously. Add to this that people live longer, making this group an important niche in the digital environment.

Today 45% of seniors are active on social media compared to only 16% ten years ago. 61% of seniors own a smartphone compared to 11% twelve years ago. Tablet computers follow the same trend, and 44% own one compared to 4% in 2010.

Much more can be added to these figures, but let this short introduction be proof, or at least a “taster,” that grown-up adults are more active in the digital environment than many think.


The grey zone

Since my last article on the same topic, the crucial and growing grey zone for most seniors will get its own “chapter” in this article: The digital environment!

The next step to understanding the scope of seniors in the new digital world is to know what concerns grown-up adults the most.

After a long active life, as senior citizens, we hope that life will become easier. The upcoming retirement is something many look forward to as a period of relaxation. However, getting older also brings certain worries or at least concerns to the table.

Who am I to talk about all this? Well, I’m one of them because I passed 70. Instead of copying all the available surveys, I will boil them down to my own list. When checking with other people in my age group, we all agree on the same list. The priorities can vary, depending on each person’s situation, but the following five issues are always on the list.

Health care

No matter how healthy you are, the cruel truth is that you will always need more healthcare with age. The human body is like any other type of engine. Your old car will need much more maintenance and service to function correctly compared to a brand-new vehicle. So, why should your body “engine” be different?

Getting the correct healthcare service for your particular and unique body is one issue to take care of. But in many countries (like the one where I’m living), it’s also a financial issue.

Fortunately, I have had medical insurance since many years ago, but I also know people who don’t. Approaching an insurance company at the age of 65, 70, or even older will be a tough one. Hardly any insurance company will see you as a profitable customer, and you will have problems getting any company to sign up for healthcare insurance with you.

Even if you have insurance, the cost will rise substantially year by year. That’s the way it works.

Thus, the concern will be a healthcare task and a financial issue. Your financial situation will constantly deteriorate.

Physical aging

You can live a healthy life with exercise, no smoking, and moderate alcohol consumption. Still, the only thing we know for sure about our future is that life will end one day.

Continuing a healthy lifestyle and leveraging it with a social lifestyle will allow you to live that golden-age lifestyle you always have on your agenda. As we can’t do anything about the upcoming death, it’s all about living the remaining years with a high-quality lifestyle.

It’s not all about money, and I love this quote by Steve Jobs.

“My favorite things in life don’t cost money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”.

Steve Jobs

The consensus of the quote is that you should use your time wisely to live the life you really want. A day has 24 hours, a week 7 days, and a year 365 days. Even if you don’t know how many years you will live, live every day as if it is your last.

Your physical aging is a reminder of this reality. Stop worrying about it and fill up your remaining life with happiness, quality, and a lot of fun.


Getting older also means that your friends are getting older as well. Perhaps you are among the lucky ones, but different kinds of diseases will appear in your circle of friends. Horrible things like Alzheimer’s and other dementia illnesses become part of your surrounding.

Keep in touch with your friends and family members. Have fun together and make every day “the best day ever” happening.

You will also find new friends when entering the growing group of retirees. Gone are the real friends from your time in the corporate world. In fact, this group of real friends among ex-colleagues can be counted on one hand’s fingers.

Loneliness is probably the worst thing that can happen to you when entering the era in life which is supposed to be your golden age.

Today’s advantage is that all social platforms can help you in many ways. Be active and cultivate friendships with people you find worth being connected to.

Technology and digital development

 As grown-up adults with unique life experiences, we face something that is changing almost everything we are accustomed to; digital development.

When I was younger and started my career, we used telex machines. When the fax was launched, it was a technical revolution. The younger generations hardly know what a fax machine is and know less about such a historical thing as a telex machine.

The fast-growing digitalization is taking many seniors by surprise, worries, and, in many cases, total refusal. The worst thing you can do when reaching the age of senior citizen is to ignore digital development.

Using arguments of all kinds to hold back knowledge and skills in this new, digitalized world is the same as cutting off contact with the world and the environment that now is a reality.

Anyone, yes, anyone, can acquire the necessary skills to become a daily user of different kinds of digital services. It’s not a question of becoming an IT guru but an average everyday user.

Finance and wealth

When retiring from work, you have done the main part of your life, the life as retired is often “painted” in lovely colors. You are doing all these things you never had time to do earlier. Traveling the world and knowing all these places you only dreamed of will now happen.

Buying that lovely house close to the beach and listening to the sound of the waves with your spouse with a glass of wine becomes a highly prioritized project.

The list can go on. You just fill in what you pull down from your head of dreams.

And the “sh**t hits the fan!”


Waking up from your dream world, you suddenly notice that you need more financial resources to make all these dreams come true.

Statistics show that approximately 41% of U.S. citizens say they will not have enough money as retirees to live the life they desire.

Many prefer to continue working after reaching retirement age for the simple reason that they don’t have enough money to allow retirement. So, don’t feel ashamed if you belong to this group. You are not alone!

Thanks to the new digital and automated environment we are living in, the solution isn’t far away.


Extra Income Streams Online for Seniors

Extra Income Streams Online for Seniors

The five issues listed above are always mentioned when researching seniors. The priority can vary, and there can even be additional issues that, for some, are more important.

When analyzing the five issues and the impact they have on your life, you will probably ( at least in my case as a 70+ senior) come down to the fact that the financial part influences all the others.

I agree with the conclusion you can draw from the Steve Jobs quote earlier in this article. But you need to put something as a counterpart to balance the statement. This one, by Warren Buffet, could be a wake-up call.

“Money is not everything. Make sure you earn a lot before speaking such nonsense.”

Warren Buffet

It’s like electricity in your home. You turn on and switch off lights and use all electrical devices in your home without even thinking about electricity. Suddenly, the circuit is cut off, and electricity becomes the main issue.

Money follows more or less the same pattern. You seldom talk about paying your bills. Using your credit cards or bank transfers becomes a routine, the same way that brushing your teeth is an unconscious habit. But when there is no money in your account, or you have reached your credit card limit, the money issue will become your headache. 

Money is like fuel for your car

You never talk about gasoline as an essential topic for discussion, more than when the price is rising. Fuel is a necessary need to drive your car. That’s it!

Going through the five issues listed above, you will notice ( I don’t want to scare you) that “fuel” for any activity requires money. Some more and others less, but you are in trouble without money.

Few take notice of this reality, and if you are not doing anything about it, downsizing your lifestyle will be your only remaining alternative. How nice is that? I mean, is it the dream you had?

What is the solution?

If downsizing your lifestyle isn’t an alternative for you, there will only be three possible solutions available.

These three alternatives are valid, and it’s up to you to choose which appeals most to your personal plans and dreams.

We are here talking about a wealthy life we all, as retired people, deserve to have. The first two alternatives on the three-point bullet list could help you create wealth in your life as retired. Questions to arise will, of course, be at what price?

Is it worth fighting through another few years with your job, knowing that your boss would like to replace you as soon as possible?

As a 65+ person, it’s hard to find any company that would invest in you as an employee. Suppose you possess very few skills in demand in the market. In that case, you have to stick to low-qualified opportunities. It will probably be on a freelance basis.

Thanks to the digital world, the good news is that there exists a third alternative to creating wealth on completely different terms than before – the Modern Wealthy way!


Modern Wealthy to Create Extra Income Streams Online for Seniors 

Modern Wealthy to Create Extra Income Streams Online for Seniors You who read my articles on my blog can notice something different in this article. It is very much based on my own experience. All problems and obstacles described I have experienced throughout the years.

Fortunately, I found an online opportunity to try before retiring from the corporate world. Eight years ago, when I started part-time, I came across something that opened my eyes as a typical senior citizen with no skills and experience in this new environment to make online money.

Did I make mistakes? Yes, many!

How did I come back on the right track again? By getting all the support, I needed from the system and community I belong to since then.

On the positive side, the most important ones I took advantage of are:

  • I could learn everything I wanted to learn, nothing left behind or hidden
  • Being able to create my own website in WordPress (I didn’t even know what WordPress was.)
  • Building a list of thousands of customers and potential customers I could communicate to daily in an automated way
  • Earning money without even having a product to sell
  • Constantly being updated on new trends in the digital business environment
  • Creating big groups of followers on both Instagram and YouTube, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, and Linked in

Love what you do!

Besides these tangible bullet point achievements, the most important of them is that today I run my own online business, The Golden Age Lifestyle, helping other seniors do the same – and I love what I am doing.

I decide when to work and where to work. It all fits in perfectly with my dream about extra income streams for seniors. The wealthy lifestyle I had in my dreams is now a reality.

You are at this moment invited to take part in this Modern Wealthy movement. It’s a business for us seniors who refuse to accept downgrading in the lifestyle as an alternative.

Click on this box to take the first step.

If you still are with me and find this to be an exciting alternative, I would like to make a final statement:

You will never be alone!

Whenever you want or need it, we do this together. You just reach out to me by clicking on this link, and we will be in touch.

This is the longest of my blog posts (more than 500). But I’m doing it from the bottom of my heart because I know thousands of grown-up adults out there can relate to my story.

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