HTTP affects your life the same way the brain decides what your body should do.

Holy cow, a technophobe like me talking about how HTTP affects your life. How will this end up?

Well, there is a particular reason this is the topic of today’s blog post. Tomorrow it’s the official birthday of HTTP.

The 6th of August 1991, the British computer scientist and inventor of the world wide web (www) Tim Berners-Lee implements the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the Internet.

As a not very technical person trying to understand how HTTP affects your life, a friend of mine explained it the following way:

Imagine that the Internet is your heart. You can feel it and sense it. You also know that you will not live if your heart isn’t ticking. Now, your heart or other parts of your body will not work without your brain. You cannot feel or sense your brain. It’s just there and you know it’s essential for your life.

Well, that is what corresponds to HTTP in the computer world. The digital evolution continues with or without you.

The same way HTTP affects your life in a positive way, Microsoft with their Windows is the founder of the first computer software making it possible for non-computer experts to use a computer relatively easy.

Making a more in-depth inventory of all software launched during all these years, they all have in common one single thing: Make it easy!

If more significant or not, this is definitely of the same magnitude as the industrial revolution.

Happy Birthday, HTTP!

Areas Where HTTP Affects Your Life

Areas where HTTP affects your life

The list can be extended to areas where HTTP affects your life, but here are a few of the most frequent ones:


If you belong to the baby boomer group as I do, you’ll remember the battle to communicate. An overseas call cost you a considerable amount of money. Today you can talk to anybody around the world for free and face to face.

WhatsApp, Messanger, Viber….to just mention a few, has changed everything


When did you visit a bank the last time? Today we do all our transaction via the Internet. Bank branches even start to disappear. Thank to how HTTP affects your life, you can easily transfer funds from one bank account to another, also if the bank accounts are in different countries.


To travel is easier than ever before. No costly travel agencies or boarding passes on paperboard are needed anymore. The reduce cost structure make traveling more accessible and cheaper than before. Internet-based companies like Airbnb, Booking, Uber makes you traveling easier, more efficient and less costly.


In many countries, specific job duties do not require any physical presence in the company’s office. The job can be done from home. It gives more flexibility for people to combine work and family-related topics. Both efficiency and life quality will improve.

The increased number of entrepreneurs and people starting their own business online is a result of how HTTP affects your life.

If you’re working at home for a company, the natural next step is to work for yourself. Many people try it out on spare-time first and do not quite their corporate job until the own business works appropriately.

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