If someone close to you lost a job, this is what you can do….  

Do you know someone who lost a job? Then you know, for sure, how the world falls down like a loose rock from a solid mountain.

We know that the unemployment rate always varies following the current economy in society. The financial crisis 2008 is the most recent one until COVID-19 entered into our lives with all its power.

Before trying to help out with good advice, empathy should be priority number one.

The coronavirus is pushing unemployment to its maximum since the Great Depression almost a hundred years ago. More than 22 million Americans were unemployed in June due to the coronavirus. Millions of people who lost a job are in urgent need of help.

If you have lost a job lately or know someone who’s lost a job currently, you probably already search desperately for a new opportunity. Many have also been informed that payroll cuts will be expected shortly. It means that your job is in danger.

Whatever situation you are into, the job market is right now pretty shaky, to use a relatively soft word.

Personally, I can refer to all this, and I want you to know that you’re not alone. I lost my job 20 years ago due to completely different reasons. The company I was working for was sold by the corporation. The new owners had a different strategy, where my position disappeared.


If You Lost a Job You Know the Recovery Sequences that will Follow


If You Lost a JobWhen you lose a job, for whatever reason it could be, you go through different phases. It can be from full chock, panic to anger, frustration, confusion, sadness, and anxiety. It’s like crossing the ocean, and you have to pass through a heavy storm.

The good thing, though, is that when you pass the storm, the sun will shine again. You can now tick off a gained experience to add to your life curriculum.

When I could “see the sun” again, I was more convinced than ever that the new future, my destiny in life, should depend 100% on my own effort. Forget about that any corporation should manage my life.

My first business failed utterly due to a product problem, and I went literally bankrupt. The fastest way to come back again was to take a job to at least secure a monthly income. However, the entrepreneurial spirit continues, and in my spare time, I searched for businesses that inspired me.


Why should you listen to my story?

Why do I say all this? What is the reason that you should care about my story?

I just want you to know that you’re not alone. A lot of other people have gone through the same “storm” too.

Looking back to that day year 2000, when I lost my job like a blizzard from a blue sky, it was one of the best things that could happen. Finally, the door to real freedom opens up, and the opportunity to do something I was passionate about shows up.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

– Albert Einstein

Stop for a while and think about the meaning of the Einstein quote above.

While working day in and day out in a “safe” corporate job, it’s easy to fall into a calm and pleasant comfort zone for a monthly paycheck. Everything goes almost on routine. And worst of all, the risk is high to even bother about the world outside your comfort zone.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

– John Assaraf

Both these quotes refer perfectly well to the situation when you lost a job. The difficulty will allow you to see the opportunity it brings. You’re pushed outside your comfort zone, and things can start to grow. It’s all about starting to make changes.

Never before in history has it been so uncomplicated to start your own business. All this, thanks to the digitalization of society. Gone are the days when you needed huge investment capital to even thinking about a business.

There are three categories of businesses you can easily set up, with a computer and an Internet connection as primary tools.


#1. A Skill-related business

Don’t complicate life too much. When you once were hired for a job, you got the job because you have the skills and knowledge the company needs for its operations.

When losing a job it’s common that your self-esteem goes down radically. Thoughts like,

“I’m worthless”

“No one wants me”

“I’m done”

….start spinning in your head.

Get rid of such thinking. Every human being is unique. You’re not an exception! Start to pinpoint your unique skills.

Maybe you are an accountant, an IT-expert, an expert in communication, or any other of the unlimited number of skills. If you know that you dominate those skills, there is a vast market for consultant services. 

You can even create your own agency and attract people and companies searching for your type of service.

The only thing you will need is a system and a platform from where you can operate. Imagine a hundred bucks to get started, instead of the enormous investment required during the old fashion offline era.

Many run their business from home and get at the same time more time to be with their families, as no time-consuming transportations needed to an office.

Some start their business as a side business in their spare-time. It could be, for example, that you presume that your job position will disappear within short.

What could be better than preparing for such a thing happening?


#2. E-commerce retailer 

For sure, you have noticed that all kind of e-commerce has increased tremendously during the pandemic. People just don’t go out of their homes to purchase what they need. We are talking about 30, 40, and in some niches over a 50% increase compared to the year before.

If there is an increasing market for those products sold through e-commerce, there will also be an exciting piece for you. To become an e-commerce retailer is so easy that any newbie without previous skills can make it.

Amazon is the most well-known brand, but companies like ClickBank, eBay, and Shopify also belong to the big players.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer for these brands. Just log into their sites and click on the links that guide you through to the sign-up form as an affiliate.

To make it easier for you to get started the right way, it’s a good idea to belong to a system that can give you all the education and training you will need to be a successful e-commerce marketer.


#3. Affiliate marketer 

Without any doubt, the easiest, and I would say the fastest way to get up and running with your own business online is affiliate marketing. There is a vast number of different sorts of businesses called affiliate marketing. The e-commerce mentioned earlier is an affiliate system.

What you should look for when entering the world of affiliate marketing is that it offers a complete platform. It should not only be a product or service that you can sell. To be honest, most probably, you will fail because you have no idea what to do to make it all happen.

The system and platform should include an All-In-Package. What does that mean?

The system to build your online business should be at your disposal. All the technical tools to build websites and making marketing campaigns should be there. The training on how to use these tools should be mandatory.

Finally, the in-house support, as well as interaction with a like-minded community, is a must.

The training of all kinds should be nearly endless.

What I just described is the system, platform, and community I belong to. I started out part-time 7 years ago and took the step to be completely independent a year after.


A Lost Job gives New Opportunities in Return

“All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.”

– Tony Robbins

Let’s start the summary of this article by this quote by Tony Robbins. The comfort zone has never before been challenged as during this pandemic.

It’s not a question of choice. You just have to accept that you’re pushed out from your comfort zone, and the only option you have is to sit down and cry for the chaotic situation or do something about it.

The three different categories of businesses represent your new future. Whatever category you go for, a digital platform and system should be seen as a default base. Building something on the right platform could take you to a new level in life at the speed you never thought was possible.

The All-In-Package allows you to take any direction. It’s all there for you. Click the banner below and get all the instructions you will need.

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