When you fail forward, you are already a winner

To fail forward is part of the journey when entering the space of entrepreneurship. If you fail, and for sure you will do, to fail forward is the path to go. If you fail and do it wrong, you will throw in the towel and give up.

In a nutshell, people who fail the wrong way spend energy figuring out what’s not working. Can you see the problem? No way forward but to analyze in detail what’s not working. Successful people focus on what’s working and spend most of their time on this.

Many of my followers are entrepreneurs who are doing business online, are planning to start an online business, or have tried doing business, failed, and have given up. The truth that we all need to be aware of as entrepreneurs is that you’ll fail at some point in your entrepreneurial journey.

You could have launched the wrong product or service or missed targeting your potential customers properly. Convinced that you were on the right track, you spent a lot of money on something that didn’t take off because you were missing the vital research before launching the product.

It all seems to be a mess, and you are ready to give up and throw in the towel. But…


This is not the end of the world. It could be the prelude to your real start as an entrepreneur. Until you fail the first time, almost everyone trying to do business online believes that this is an easy and uncomplicated way of earning tons of money. And when the first failure is a fact, it’s like an unexpected ice-cold shower.

Take this “failing shower” as your entrance ticket to genuine entrepreneurship. And if you belong to a group of people with courage and a strong belief in what you’re into, this is when failures will become a natural part of your entrepreneurial life.

To Fail Forward is the Second Step Toward Success

Fail Forward - the Second Step Toward Success

When you get that uncomfortable feeling that what you’re doing doesn’t feel like the business of your dreams, it’s the moment when you take the measures to fail forward. What does it really mean?

“Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.”

 John C. Maxwell

Accept that failure is part of the game, and the earlier you will do it, the faster you’ll get your business correctly in place. However, to fail forward is the booster for your project, and you need to learn how to make it.

The technique to fail forward consists of four crucial cornerstones:

#1. To fail forward is a happening

Many take failures too personally and start to blame themselves for not being able to achieve what they want. You’ve often heard the phrase,

“Shit happens.”

It’s a phrase used as a simple observation that life is full of unpredictable events. In French, the expression,

“C’est la vie,”

is used to acknowledge that bad things happen for no particular reason.

So, the first step to accepting failure will be to view it as an event and not a description of your personality. Failure is not who you are but what you did.

#2. When you fail forward, you will never lose

When your mind is programmed that a failure is an event, you can start to take advantage of all your failures.

“I never lose. I either win or learn.”

 Nelson Mandela

When you are doing something seriously, you do it with all the best intentions. When you fail, nothing is wrong with your purpose, and nothing is wrong with you. What is wrong then, as it became a failure?

No one but you can answer that question. You know precisely what you did and why you did it. Now, make a quick analysis by checking your figures. Aaaah, you are not tracking your results. You see, you are learning something. Tracking is fundamental for a successful business, especially online.

When starting my online business eight years ago, I made this mistake. Full of enthusiasm, I launched my first campaign. I spent a lot of money and got some sales. But it was not a profitable campaign. Why? I didn’t have a clue.

From that moment, I decided not to spend a single cent until I could dominate the necessary tracking technique. This is to fail forward, and today I know in detail how my different campaigns are performing and can make all needed adjustments in time to get a final profitable result.

#3. Fail forward while the fear still is there

What is exciting when working with such a people-related business as online marketing is that humans act as humans and not as machines. A machine never has to deal with emotions like happiness and fear. On the other hand, a correct balance between emotions and actions is an unbeatable tool for getting a successful final result.

When you fail, fear will always appear in your mind. For some, it will be less, but for many, a huge drama.

If you have ever watched a boxing match, you know the rules when somebody is knocked down. Either you raise your feet before the referee counts you out, which is happening in approximately 10 seconds, or you stay on the floor, accept the defeat, and become the loser.

When lying on the floor and you can still understand where you are and what happened, the fear will be coming over you. You have to make a quick decision with the fear present. Those who stand up to continue the match will often become champions.

Getting up after a fall distinguish winners from losers.

Failing forward means you never stay on the ground after a fall.

#4. Fail forward by focusing on the right things

Perhaps you didn’t reach your goal the first, the second, or the third time you tried. However, by acting correctly, you come closer to the goal you’ve set up every time you make a new try. You will experience this development because you learn something every time you fail, and the next time you focus on what is working for you.

Here are a few examples of common rabbit holes when trying to find out what are the right things to work on.

By being perseverant, conscious, and working hard, it will never be a question if you’ll reach your goal or not. The subject is all about when you’ll achieve it.

To Fail Forward With Plenty of Support

Fail Forward With Plenty of Support

In my case, failures have been my constant companion. In the beginning, it wasn’t very pleasant. After a while, it became clear that all the mistakes along the road indeed became a learning process.

Eight years ago, I could not even imagine in my wildest fantasy that I should be able to build my own authority site. Not so bad, or?

To start my own YouTube channel and be able to monetize it didn’t exist in my mind.

The truth is that nobody on this planet could do it without the proper support. And the beauty of it, if we turn the statement around, is that anybody can do it with the appropriate backup and support.

What a few decades ago was earmarked for a very limited group of people with the “right” education and skills is now available to anybody with the appropriate mindset and sincere willingness to succeed. We call it the Modern Wealthy.

Once inside the members’ area, a new world will open up to you. Once a member, of course, you will fail, but you will always fail forward. You will be surrounded by an entire organization and a unique community, looking after that you” never stay on the ground.

Click the box below, watch the video and get behind the scenes of Modern Wealthy. Whatever you do after watching the video is entirely up to you, but for sure, you will have the full scope of what you can do to change to a lifestyle that you so far only had in your dreams.

Start your journey to fail forward

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