Don’t despair; there is a way of how to come back after failures

How to come back after finding that the proclamations and promises made the last hours of the 31st of December just didn’t happen?

There is a high percentage of people who fail on their New Year’s Resolutions. Thus, you are in good company. First of all, continue to enjoy some more pieces of the chocolates from your San Valentine’s gift. Life isn’t created to suffer.

Now, after this little introduction joke, let’s be serious and find out what happened, and what to do about it. How to come back on the right track again.

To start with, I highly recommend you to read my article “5 Tips To Get Your New Year Resolution To Fly High”, published on the 29th of December, 2016.

The two main recommendations in that article were to keep it simple and to be specific. Sounds easy but if you revise your promises made on the 31st of December, the probability is high that you failed on any of these two simple principles.

Secondly, I would like you to go through my article “4 Pillars For A Sustainable New Year Resolution”, published five days later on the 3rd of January. It’s a continuation of the first post, and where four additional recommendations are added.

You might argue that you have all these cornerstones in place, but it didn’t work anyway. Here come some tools helping you on your mission of how to come back on track.

How To Come Back By Being Methodical

Being methodical
Being methodical

A serious resolution, whatever it could be, requires a serious commitment and method.

  • Search for the right environment – If your goal is to lose weight, for sure, it will never happen if you only read a lot of books about how to do it. You need to go out and run the decided kilometers or miles, spend the determined hours in the gym with a well-defined program. If your business is a home-based business, which is a fantastic way of doing business, you must emphasize the word “business.” That means that you need to be professionally focused on your business when working with your business. The downside with a home based business is that there are so many distractions when working from home. Just make a clear line between your business and your private family life.
  • Work with a daily To-Do list – There are so many ways you can work with your to-do-list. No one is better than the other one. It’s all up to you and what is working bets for you. However, a correct to-do list must fulfill the task to guide you towards a productive day, and it should cover everything from brainstorming-like idea capturing to laser detailed execution procedures. IMPORTANT! Tomorrow’s to-do list should be the last thing you do before finishing the work for today.
  • Work in time blocks – No matter how motivated and enthusiastic you are, you are not a machine but a human being. Your concentration and focus start going down after a certain time of continues work. It’s different from person to person. Find out your personal rhythm. I work in blocks of one hour and then a 10 minutes break.
  • Learn to say “No” – You are on a mission and “first thing first.” You can’t be Mr. Niceguy whole the time but must learn how to say “No.” It’s not unpolite and will be easily understood by the other party if you explain why you can’t help right now.


How To Come Back With The Help Of Some Useful Tools

How to come back by using tools
How to come back by using tools

An excellent way of how to come back again is to leverage everytime you can. In today’s automated world there are so many different tools that can be used in a good way. Besides Gmail and Skype, which is a must to organize your activities efficiently, some other tools can help you leverage all you are doing on a daily basis. Here a few of them:

  • Rescue Time – This little handy app works as your personal efficiency coach and will help you to understand your daily habits helping you to be more productive. It’s a cool app  helping you to find your ideal work-life balance.
  • Last Pass – It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the digital world, and this app helps your to remember all your different passwords in a safe way. There is a free version you can download here:
  • Wunderlist – This fantastic tool will help you making your to-do lists and synchronize them with all your different devices. You can also share it with other people involved in your mission. You can download it for free here:

Finally, if your New Year Resolution was to create your own business and you haven’t yet started, here is the ultimate solution. It’s not only a business where you can make a good living but an entrance to a whole new lifestyle.

Still don’t know how to come back? Well, CLICK HERE and welcome to board the Freedom Lifestyle Airline and join the world of enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

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