Leverage wealth with a few tweaks in your way of living

To leverage wealth, how would that be possible to do?

The word leverage has always existed, at least as long as I’m capable of tracking back in modern history. The word “lever” means a bar turned on a fulcrum to lift something by force. The word-ending “…age” means, according to dictionaries, “action of, power or advantage gained by using a …”. What do you think? Yes, “…a lever.”

With a lever and a fulcrum in place, you need something to leverage at one end of the bar and somebody who leverage at the other end. Since leverage became a common word in business environments some 25 years ago, the whole issue is about leveraging or being leveraged.

We all know that automation is something that influences and changes the entire world right now. Automation is nothing else than leveraging.


You Can Leverage Wealth With Any Passion

Leverage wealth with any passion

The issue is not about what you can and what you cannot leverage. In today’s world, we are all into a leverage process, often without being aware of it.

When you are in a hurry and take your car to a point one mile away, you are leveraging distance and in this particular example the time. You could easily walk one mile, but as time is your limitation, you have to leverage the time.

The financial segment, which has become a hot opportunity in the last two or three decades, is all about leveraging. The multi-billionaire George Soros has built his fortune by doing the right leverage. His specialty is the hedge funds, which is pure leveraging to get any profit out of it. In fact, he actively acts to leverage to wealth every single transaction he makes.

In an interview some years ago, he said among other things that he buys when other people sell and sell when other people buy. It smells leveraging whole the way. When there is baisse in the market, and people sell their shares or funds, prices go down.

Soros takes advantage of this and can get some very attractive or cheap shares into his portfolio. The other way around when hausse in the market, the prices go up and Soros profits from it.

The example of George Soros shows that with a true interest and passion, everything is possible. To leverage wealth will be a daily and natural process.


How To Leverage Systems?

The example of Soros is about leveraging money.

“But I don’t’ have money to leverage,” you may say.

Leverage systemsThe majority of leading entrepreneurs didn’t have money either when they started their entrepreneurial journey. They had an idea, a dream, and a burning desire and passion for letting that dream come true.

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Back in time, some 60 years, most probably Ray Kroc didn’t view himself when he started building McDonald’s, like a hamburger business creator. The hamburger was not the product, but the system he created to sell the burger. To leverage every single part of the whole system chain was his passion and business idea.

When Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of the Swedish furniture company IKEA, found out that the volume of typical furniture and, consequently, the distribution cost represented a substantial percentage of the product cost, he invented the do-it-yourself concept and could put the product in a flat box. The system eliminated the transportation cost as it now became possible to transport the purchased products back home in your own car.

The list can continue with many examples of successful business ideas. That changed the rules in the industry and in some cases, the whole world. The keyword in all these cases is leverage. Today the leverage concept that has an impact on every single individual, like it or not, is the Internet.


The Internet – The Way Of Using Systems To Leverage Wealth

There are three different groups of people when it comes to how they relate to the Internet and the influence it has on their lives.

  1. Individuals who don’t care – they know that it exists, but for many different reasons, they do not “enter the game.” They prefer to line up every month in the bank to pay their bills. They don’t trust the Internet payment system, or they have closed their minds and decided that they are not going to learn how it works.
  2. People who are fully integrated into the online world – typically all people belonging to the so-called millennials are individuals highly integrated into the online world. After all, they were born in the middle of the Internet revolution. Every single thing in their lives connects to the online world in one way or another. Among this group, you can find many of the successful digital entrepreneurs of today.
  3. People who know that it’s important but do not feel comfortable with the process – In very general terms, older people like the so-called baby boomers, are found in this group or group number 1. This group is very potential. They have experience and knowledge. They usually are financially quite wealthy. Further, in this group, a lot of retired people can be found, or individuals who are going to retire soon. Maybe they would like to use their lifelong business experience, without being tied up to an office or a fixed working place. There couldn’t be a better place than the online environment. Besides leveraging the online business you are into, you will also leverage the rest of your life. You can travel with your partner, you can be wherever you want and when you want. Your device and an Internet connection are the two only things you need.


To Leverage Or Being Leveraged

The 85 richest people in the world have as much wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest of the global population. Quite amazing, isn’t it? What is more interesting, though, is to find out how these 85 people got into that group of super-rich people.

For sure, some of them may have inherited their money, and frankly speaking, there isn’t much we can learn from them.

The exciting part of this exercise is to learn from the people who made their fortune from scratch. You can find them in many different niches and industries, but there is one thing they all have in common.

They did not create their wealth by trading time for money! Instead, they created a system to leverage. When all tested out correctly, you just scale it up and voilà. The wealth starts to grow like crazy. So, there are two questions you need to do to yourself:

  1. Are you trading your time for money, being leveraged?


  1. What scalable system are you leveraging right now to create wealth?

Never in modern history, so many online entrepreneurs learn the basics of doing business on the Internet. The knowledge starts to leverage wealth much sooner than what you can imagine, as long as you become a member of the correct community.

It should be a community where you get access to absolutely everything you will need for your online business. When you find it, sign up, and get started, and start to leverage wealth.

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