How To Become An Invincible Marathon Entrepreneur.

Marathon Entrepreneur
Marathon Entrepreneur

If you can pull off one marathon, nothing will ever feel hard to achieve.

Like many people, I spent a big part of my life working for someone else as a member of a corporate team. It wasn’t until I started to go for a serious marathon training that I recognized that successful training in such a challenging discipline has tons of similarities in your professional life.

Not until I quit the corporate life and became an independent entrepreneur I found the balance between my work and the marathon training. Thanks to the Online Business, I could leverage two passions:

Marathon Running and Entrepreneurship

It is a tough journey, and the commitment has to be complete and genuine, otherwise forget about it. With that in place, just stick to the following 12 tips for success and for sure we will soon meet lining up for a marathon race somewhere, in the Online Business World or most probably in both places.

Have a Goal

Be clear what you want to achieve and why. To run 26.2 miles (42,195 meters) or starting a productive business are not two things happening on autopilot. Training for a marathon is completely different to training for a short fun run.

It is another game searching for promotion in the corporate world than building up a business from scratch that will be a sustainable part of your business life.

If you never before have run a marathon, you will make a lot of mistakes along the road. Don’t worry! It’s normal. The same will happen to your business. You will fail. Be sure about that but it’s a natural part of the game. Read any book about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or any other well-known entrepreneur, they are almost proud of their failures. Why? Because they knew that each failure was one step further to their final success.

In the same way, you need to stipulate an achievable but still challenging goal for your first marathon, you need to be very clear on what you want to achieve in your business the first year.

Have a Plan

Ask anyone training for a marathon what they are doing on December 13. They can tell you the exact number of miles and what kind of training they are going to do that particular day. Why? They have a written training plan of course. I have seen several times people lining up for their first marathon, (yes, it’s easy to notice they are running their first marathon), and their training has not been very organized so to say. Normally they start up the race in a very enthusiastic way but somewhere between miles 15 to 20 they are taken care of by the medical staff.

In your business, it can be tricky to have a detailed day-to-day agenda but you need to be able to specify what will be needed to do month by month if you are going to be successful.

As a disciplined marathon runner, I have implemented the same discipline in my business, and I do not finish my week until I have my agenda for the next week filled up with important tasks to do. It helps me a lot to plan my days ahead and know before the week starts when I have to dedicate more time to my business.

Get Started

This can sound a little bit weird. It’s just to start, isn’t it? No…! If you don’t have a serious commitment in the form of a goal and a plan on how to make it happen, nothing will happen. You will appear as the “new year committed” – people you will find the 1st of January every single year when you are out running. Enthusiastic people sweating as they never sweat before in their entire life because they promised their family that finally they were going to get rid of that belly fat not allowing them to use those clothes they could before.

It’s nice to see all types of people out there, but the sad part of it is that you know that they will disappear from the running lane within the next coming 3-4 weeks.

If you have your plan in place, the first training sessions will just be a few miles. However, your mentality is now focused on what lies ahead.

The same goes for your business. Step by step you will build up the foundation that will bring you to the final goal. Don’t forget that we are talking about a marathon race.

Build Good Habits

A lot of people ask me, “How do you find time to train for a marathon?” It’s a really good question. And the answer is that I wake up early. Sometimes I’m out running 4.30am, completely crazy right? But the question to be answered has to be: “What do you have on your agenda at 4.30am?” Probably nothing because you are sleeping. Fine, then there is an available time slot for the training. If it should be at 5 pm, the answers most probably would have been different.

The same goes for an independent entrepreneur. You don’t have a 9-5 schedule to follow but an agenda with a “what to do list”, and when you are doing your work, it’s up to you. The only thing you have to watch out for is to look after that the tasks will be done. Nothing else! It’s all about habits.

Learn As You Go

Learn And Go
Learn And Go

A training diary is essential for any runner taking it all seriously. Make notes of what went well and what to change. In this way, you will learn where is the winning path.

When Thomas Edison made his famous 1,000 failures and finally found the correct metal for the electrical bulb, for sure he registered each and every one of all tests that failed. This trial and error method was his route towards the final and correct solution.

In your marathon training as well as your business construction, the key to success is to test and test again, register everything and step by step find the correct path by deleting all that fails and go deeper into activities giving the correct results.

Be Flexible

For sure goals, plans and good habits will be the most important cornerstones in your marathon training. But being too rigid will easily lead you into boredom, which will have a negative impact on the continuation. It is possible to be flexible without leaving the main plan. Use new routes for your long runs, run with friends and sometimes alone, are just a few example of flexibility easy to implement.

As an entrepreneur building up your business, it is important to have the same opened mind to flexibility. Examples could be to benchmark with friends and colleagues. Flexibility will always be an important ingredient to avoid negative thoughts or to be stuck in your own frustration.

Play To Your Strengths

In my marathon training, I prefer a disciplined and detailed training plan. Other people prefer to use a more “improvised” plan. Nothing is more correct than the other. It’s all about using a method that plays to your strength.

There is no difference in business. I am an early bird person and work more efficiently early in the morning while other people are strolling around like zombies in the morning gearing up and getting their peak efficiency in the evening.

We are all different and should always take advantage of our personal strength.

A tremendous advantage of being an independent entrepreneur is that you can set up your own working schedule and do not have to adapt to the standard corporate 9-5 itinerary.

Ask For Help

No matter if it is for marathon runners or entrepreneurs, there is always a wealth of experience in any community. People like yourself who have come a step further in their training or business, people who have failed the same way as you have done; we are all there to help each other. Whatever your goal is, there will always be people you can trust and can ask to avoid pitfalls and instead finding the necessary support. When needed, always ask for help!

Perseverance Is The Key


Of all said so far, nothing would happen without a profound perseverance in place.

After months of well-executed training, you just feel that your marathon race will be one of the best ever, and suddenly humidity, the temperature or whatever external factor turns your expected record race into something else. You just have to brush that result off as soon as you can and go for a new try.

The same goes for your business. Maybe you have worked weeks with many 10-15 hours working days to launch an online campaign and then the campaign just didn’t take off. As in the marathon training and with a detailed diary you can now go back and find out the reason it went wrong, or at least find a new path to try.

The key is to be perseverant, never give up, and try again with a new approach or maybe only a few details of fine-tuning needed.

Celebrate Your Success

With my entire body soaring, feeling the legs as I never would be able to walk again, but with an indescribable happiness, I remember as it was yesterday the first time I crossed the finish line of a full marathon. You are picking up your medal, your goody bag with the banana and other stuff, photos are taken and you feel the glory of your achievement. You have confirmed to yourself that it was possible!

When starting my Online Business and after many hours of work, building up the necessary structure, I still remember the day I got my first “lead” and later on also the day when I got my first sale.

Both these events, the marathon and my online business, have in common that they follow the same pattern towards the success. To celebrate the success is important for your motivation, and you don’t have to wait for the big wins in your running or business career. Try to find smaller achievements and celebrate all kind of victories, no matter the size of it.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Have you ever experienced in life, no matter what kind of activity, that a person close to you all the time is using negative approaches to the topic? “You can’t run today, it’s too cold outside ”, “It’s dangerous to run early in the morning….late in the evening….because of this…or that”. I remember when the first steps were taken in the field of online business and when people for the first time were offered products and services online by using their credit card, and many people argued that it would never be an important business. “No-one is willing to use their credit card to a vendor online they never have seen”, was the main argument. Well, we all know that the online business today is a multi-billion business and the yearly increase is impressive.

Whatever activity you will do in life, there will always be negative people around, and you need to change that immediately. Look after that you are surrounded by positive people, people who can motivate you, encourage you to go forward or whatever other impulses are good for your training and your business.

Take The Rest Seriously

When starting up a serious a marathon program, pretty soon we get it very clear what are the key factors to optimize the body for the upcoming marathon race. The necessary rest to recover from all training is essential for a successful marathon race later on. To train 100% of the time will sooner than later burn you out and the probability of getting injured increases.

As an entrepreneur, we all know that it is not a 9-5 job Monday to Friday. Often you have to put in much more hours especially in the beginning of your business. It can be many hours during a week, early in the morning, late evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Beauty Of Being Your Own Boss is to set your own rules and time schedule. It allows you to apply a maximum flexibility in conjunction with all your other activities like your marathon training. However, the same goes for your entrepreneurial activity as for your marathon training and if you don’t get enough rest and sleep you will burn out.

So, don’t ignore this part and when needed, take a day off to rest or to do something different that will allow you to charge you batteries.


The perfect synergies for success.

These 12 synergy points between marathon running and entrepreneurship are only the most important among plenty of additional touch points.

In life, all seem to be connected to each other in some way or another. In my case, I could not train as I wanted while I still was in the corporate world. As I couldn’t train the way I wanted, for sure it had a negative influence on my performance as an employee.

Once I decided to Be My Own Boss, all the other bricks also fell into their right place. Being the only person who decided how to organize my work and at the same time my marathon training, life became suddenly much better; less stressful and with a balanced harmony. In other words, the change finally gave a true entrance to:

Freedom and a Happy Life


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