Money comes as an extra bonus in freedom for online entrepreneurs


If you’re an online entrepreneur, I don’t need to tell you that freedom is a big deal.

You probably have heard stories about successful online entrepreneurs who have built highly profitable businesses online. One after another, they can show proofs of 5,6,7 and even 8-figure businesses. There is no limit as to what revenues are possible to achieve.

To be able to repeat what these successful online gurus achieve, refrain from copying them!

We are all different, and a copy/paste model does not work here.

The internet has given us the tools we need to create our own jobs and build our careers, and that’s why I’m so excited about it! As an online entrepreneur myself for more than nine years, I’ve had some challenges along the way—but also lots of successes—and I’ve learned a lot along the way. 


Freedom for Online Entrepreneurs is About Molding Your Lifestyle

Freedom for Online Entrepreneurs is About Molding Your LifestyleTo find that unique lifestyle of freedom that fits in on you, there are three crucial steps to take:

  • Remodel your mindset from the ordinary ways of living
  • Work with something that passionate you
  • Define your unique freedom and start living it

At first, these three steps seem non-controversial, but the truth is that most people never manage to fulfill all three.

That’s why I want to share my top 4 tips for gaining more freedom as an online entrepreneur.


Control Your Time

 The first cornerstone of freedom for online entrepreneurs is control over your time.

I don’t know about you, but back in the corporate environment and working for someone else, and my boss told me to do something, I got annoyed because it felt like he was taking away my freedom to choose how much time I spend on my business.

I’ve worked as an employee for many years, and sometimes, it felt like the company was controlling all aspects of my life:

  • Time – What time I woke up in the morning (6 AM)
  • Location – Where I ate lunch (at my desk)
  • Rest – What breaks did I take during work hours (no breaks)

As an entrepreneur running your own business, this kind of control doesn’t exist anymore because YOU decide how much time YOU want to spend working on YOUR projects!

If you’re a typical morning person (like me), you start working early and can dedicate the afternoon to other things. 

Since starting my online business, I never set the alarm clock to wake up unless I have an early flight or something in that way.


Choose where you work

  • Work from home.
  • Operate from a coworking space.
  • Let a coffee shop be your working space.
  • Work from an office.
  • You can work from…anywhere

Today, when this article is released, I’m in Barcelona with my wife. Some people check how many stars the hotel has where you will stay. I’m checking that the hotel can serve me with a powerful Internet connection.

This location freedom is worth a lot; sometimes, I don’t understand how I could afford almost 40 years in the corporate world. Fortunately, I had a lot of “freedom” in my work, holding an executive position at a high level. However, I had a boss and shareholders who dictated the strategies for the company and the results that were expected of me.


Have the freedom to choose who you work with

Choose who you work with by signing up for the right system and platform. By promoting digital products or services, automatically, you decide whom to work with.

No boss will be breathing down your neck or somebody else who does not appreciate your work.

You can decide to work with a small team of freelancers or go solo, but either way, you’ll have the freedom to choose the clients and projects that feel right for your goals. That might mean working with big brands or smaller companies, nonprofits, or government agencies. It’s all up to you!


Work on something you love

There’s no point in working on a business you don’t love. You’ll be less motivated to work on it, and you won’t enjoy the process of working on it.

When you’re passionate about your work, it shows in your work, making all the difference. Customers are more likely to buy from somebody who is genuinely passionate about their craft because they believe that person will deliver excellent results (and they usually do).

When Bill Gates and his friends were working around the clock in the garage of Bill’s father, they could afford this personal “torture” because they were so passionate, almost obsessed, about what they were doing.

Pick any other well-known successful entrepreneur and a similar story is repeated.

Many make the fatal mistake of chasing the money when starting their business. Forget the money for a while. If you are doing something you love to do, your customers will notice it. After a while, money will start chasing you.


These are the keystones of freedom for an online entrepreneur

 These are the keystones of freedom for an online entrepreneur.

  • Choose your own working time (when)
  • Work from anywhere. With a laptop and an Internet connection, all will be set (where)
  • You decide with whom to work, from team members to providers (who)
  • Work with something you love represents the fuel for your business (what)

The question is how to find all these external ingredients to get these four cornerstones to fit into your new lifestyle in the search for freedom for an online entrepreneur.

Check this video and get some valuable tips.

the keystones of freedom for an online entrepreneur

Let’s Rock It!

 The keystone of success is the freedom to choose where you work, who you work with, and what you do. It is important to remember that this freedom doesn’t come easily or quickly.

Building up these pillars in your life requires time and effort to stand firm against all storms. But nothing can stop entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams once they’re in place!

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