Do you need additional income streams after retirement?


Besides your pension, income streams after retirement are something few talk about, but many desperately are searching for.

If you already retired or are about to retire, you should be able to live your golden years as you deserve. All that you have contributed to society, qualify you to wake up every morning and just love what you’re doing every single day for the rest of your life.

So far so good, but how does the reality look like?

Somewhat different, right? 

In earlier articles, we have together got rid of the “not-for-me” syndrome, thinking that only the younger generations have the necessary skills to do business online. Let’s instead be productive and focus on what is the best alternative for you.

What is the best way for the upper age generation to earn money on the Internet?

There are many ways to go, and I will only share the ones I know well myself.

Even if your question is for which each of these methods fits the best, the truth is that they work well for any age.


Income Streams After Retirement That Suite You the Best


Income Streams After Retirement That Suite You the Best Use your knowledge and experience to earn money

  • You can give lessons using your unique knowledge and skills. Use platforms like Zoom, Google Meetings, Teams, Discord, Facebook, and many other possible platforms.


  • Create digital courses and earn every time somebody download or purchase your course. The difference with live lessons is that you can record your courses, and your presence will not be necessary

There exist many options online to learn more in detail what is mentioned above. You need to learn how to monetize your courses, and further down in this article, you will get tips on where to find the place to learn it.



  • Write a digital book(ebook). Promote it on platforms like Amazon. It’s much easier than you think.


  • Generate content for websites and blogs. You can do all this kind of work as a freelancer and earn money for each job you do. There is a high demand for this kind of service.


  • You can create your own blog. Even if blogging takes more time than the other writing tasks, you will get more options to generate income streams. What is attractive with this option is that you can write about topics you like to communicate.


  • Become a copywriter. This profession is growing a lot. Many companies are searching for people who can generate persuasive texts inviting people to subscribe to a site, purchase a product, respond to research, etc. If you do this successfully, you can count on an interesting income. Good copywriters earn a lot.


This article will help you understand how it’s possible to generate income streams by written communication.


Selling Products or Services

  • Use the local marketplace. There are many different sites you can use, and the commission varies a lot from site to site. Investigate the details before going ahead. Besides the well-known sites like Amazon, eBay, and Marketplace Facebook, there are many local or regional sites you can use.


  • Start an online shop. With the help of applications like Shopify and plugins like WooCommerece, you can create an online shop in a couple of hours and start selling your products. An extra advantage of the applications mentioned is adding the necessary payment process through the apps.


  • Dropshipping. If you don’t have your own products, this option allows you to purchase products at a low and competitive price from anywhere in the world. You promote the product, and when somebody buys from you, you instruct the supplier to send the product to the address you indicate. This is the basics of dropshipping, and different variations can be applied.


  • Affiliate marketing. This is my favorite number one, and many new online entrepreneurs start with affiliate marketing. I was one of them. It’s a concept where you as an affiliate earn a commission when you sell or promote a product or service which not is your own. The commissions vary a lot, all from 5% to 100%. Be careful and investigate before going ahead.


Which Option is Best for You to Create Income Streams After Retirement?


Create Income Streams After Retirement?There are many websites where you can get more detailed information about the different methods mentioned. So, which option is the best for you to create extra income streams after retirement?

The answer depends on your interests and your motivation to go for one option or another. All will tell you that their options are the best ones. But do not forget that your motivation and interest are the most critical ingredients for a successful business.

What works well for somebody will not function for others and vice versa. Remember, your own decision is crucial for your success. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of your own investigation, and in the end, your own judgment.


Here’s your shortcut

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