List Building For Profit

List Building For Profit
List Building For Profit

The money is in the list!

As a digital marketer, one of the first things you will hear is that the money is in the list. And what does that mean? The difference between business online and traditional retail commerce is that retailers need to attract their potential customers to enter the store, while digital marketers act to get potential customers identified and registered on a list.

Once in the store all the products are exhibited in the best and most attractive way to trigger the potential customers to buy. Further, the backbone of the success is the sales force in the store, and the only goal is to convince all people that the product in each particular case is the absolutely best purchase they can make.

The important list all digital marketers are focused on is the flow of potential customers entering the retail shop. If nobody takes care of the customer once in the shop, normally nothing will happen if the need wasn’t on an “emergency” level.

The same thing with the list and absolutely nothing will happen if you don’t do anything with the people on your list. How often have you went into a shop investigating a product, as a certain interest for the product is there in your head, even if still on a very soft or cold level. A salesperson approaches you and the classical question,

“Can I help you with something”

just drop off the mouth without reflecting at all what such question really will lead to. Well, the normal classical answer uses to be,

“Thanks, but I’m only looking around”

With that short dialogue the possible sale just died. To not lose face completely, the salesperson often ends up with the completely useless phrase,

“Please, let me know if you need any help”

If people doing digital marketing would apply the same strategy, their list would be completely dead. Every potential customer stepping into a shop or responding to an ad on any Internet site, they all have an interest in the product or service offered. The level of interest can vary a lot, but there is an interest. That is the reason the audience in successful marketing has to be targeted in a proper way. You need to attract potential customers for your product, get them to the shop or on your list, and from there starts the sales process, which is a process where you are not going to sell but convince the customer to purchase.

The Sales Process Is Always The Same

With online business becoming more and more frequent every day, a lot of people still think that it is another world where sales are being achieved by a sort of scientific hocus-pocus. Nothing can be more wrong. It’s true that the method of going to the market is different and instead of bringing customers into a shop, the sale is made through the computer. However, the process for successful sales is exactly the same.

Most people having problems to succeed with online marketing, they think they are having problems with all the technical stuff when, in fact, the issue is a sales problem. Understanding the different steps in the sales process, implementing it, the rest is a piece of cake.

If you join the same digital system I belong to,

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Where you have to focus is on the sales process and to attract all the customers signing up to your list. How to do that? Well, even that has been developed for you. Click on the banner below, download FOR FREE, read and start doing business online.

And you can do it today!

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