If you have a plan B you will always be ahead of the rest


To have a plan B is something that many people don’t pay much attention to. But the truth is that we all need to have a plan B.

Have you ever noticed that parachutists have a reserve parachute besides the principal one? The reason why is quite obvious. If something goes wrong with the main one, there is an additional opportunity to avoid a disaster – a plan B.

Hopefully, this short introduction, once and for all, will kill the idea of a failure to have a plan B.

You often hear that successful entrepreneurs make a lot of failures. It’s an essential part of entrepreneurship. In the end, it’s the route to the final goal, and that the business takes off.

Have you ever been to an airport and suddenly your flight is canceled? You will immediately recognize three different groups of people:

  1. People who let their frustration turn into anger. They start to scream and express their dissatisfaction with strong words and even insults. They usually don’t achieve anything more than feeding their own anger
  2. Then we have the group who just accept the situation without any type of reaction, but waiting for instructions from the airline about what will be the next step to take
  3. Finally, you will find a smaller group of people who actually try to find a solution that will fit into their unique situation


Entrepreneurship by example

One of the best examples I know about how a plan B can result in an extremely positive result is the one of Richard Branson and how he created Virgin Airlines. It’s the story about how a canceled flight turned out to create a new company, in this case, Virgin Airlines.

The coronavirus pandemic we are living right now has put life upside down for many people. People have lost their jobs. Remuneration schemes suffer changes. You either accept it or your job is gone. There are multiple examples of what the pandemic is causing humanity.

However, the truth is that digital automation will be your best ally when doing your best to build your future


You Need to Have a Plan B Today!


You Need to Have a Plan B Today!In the same way as the example above about the three different groups of people, you can identify the group you belong to when it comes to how to deal with the pandemic. Quickly you will notice that the only group of people who really moves the situation forward is group number three.

If you belong to the unfortunate group of people who lost their jobs, you should seriously consider looking into the possibility of starting something online. Fortunately, the digital world of today offers opportunities for everyone with the willingness to give a try.

People who still have a job or an income and still not have been affected by the shaky situation should definitely have a plan B. The good thing is that you can build that plan B while still working and “protecting” your current income. You never know when the worldwide financial crisis caused by coronavirus will hit your life.

Never before in history has it been so easy to start a business online. At a cost that anyone can afford, you can create your own business already this week.

Do not make the mistake to wait until “the sh*t hits the fan,” but push the button below and have a plan B established right now! 

PS. When creating my plan B, 7 years ago, it quickly turned out to be my new lifestyle. The same way that Virgin Airlines took off from a canceled flight. What will be the name of your business?

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