Why Online Marketers Need To Attend Live Events

Live events
Live events


Why should you pay attention to live events, if online marketing is all about going viral?

The immediate reaction to live events for online people could be a big, big “Why?”

From the very beginning, you get the idea that online marketing is the business activity where you manage everything from your computer. No more traveling and time-consuming events to attend. No more around-the-table meetings where you have to be interactive. You were told that a laptop and an Internet connection is all you need.

Right and wrong!

You are right in the sense that all the daily work to get your business to grow, you can make in front of a computer. No people around. Just you and your computer.

However, we should never forget that any successful business online is between people. “I buy from you because I trust you.” The importance of live events refers quite a lot to the social part of the business.

Conferences and all live events are the heart of any successful networking environment. Mainly this applies to online marketers.

The biggest news in our industry is usually announced first at live events and then spread like wildfire across the cyber world.

Watch the video to view more details about the importance of live events.



6 Main Reasons To Attend Live Events

  1. Improve You Professional KnowledgeEven though you can learn a lot from different courses and webinars on the Internet, you cannot compare at all to the value of watching an expert live to do things the correct way. As the digital world is moving faster than ever, live events will offer news that you can take advantage of immediately.
  1. Grab Relevant and Actionable ContentYou listen to it time after time; content is king. In the fast moving online world, all leaders come together at the live events and share new strategies as to content and how to bring more value to the potential customers. Live events are excellent opportunities to stay on top of all the trends in the industry.
  1. Connect with your PeersIn your daily work you have a lot of contacts through different social media. At live events, you can finally bring your social media contacts to life. Nothing can be replaced by a face-to-face relation with a person. Most individuals who made contact live during live events start to share more common interests, and you’ll walk away enriched.
  1. Meet the Experts LiveIn the online industry, in particular, there are certain leaders, experts or gurus if you like, who have had tremendous success with what they are doing. They attend those live events to share their successes. And this is an excellent opportunity to get in contact with these people, get to know the marketing celebrities. They are individuals who can teach you and inspire you.
  1. Have FunWe who are in online marketing love to have fun. The live events are fantastic opportunities to have fun with other marketers. The fun part can even give ideas to new things that can be useful in your business. Don’t forget that all social media you use in your marketing efforts, have to be engaging and fun to attract individuals to sign up to your particular list.
  1. Get your Identity ConfirmedOne of the most common obstacles for people to not attend live events is the lack of trust if they will fit in. “I don’t know much”, “I don’t know what to talk about”, “I’m too old”. Well, the list can be long with different objections. But nothing can be more wrong. The digital world and the online community is a friendly environment where all want to share and learn. The development of the Internet business environment speeding up every day automatically makes it impossible to meet “I-know-it-all” gurus. Every single attendee at live events knows something that somebody else doesn’t know. That’s the digital world!



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