By knowing your why the rest will automatically fall in place?

Whatever you do in life, knowing your why is always the right start. Passion and motivation to achieve something will probably never be there if you don’t know for sure why you are doing what you are doing. It could be everything from creating a product to starting a relationship with somebody. Knowing your why is the entrance to all success in life.

Our brain has two parts influencing when taking a decision, the emotional part and the rational part. As emotions always drive passion and motivation, it is quite common that the emotional part of the brain also dominates when you take the decision.

The very first moment when you fall in love with somebody it’s 100% emotional.  Not until later when the first abundant emotion will leverage with the rational part, a long-term relationship actually can start in a serious way. The same goes for product innovations. There are thousands of innovations made that never will be launched. Could be that they failed tremendously because of no need or demand for the product.

One of the weirdest ones I know of in modern times is the Motorola cellphone with a built-in electric razor. Probably the inventor was very passionate about his or her creation, but who else cares? It could even happen that there is a market for combined cellphones with razors. By knowing your why for sure implies that the “ why ” must be clearly defined. And the “why” will not answer the question if there is a market or not for the product.

Knowing Your Why Is The Core Of What You Are Doing

The “ why ” will announce the values of the product or the company. In my early career, starting up as a salesman of vacuum cleaners sold door to door, we never sold vacuum cleaners but clean and healthy homes. That’s the reason a live demonstration in the customer’s home always is the winning strategy.

When a sufficient number of dust piles are loaded on the carpet of the client, there is no longer a product discussion but a health issue. Most of the customers prioritize their family’s health much higher than a simple vacuum cleaner.

The famous consultant and author Simon Sinek explains in a beautiful way the power of identifying your “ why .” View one of his sessions on this YouTube video.

Simon Sinek is talking about the “Golden Circle,” starting with the “What” in the outer circle, continuing with the “How” in the next layer and finishing with the “ Why ” in the middle.

Knowing your why through the Golden Circle
Knowing your why through the Golden Circle

Transforming this formula to a company, the “What” represents the strategy, what the company is doing. The “How” describes the tactics, how the company is doing what they are doing. And finally, the “Why” has not even a name, because everyone so often forgets it.

Well, making a profit may somebody say, but that is the result and not a substantial purpose.

Knowing your why outlines the rest of the project, almost with a laser precision.

The “ why ” is the purpose for what you are doing!

It can be everything from a strong culture in the company to the purpose of the product that is sold. The values an organization can deliver, produce almost a magic trust among the potential consumers.

When Apple launched their very first iPhone, their success was already guaranteed before the start. The main players, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson and some others were fighting hard in the market to gain market shares based on many years in the market, and suddenly Apple as a newcomer in the segment literally sweeps the market.

Why? The trust in the brand.

By Knowing Your Why You’ll Never Lose Focus

To have a purpose beyond profits and personal benefits is the key to any success in life. If you have a precise definition of your “ why ” the rest will be much easier to do. The “how” and the “what” will fall into the game almost on autopilot.

Doing business online is a splendid example of the importance to define the “why” clearly before even get started. All the scams and false “get rich quick” schemes out in the market do not inspire any trust. It is the opposite, and they will make you skeptical and defensive.

My personal “ why ” to quit the corporate life and to start up as an independent entrepreneur at the age of 62, had a very particular purpose:

Freedom and a lifestyle allowing me to be more with my family, traveling and dedicate more time to my passion as a marathon runner. Of course, the money will be needed to do all this, but it will come as a result of a well-executed work with my business.

The purpose for the general public listening to me is my real “ why ”: Providing experience and knowledge to allow other people who might identify themselves with my story, and to help them to achieve their goals.

The whole process must be built on trust. If you can see yourself in a situation similar to mine, click on the banner below and start your free trial today. The purpose of the free trial is to let you figure out why you should join this online movement.

With the “why” in place you will know what to do and how to do it.

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