Could happy retirement and affiliate marketing make a fit?

Mention happy retirement and affiliate marketing, and you will immediately raise question marks. Retirement is when you’re going to slow down and enjoy life. Marketing “smells” work all the way through.

To reach or approach the age of retirement was earlier an important milestone in life. It was the moment when the work responsibility was handed over to a younger generation. You should now enjoy life and do what you couldn’t do during your active life in the labor market.

Serious corporations planned together with the employee how to switch smoothly from a productive person to an ex-employee, no longer involved in the company’s development where they had been working their whole life. Theoretically, all seemed to be an excellent plan. The corporation could replace the older and maybe obsolete employee with a younger and updated person eager to make a career.

For many, the lower-income as retired comes as a surprise. It varies from country to country, but as an example, according to Forbes, “Half of Americans over 55 may retire poor.”


The cross-road between theory and real life

The reality does not always coincide with the glamorous theoretical model. There can be many reasons, but here are the most common:

  1. No retirement plan exists, and the magic age for retirement becomes more of a nightmare than something looking forward to
  2. With the financial situation the world has faced in the last decades, the funds for a decent retirement have deteriorated considerably. Without personal savings, it is almost impossible to live a decent life as retired.
  3. Human beings live longer than before, and the group of people retiring is more significant every year. This calculation is not taken into account when setting up the beautiful “theoretical model” for retirement.

From the employee’s perspective, many out there don’t want to finish to be productive. The main labor assets a senior person can offer are the following:

  1. An enormous working experience and particularly extensive know-how and skill set in the profession executed for many years.
  2. With all years of experience, a senior person typically has a personal network that can serve as a goldmine if used correctly.
  3. A senior person has passed the age of small children and the time-consuming dedication to creating and foster a harmonious family. It’s much easier to focus on a particular working topic with power and engagement.

Bringing these two worlds together, where corporations prefer to replace seniors with younger people, and at the same time, a growing group of dedicated seniors not willing to leave their professional lives, the big and challenging question will be how to combine this vast contradictory.


Happy Retirement and Affiliate Marketing Open Up a New Scenario

Happy Retirement and Affiliate Marketing Open Up a New ScenarioThe answer can be found in the word “self-employed,” meaning that you start some kind of own business. There are many people out there who have made their breakthroughs as seniors. One of the most famous is Harlan Sanders, who started Kentucky Fried Chicken at 65.

On the Internet, plenty of other successful senior entrepreneurs can be found to confirm that age isn’t a valid excuse for not trying the entrepreneurial side of your experience.

One hurdle that could stop many people from trying a new business is the investment to do. Understandably, you have to think through more than once if the saving capital you have gathered for a quiet and relaxing retirement should be invested in a new adventure with maybe millions of dollars to be tied up.

This was a hurdle before the new digital era arrived and changed everything. Before, doing business on the Internet was seen as something not very serious because we didn’t understand how it all worked. Today the online business is growing faster than ever. Then we are not only talking about the big players like Google, Facebook, Skype, Uber, Amazon.

The number of small entrepreneurs starting their own online businesses is growing exponentially every day.

The bad thing about these businesses and where you have to watch out carefully are:

  1. All the false promises.
  2. The so-called Scams.
  3. Promising you to be rich within a few weeks by working ten minutes per day.

Always ask for accurate references when attracted by an online business offer. With easy access to the Internet, do some research before signing up. It can save you money and a lot of headaches.

Affordable for everyone

The good thing is that the start-up cost is affordable for anybody. Instead of investing your life savings, we are talking about a couple of hundreds of dollars to get your own business up and running.

But you don’t have a product to sell, and you don’t have a system to administrate the business, and you are a complete technophobe. Well, the list can be long with fears that bother you. The people who continue to worry about their concerns will probably continue questioning the rest of their lives.

Instead, individuals who see the opportunity will be part of this digital online business wave that just is starting to move and soon will be upgraded to a real “Tsunami.”

At the age of 62, I had the luck and the courage to dive into this new ocean of business opportunities. Bringing up the same questions as mentioned earlier, I had no product to sell, no system, and my computer skills were limited to what I would like to call average skills. I found a new word I had never heard about before:

Affiliate marketing


Happy retirement and affiliate marketing go hand in hand

In a few words, it is an opportunity where you sell other companies’ products. Well, you don’t even have to sell but only bringing in customers. For every sale made, you will earn a commission. They trained me from A to Z, and for the tons of questions I had, there was always somebody who could help me out. My success or failure had absolutely no excuses but depended 100% on my willingness to let it happen.

At the age of 63, I said goodbye to the corporate world after more than 35 years of service. At the age of 64, I could start living the life that earlier only existed in my dreams. And now, when approaching 70, my happy retirement and affiliate marketing are two pieces in life that allow me to have the lifestyle I want.

You have to work hard and go through some frustrations and failures, but success is waiting for you on the other side of the tunnel if you have the correct focus.


Happy Retirement and Affiliate Marketing Could be Your New Way of Living 

Happy Retirement and Affiliate Marketing - Your New Way of Living Since I started my affiliate marketing business almost eight years ago, a lot of things have happened. In fact, the digital world differs substantially from the old offline world. Things are happening fast, and it’s impossible to be up to date on every single detail.

That is one of the reasons why you can’t be successful online without being connected to a system and platform, providing all the services around a successful online business.

You have no idea how to start and less how to make it happen. If you can relate to this (my situation eight years ago), there is good news for you.

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You will learn exactly how to combine a happy retirement and affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, it’s for anyone who wants a profitable online business but doesn’t know where to start.

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