Learn how to win in the new pandemic environment


How to win a battle has always interested all humans, no matter what it’s about.

There is a new ingredient in the modern environment, and it’s called Covid, and viruses of all types. It took quite a long time for the entire world to learn how to act under these new circumstances. A kind of frustration dominated society until we could control the situation.

Viewing it from a more scientific side, the truth is that everything in life always strives for balance. There will always be a bright side if there is a dark side. After a night always comes a day.

The sad and horrible outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic will also bring positive effects. We learn how to win the battle.

It sounds weird at first that you can be a winner due to Coronavirus. So, let’s dive into some facts to understand our discussion fully.

As you know, stores have temporarily closed, and some have even gone bankrupt due to Coronavirus.

Approximately 204 million people made an online purchase in 2020 in the U.S.

Usually, younger people are more likely to purchase online. However, in 2020 during the pandemic’s peak, 45 and older buyers increased by 5.8%. This is equal to 5 million new baby boomers buying online since 2020.

For a long time, digital commerce has continuously gained a foothold in the total global market. Companies like Amazon, starting in 1994, needed 11 years to break even.

However, year after year, the digital market percentage-wise takes a larger piece of the total cake.


The Covid “puller-effect”

The virus has been an essential catalyst during the lockdown and the chaos caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The radical increase in digital commerce is here to stay. It didn’t decline when we finally got control of the Corona disease.

The new “normal” had a slow start-up. Still, the general financial recession will hit all economies in one way or another. The superinflation the entire world is facing right now is a prelude to the coming recession.

If you remember my article in 2018, we talked about digital evolution as something few have fully understood or at least accepted. The pandemic we went through is reconfirming with all proofs you can ask for that the new “normal” will be digital. In the article, the sub-title was,

“Whatever you do, never lose track of the digital evolution.”


The Strategy on How to Win and Create a Recession-Proof Business

How to Win and Create a Recession-Proof Business

So, how to win as a result of the tragic pandemic?

If we exclude the vast pharmaceutical industry, which is booming after the pandemic, by developing all types of Coronavirus-related medicine, the hotel and airline industry is suffering. Various already closed or went bankrupt. There is a clear distinction between winners and losers in this historical tragedy.

When it comes to retail, many small stores and unprepared companies will be unable to re-open. The losses are too big. Instead, companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Costco will go towards a bright future. They already started to gain market shares during the pandemic.

The reason behind this can be analyzed from many different angles, but the keyword for their success is:


Well, Amazon started its journey already back in 1994. Walmart and Costco have worked hard to automate their retail business during the last decade when noticing that amazon was their most “dangerous” competitor.

Before going into how to win your personal battle, let’s recognize that the “work-from-home” mode continues to grow after the pandemic. Some countries, like the Scandinavian markets, already have this mode implemented in a certain way.

The new “normal” life is going through a difficult and rough change. Fewer positions will be available as automation of all commercial activities will accelerate as never seen before.

The so-far light and mild discussion about a Universal Basic Income will restart, but this time more aggressively and with more precise goals and deadlines. We all have to face a restructuring of the world. Often it will happen far away from your comfort zone.


Your “How to Win” Route 

Your "How to Win" Route The best thing you can do to become a winner in this new world is to try your utmost to stand on your own legs and not depend on anybody else. You know exactly what I mean if you belong to the large group of people who lost their jobs during this crisis.

We all know better now what the Internet and digital commerce mean. For many, it has been the way of surviving during the lockdown.

Now it’s time for you to take the next step. Never before have you come to a table where everything is served just in front of you. Whether you have experience in the digital world or are a complete newbie, this is for everyone with the correct mindset.

And can you guess what’s the best of all?

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How to win once and for all

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