Don’t trust the good luck but create your own luck by using the correct rules.

Good luck is something that every human being would like to have. I’m not talking about winning millions of dollars on the lottery, even if it also would be nice, but the luck with all small actions you are taking on a daily basis.

The dictionary describes luck as random when things happen by chance. Things do seem to happen by chance sometimes….

An athlete can fall during a race. An investor can lose their money when a business fails. A friend can be diagnosed with cancer, while a criminal may escape without being punished.

Equally, good things can happen; people fall in love, cures for diseases are discovered, a job application is successful. But is it all really just luck?

The book “La Buena Suerte,” in English, “Good Luck” published 2004 and has become a classical management and motivation book. The authors, Álex Rovira and Fernando Trías de Bes, go through the “good luck” topic in a different and inspirational way.

If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend to do it.

Good or bad luck is something that we from childhood understand as something random. It’s something that can hit you as well as not. It all depends on external circumstances.

Nothing can be more wrong!

The content of the book can be summarized in 10 rules for the destiny of your luck.

The Rules For Good Luck

First Rule for Your Luck

Luck does not last for too long because it does not depend on you. Good Luck is created by ourselves, so it can always last.

Second Rule for Your Luck

Many are those who want Good Luck, but just a few the ones who decide to go for it.

Third Rule for Your Luck

If we do not have Good Luck maybe it is because we are always under the same circumstances. For the best luck to come, we should create new circumstances.

Rules for good luck
Rules for good luck

Fourth Rule for Your Luck

Preparing circumstances does not mean seeking luck only for our own benefit. Creating circumstances where others also can win, attracts good luck.

Fifth Rule for Your Luck

If “you leave for tomorrow” the preparation of the circumstances, good luck may never come. Causing the circumstances to turn up requires a first step… take it today!

Sixth Rule for Your Luck

Even under the circumstances apparently necessary, good luck sometimes fails to happen. Search in the details of the seemingly unnecessary circumstances… but that is essential!

Seventh Rule for Your Luck

For those who only believe in chance, creating circumstances might be absurd. Those who are dedicated to creating circumstances do not care about chance.

Eighth Rule for Your Luck

Nobody can sell luck. Good luck cannot be sold. Beware of luck’s sellers.

Ninth Rule for Your Luck

After you have created all the circumstances, be patient, do not give up. Good luck is to come, trust it.

Tenth Rule for Your Luck

Creating good luck is to prepare the circumstances for any opportunity. But the opportunity is not a matter of chance: it is always there!

What Can You Do To Get Good Luck

How to get good luck
How to get good luck

Some time ago I listened to an interview with the world top-ranked tennis player Rafael Nadal. Upon the question, if he has good luck, his answer is quite significant as to what good luck really is. He said:

“Well, I train very hard, probably harder than the rest. If that means good luck, then I have it.”

This Nadal statement says it all!

It’s you who establish the conditions for your “luck.”

The psychologist and scientist Richard Wiseman expose in various experiments that you as human have can influence a lot your good or bad luck. This article in The Telegraph reveals his investigations.

Also on Quora, the intent is made to explain if there is any scientific difference between lucky and unlucky people. Richard Wiseman’s name is mentioned again.

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