Nobody wants to buy your product, but by transforming features into benefits, the sale is almost granted.

Have you ever met a door-to-door salesman trying to sell the best vacuum cleaner on earth, but forgetting totally to transform features into benefits? Unfortunately, these people won’t survive very long in their profession unless they get training on how to transform features into benefits.

Today’s video is all about sales techniques. Sometimes, without even being aware of it, you need to sell. The curious thing here is that if you don’t have any professional sales experience, and if you aren’t conscious of what you’re selling, most probably you are making benefit sales.

Watch the video and dive into the fantastic world of sales.

By Transforming Features Into Benefits You Will Make It

Sales is a profession, although one of the most depreciated professions of them all.

Once, I heard from a mom whose son had been unemployed for quite a time and apparently had problems finding one, “ If he doesn’t find any job, he has to take up a job as a salesman.”

The worst thing that could happen to a mother’s son was to be a salesman.

The truth is that many of the wealthy people in the world start as salespeople. And still, they are burning for their sales.

Selling isn’t difficult, but like all techniques, you need proper training. Transforming features into benefits is usually the part where non-sales people get an ah-ha experience.

No matter if you’re selling a nuclear power station for billions of dollars, or needles for a couple of cents, the technique is the same.

A needle for 5 cents could seem expensive to a customer.  At the same time, a nuclear power station for 2 billion dollars could appear to be a bargain price. It all depends on how your client perceives the offer and the price. In the end, it all comes down to your ability to transform features into benefits.

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