How to break up loneliness and entrepreneurship once and for all


Loneliness and entrepreneurship is something that many consider as an inseparable consequence. Entrepreneurship is indeed a journey where you are alone a lot. But why is it like that, and is there anything you can do to change it?

Let’s first examine why loneliness and entrepreneurship so naturally are seen as something that goes together.



A true entrepreneur can wait for a long time before starting the entrepreneurial project in mind. It always begins with a dream or any vague idea about something that will change the world.

There are many examples out there of “ridiculous ideas” that literally changed the world. One of the most “ridiculous” happened in the early 90ths when Jeff Bezos talked about creating an eCommerce platform.

A mix of dreams, creativity, and analyses does an entrepreneurial project to a long haul journey before it takes off. But once you push the start engine, it’s all based on a rock-solid commitment. As the most unique projects will scare away “normal” people to take the risk and follow you, the loneliness appears almost as a natural consequence.



With the commitment as the necessary starter, passion for what you are doing, or are going to do, must be in tight correlation with the commitment. In fact, passion is key to success.

A project as an entrepreneur is a long and winding road. Many hours of work will be one ingredient. Failures, tests, new tests,….will be the description of a typical working day. It’s far away from “safe” employment where you work a determined number of hours and get your paycheck.

To afford a mission as an entrepreneur, you must have a burning passion for what you’re doing. Once again, you separate yourself from the crowd, who prefer a less complicated life. The loneliness will appear when friends and family view your project with skepticism.



As an entrepreneur, sometimes the finish line can seem far away. It can even move while working on the project and appears out of reach. In those cases, when you just continue and even work harder than ever, outsiders see you as stubborn. However, it’s all about persistence.

The question will then be: how to mobilize such necessary persistence? As you can notice, the previous commitment and the burning passion for what you’re up to provides persistence almost on autopilot.

To master persistence makes a great entrepreneur.



Suppose commitment, passion, and persistence describe the typical profile of an entrepreneur. In that case, it becomes evident that most activities are positioned at the edge of the comfort zone. Most people are not willing to live their lives outside their “safe” comfort zone.

If we add on risk-taking, take it for sure that you will be quite alone. Entrepreneurs not willing to take risks will never take off with their projects. However, there are ways to deal with the risk to minimize the probability of losing everything.


Best Way to Coop with Loneliness and Entrepreneurship


Coop with Loneliness and EntrepreneurshipBy now, we know that loneliness and entrepreneurship are natural statuses for somebody who is launching a project to achieve something that goes along with a dream or a passion.

The digital environment where all entrepreneurs are found nowadays implies, at the same time, a lonely working space. Add on the pandemic, the loneliness is stronger than ever.

To consider yourself totally accountable for all that you are doing drives a true entrepreneur to do what has to be done, whether alone or working together with other people.

Even if loneliness and entrepreneurship go together, there are methods to break with the loneliness.

Watch the following video and give some simple tips on how you can actively break the established dogma of loneliness and entrepreneurship.

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On your marks, get set……GO!

That was quite a long prolog for convincing you about the way to go if you are serious about your entrepreneurial intention.

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