An Internet business after 60+ could be your best choice ever

You might wonder why you should start an Internet business after 60+. Maybe you’re laid off and struggling to find a new job because you’re over 60. Could be that you already are retired but need to make some extra money. Many people are bored with retirement and need to be back at work again. The reasons can be many, and an Internet business after 60+ could be the perfect solution for you.

Contrary to what many seniors think, 60 or older could be the perfect age for you to start a business. According to statistics, almost 25% of startup entrepreneurs are over 55. The reasons are many why starting an Internet business after 60+, could be your best alternative.

After a successful professional career in the corporate world, I finally took the step at the age of 62 to start my own online business. To start an Internet business after 60+ was one of the best decisions I ever had taken in my entire working life.

Finally, I could start to materialize my dreams, all under my terms.

Why an Internet Business After 60+?


Why an Internet Business After 60+?Why an Internet business after 60+ and not a traditional offline business? The answer to that question is quite simple and also logical.

A traditional offline business requires a physical business point typically. It can be an office, a store, or a warehouse. You will be tied up to this place in one way or another. Further, you will need office furniture, warehouse equipment, store decorations. Add on the necessary inventory for your business, and we are now talking about a more massive project.

As retired from the corporate world, you probably are searching for complete freedom. You would like to work from where you want and when you want to do it. The key to such a business is the Internet.

As typical baby boomers, these alternatives didn’t exist, and therefore we probably appreciate the possibility more than the younger generations who literally were born with a digital device in their hands.

The freedom to work with your own Internet business after 60+ is priceless.

Create a Successful Internet Business After 60+

So far so good, but there are a few crucial steps to consider to improve the probability that your business will be successful

Build your business around a passion   

Any business requires quite a lot of work, particularly in the startup phase. Forget about the false promises of “get-rich-quick” opportunities. They are nothing else than false pledges taking advantage of some people’s desperate search for an extra income.

Create a successful Internet business after 60+Talking about money, do not chase the money!


Yes, your business will in the end give revenues, but if earning money is your top priority and maybe the only goal you have, most probably you will not earn any money at all.

Instead, if you build your business around something that you’re really passionate about, your audience will notice that you have the knowledge and are delivering value and solutions. Eventually, the money will come but as a result of an authority in your niche.

In an earlier article, “How Do You Start Your Life Over At 50+”, you get some practical tips about the best way to start your online business.

Whatever your choice will be, as Margaret Manning says in her inspiring article about starting a business after 60:

“Write Your Plan with Your Head, but, Choose it with your Heart.”

Use your experience to your advantage

A generic quality we seniors have in comparison to the younger generations can be summarized in one word: Experience!

The experience you get as time passes by and you can add on multiple failures and successes to your curriculum. Share your expertise. Use this unique characteristic, and you will build your business on a solid foundation.

Join a ready-made platform for your business

You have probably already heard about people doing business on the Internet. It sounds so easy that it’s close to unbelievable. However, do not try to build your own system, your own online platform, or anything that requires advanced programming.

You will only lose time and a lot of money. The good news for you is that the necessary systems for your Internet business already exist and you just have to connect.

You need a system where you can create all marking stuff and reach out to your target niche in the market. The system must be able to canalize all your potential prospects through a sales funnel, from a cold lead to a buying customer.

The system I’m using fulfills all the necessary criteria. On top of that, you get all the training and education you need. Maybe you’re a complete newbie as I was once, and then you need a system like this, helping you step by step to reach your goals.

In any business, offline or online, you start building your tribe of potential customers. In the Internet world, it’s called list building. The enormous advantage of doing business online is that your potential market can be endless. As a consequence, your list of potential customers can be huge.

Having a vast group of customers on your list allows you to send out offers, information, and whatever you can think about providing value to the people. To manage a list of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of potential customers, you need a so-called autoresponder to stay in contact with your list easily and efficiently.

This is the one I use, and it works perfectly well for me.

Do You have a Product for Your Internet Business?

Product for your Internet businessWhat to sell? Either you already have a product that fits perfectly well into the Internet marketing pattern, or you haven’t any product at all. In both cases, you can start your Internet business.

The huge advantage of the system I’m connected to is that you’ll get the opportunity to market their products as an affiliate marketer. To start up as an affiliate marketer is an excellent way of starting your Internet business after 60+.

As an affiliate marketer, you drive traffic to your offer, which in fact is the affiliate product, and once the product is sold, you sit back and just cash in the commission. Later on, you can add other income streams to the same platform.

The opportunities are many, and the last recommendation is that you choose one and stick to it. Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap to jump from one system to another. The only outcome is that you will lose money and time.

Wrapping up:

Build your business around a passion

Use your experience to your advantage

Join a ready-made platform for your business

Get a flying start as an affiliate


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