Why You Should View Freedom As A Choice

Freedom as a choice

Freedom as a choice

Without knowing it, a lot of people do not see freedom as a choice. Insane isn’t it?

The word itself is one of the most used words in any language, the reason why everyone should view freedom as a choice.

The majority of people is not willing to accept that they don’t have the freedom as a choice. The interesting question would then be, why do so many people claim not to be happy with their life.

The children in many countries around the world who are victims of bitter conflicts, where violence and horror are the daily doses in their lives, for sure would rank peace as the most important sign of freedom. The freedom to walk freely outside bunkers and other protections, without the risk to be another victim of a bullet or missile.

People in North Korea is dreaming about the freedom to express whatever they want without running the risk to appear on the list of enemies against the government.

A person suffering from cancer would probably see the erase of the disease as the maximum level of freedom.

Typical middle-class people having most of the stuff others don’t have would probably see more money as freedom. See my blog post of the 23rd of May, 2016, where you can read more about money vs. passion.

The list can go on, but always with freedom as a choice. What you have to do is to change the mindset.

Freedom As A Choice By Changing Mindset

Wait a second you might say. How can you get rid of your cancer by changing your mindset? And how can you stop the wars in a country by having a correct mindset?

No, you can’t!

But if you tune in the mindset correctly, the probability of positive change is much higher. View this TED-video and you will be moved when you see what can be possible to do if you have the correct mindset.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison. In vain? Certainly not. His burning dream of freedom changed a whole country, and maybe also the world.

So where does money come in, as everyone talk about getting rich as the only way to get freedom as a choice?

Well, you have to view money the same way as the fuel of a car. What do I mean by that?

When you go ahead and buy a new car, you never bother about the fuel. You seldom use the consumption of the gasoline as the primary criterion when you purchase a car. You never discuss with the salesperson, which is the best type of gas to use for the particular car you would like to buy.

However, when the car is yours, it’s clear that you can’t drive it without fuel. So money is important as a conductor towards the life of freedom you would like to live.

We all have different dreams and different definitions of freedom. See my blog post of the 29th of May, 2015, where “Freedom” is discussed more in detail. The most important is that you find yours. Please do not follow the trends of people who have positioned themselves as leaders in some way or another.

You need to find your freedom! After all, it’s your life.

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