Living a laptop lifestyle is a dream for many and a reality for few. What about you?

To be living a laptop lifestyle is probably something you hear every single day. But what does it really mean and it is something for everybody? In this article, you’ll get the pros and cons of living a laptop lifestyle.

After a few weeks of no blogging, do you remember the last lines in my previous blog post, I’m happy to be back again.

The two main and only reason I made a short break in publishing blog posts, were:

  1. Sometimes you need to take a break, no matter what you are doing. After three years of continuous blogging, it was time to rest a while and reload the batteries with new and fresh content.
  2. Living a laptop lifestyle, my wife and I had planned since time ago and now making it happen; moving to the Mexican Pacific coast. We are now living in a place of our dreams outside Acapulco. (The video you’ll find further down is actually from our pool in Acapulco.)

Among all the good and positive things living a laptop lifestyle, is that you have maximum flexibility to reallocate to the place of your preference. You don’t need to consider any external obstacles, but just plan and do what you love to do.

Living A Laptop Lifestyle Is Not For Everybody

Living a laptop lifestyle is not for everybody

To be an entrepreneur living a laptop lifestyle, there is a journey to make. When you read about the famous and successful entrepreneurs in the world, you are often limited to the positive and progressive parts of the complete story. It’s rare to get an in-depth description of all failures along the road.

In fact, most people who try the entrepreneurial life they fail and give up. The successful once, they also fail but view all the failures as milestones on their learning curve.

Thus, if you are not willing to experience a lot of mistakes and failures, this is not for you. This is probably the main reason why many people prefer a 9 to 5 job. You do a job, get paid for it, and your boss takes all the risks.

As an entrepreneur building your own business, the initial part is just hard work. What do I mean by that? Forget about a 40 hours work week. In the beginning, you’ll need to prepare for long working days. Building a company and your successful business is not time-based but conducted by a well-defined mission.

If your goal is to create an Internet-based business, where your laptop is your principal working tool, forget about all these shiny offers you’ll find everywhere on the web. Sustainable online business takes time to build. Do not expect overnight success, and do not program any Ferrari purchase during the first months.

Living a laptop lifestyle sounds for many as a very glamorous life where money in abundance is the key. The fact is that a successful entrepreneur is very careful about how to spend the money. An essential portion of the earnings needs to be reinvested to let your business grow according to plan.

How To Start Living A Laptop Lifestyle

The fun part of living a laptop lifestyleNow to the positive and fun part. The part that is driving so many people to become an online entrepreneur.

Of course, money is important but living a laptop lifestyle is much more than money. The freedom to plan your work the way it fits you is priceless. It’s true that you need to work a lot, especially in the beginning, but with proper planning and discipline, you can also take a day off when you prefer to do so.

Traveling the world and explore new places, new cultures and get to know new people, is another benefit of living a laptop lifestyle. An internet connection and you’re in business.

Of course, all this will not happen by itself. View the following video and learn about the 5 essential pillars that helped me to get my online business up and running.

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Before jumping into the online world and start living a laptop lifestyle you would like to live, there is one important thing to do to get your mission correctly in place.

Review, refresh or define your “Why.” Why do you want to do this? Why is living a laptop lifestyle important to you? You can define your “Why” the way you want, except using the money as a “why”-trigger.

Living a laptop lifestyle is not about money. You don’t need to chase the money. The money will come to you if your true “why” is in place.


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