Will the pandemic make the holiday celebration 2020 different this year?

The holiday celebration 2020 is only a few weeks away. This year, for sure, it will be a different approach due to the presence of Coronavirus.

The pandemic reaches different levels in different countries, and authorities are also approaching the pandemic in different ways. All this will imply that the holiday celebration 2020 will vary from country to country.

Many people are already planning for a different holiday celebration 2020.


Changes in the Holiday Celebration 2020


Changes in the Holiday Celebration 2020You can make a long list of routines and ways of working and living due to the pandemic. However, when it comes to the holiday celebration 2020, the following 5 points will stick out.

As you will notice, some of them are not only a holiday-related issue but something that already have an impact on daily life.


#1. Christmas bubbles and other come together events

Many governments publish rules about come together events. The standard is to not mix up with people outside the inner family circle. Further, most outdoor events will undergo restrictions. In most cases, come together, events will have a certain number of people as a limitation.

Indeed, this new way of “interfering” in people’s familiar traditions to meet people and share Christmas and New Year celebrations will impact.


#2. Parties on Zoom

As a consequence of the restrictions in the previous paragraph, Zoom will be busy this year. It’s not a random incident that Zoom is increasing its business this year in all aspects.

For the upcoming work celebrations that generally take place the first week of December, many will be on Zoom.

Other communication systems like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, and many more, are becoming daily communication means. Personally, I have so far this year attended a wedding but also a funeral on Zoom.

Many schools prefer to have virtual classes instead of gathering students together in a classroom.


#3. Expect smaller turkeys for Christmas 

This sounds weird initially, but there are two principal reasons you should expect a smaller turkey for the holiday celebration 2020.

First, skillful workers, not only on the poultry farms but in the entire food industry, have been hit by the Coronavirus. As a consequence, productivity is going down both in volume and quality.

The second reason, which is a little bit easier to understand, has to do with the limitation of how many people can come together. The family gathering will be with fewer persons. Thus, smaller turkeys will be on the tables.


#4. A calm and different New Year’s Eve

Typically Christmas celebration is a calmer one, and New Year’s celebration is entirely the opposite.

Due to the pandemic, most likely, you can expect a quiet celebration this year. In many countries, even fireworks have been canceled and banned.  


#5. Online activities are booming

In an article published a year ago, “How does Santa’s New Digital Lifestyle Look Like?”, we reveal how digital development is having effects on everything in our surroundings. Christmas and Santa Claus do not represent any exception from this accelerating automation of the world.

The effects of the pandemic we are fighting with this year are that digitalization is speeding up much faster than anybody expects. “Pandemic has forever changed online shopping.”

On the other side of the coin, never before in modern history, so many job positions are gone. It includes everything from reducing the number of employees to companies closing down forever.

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