Living an independent lifestyle is something everyone can do

To live an independent lifestyle is that something you ever have thought about? What does it really mean, and how to achieve it?

Let’s go back to the very basic for a while. In one of my earlier articles, the statement is that al humans have an independence strive. During the time of slavery, the dream of freedom was apparent.

Also, countries have become independent from dictatorship, colonialism, or any other type of situation where a person or a nation try to be in command over somebody else’s freedom.

Independence could be anything from small domestic issues to huge nation related things. As humans, we were born to be free.

What about your job? You can always argue that you have the freedom to choose the job you want. Theoretically, you still have the option to say “no” to a job or resign from the position you have. However, how is it in reality?

An Independent Lifestyle doesn’t Go with the Old Way of Thinking

In the culture where we are living, and the way my generation was educated is a straight, streamlined path.

Step No. 1: Get a university degree in something. Often people do not even like very much what they are studying, but the parent and the society push it all forward.

Step No. 2: Start scanning the market and do your very best to get a job. Not necessary it has to be exactly according to your university degree. The most important is to get into the system and start climbing the career ladder.

Step No. 3: Satisfy your boss and the way he or she prefers to handle the business. The qualification of your job is all about how to satisfy your boss will be with what you achieve.

Step No. 4: If you are lucky to understand completely what your boss and the company like to see from you, your career can reach high levels. You get promoted and you remuneration package is getting better.

Step No. 5 and onwards: From here and on different things can happen. Maybe you’re approaching the age of getting retired. The company rather “helps” you to retire than keeping you on the list of pioneers, even if you represent a vast source of knowledge and experience. It will probably be the first time when you notice that the company more see you as a number than a human being who is giving your entire life to build up the company.

Another path could be that “your company” gets sold and the new owners have a completely different strategy. Could be that your unique experience and skill set don’t fit into the new owner’s way of doing business.

With an Independent Lifestyle You Will Work More Than Ever

Independent lifestyle and a lot of work

To be an employee isn’t anything bad, but you need to be fully aware of what it means and the possible consequences.

After a long and I would say a successful career in the corporate world, I suddenly found out that during all these years I created a business for somebody else. Instead of running the risk to be trapped in any of the scenarios described above, I actively started to search for alternatives.

Years ago and a long time before the Internet even existed, I made some intents to run my own business. However, the risk was high as you couldn’t start anything without a considerable amount of money.

To live an independent lifestyle back then was something not very easy to achieve.

The Internet with all its opportunities opens up an entirely new world. Living an independent lifestyle suddenly changes to be achievable for every individual willing to work hard to reach it.

In my case, I started part-time to figure out if it really was something for me. It didn’t take a long time until I could resign from the corporate world.

An Independent Lifestyle is not About How Much You Work

For the first time ever, I really felt a real passion with what I was doing. Forget about working two hours per day and stay on the beach for the rest of the day.

Independent lifestyle is not about how much you workProbably I had never worked so hard in my life as when I started my own online business. But there is an important variable that keeps me up late at night or starting early in the morning.

I love what I’m doing! It’s more than a job.

It’s much bigger than your own company.

Let’s name it a true passion.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to invite every single individual who can relate to this story. Give it a try part-time, and who knows, maybe you will be the next success story to break the old “traditional” career path and start living an independent lifestyle.


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