To love Monday could be something starting already today…..

To love Monday and to make it to the best day you can think about isn’t that difficult that you might think.

Where are we heading with this article, you may ask? Well, if we turn around the question a bit and say:

“Thank God it’s Friday!”, then I assume that the topic sounds more familiar.

It all boils down to the relationship between your work and your free time. Despite the tremendous growth of independent entrepreneurs and business owners, the traditional model still represents the situation for the majority of people.

You have a job, typically a 9-5 job, Monday to Friday. Depending on your position, your tasks to execute are well defined, and for your performance, you get paid. You are trading your knowledge and experience for the money.

There are many tips and advice out there on how to suffer less on Mondays. However, to view Monday as such a tough day that you need to find remedy elsewhere is like only taking Aspirins to beat your daily headache.

The position for which you were hired, defines in detail through a job description of what the company and your boss are expecting from you. As always, there are tasks you like more and assignments you want less. However, your boss doesn’t care. He or she hired you to perform in a certain way, and for that performance, he or she pays you.

To love Monday isn’t that easy, after a long and pleasant weekend together with the family, knowing that on Monday morning, you’re back doing something you’re not very passionate about.


Would It Be Possible to Love Monday With Another Job?


Possible to Love MondayThe main argument people have to continue their corporate job, is usually money-related. It would be best if you had a salary to pay bills and fulfill other financial obligations.

Reviewing all different surveys available about satisfaction at work is curious. No report is known so far, where the money comes in the first place as a priority to find happiness with your job.

A lot of people can’t even enjoy their weekends, and on Sunday evening, they are flying around like a bee in a bottle. Why?

Most probably, it’s because you aren’t 100% happy with your job. Maybe, your stress level is increasing due to all expectations on your performance. People even get sick if the degree of anxiety exceeds certain limits.

Most people spend their best 40 years in life working 40 hours a week. Hey, that’s a lot of time! The working place is the place where we spend most of our time awake. You have one single life (as far as I know), and shouldn’t it be nice to put in some quality to the short life we have on this planet?

To love Monday!

The key to love Monday is to always work with something you love to do.

Now, I have to admit that during many years I have been in the situation I describe here. I was continually working, and practically there was no free time, as the weekends also were absorbed by work.

It was a constant rat-race where the lack of time didn’t allow thinking about alternatives. The wheel was spinning faster and faster, and at the same pace, the expectations of your performance were increasing.

In my case, and I do believe a lot of people can identify themselves with my story, the change came when I expected it less.

By mere chance, I came across an ad talking about online affiliate marketing. From there, my life changed 180 degrees.


Escape the Rat Race and Start to Love Monday Forever in 3 Easy Steps


After digging into the online marketing world, I found out that you need three fundamental pillars in place to successfully be able to create a business that will give you total freedom for the rest of your life.


No.1 You need to find a reason, your why


Read my article “What Is Your Why?” of the 13th of April, 2016. You need to be 100% convinced that you need to add something to your life that will force you to do things differently.

In many cases, we accept life as it is, claiming that it’s your destiny in life. This is the main reason why a lot of people are “suffering through” their lives instead of living it as it should be.

You’ll always have the option to decide the route you would like to take. Earlier it was harder to escape from the traditional “rat-race”-like jobs, as the alternative to go independent implied huge investments.

Today it’s different, and frankly speaking, it doesn’t exist any financial reason at all to not at least try the alternatives in the market. You can even try it out part-time during weekends, before deciding to quit your corporate job.


No.2 You need to have a passion for what you are doing


Without passion, you will get bored pretty soon, tired, and reluctant to what you are doing. Being an independent entrepreneur requires a lot of work and dedication. Still, in the end, you are achieving your goals and not building the dreams of your boss.

Some people will love this independent adventure, and some won’t. We are all different, and it has to be respected. However, as you can try this out in your spare time, it opens up a door for people to try, without resigning from their corporate job.


No.3 Let the money work for you


With an online business, automation is an essential part of success. The marketplace is the Internet world, and you will have access to billions of people with your marketing. To manage efficiently such a vast market, you’ll need to have tools.

Once the tools are in place, you’ll leverage and get the system to work for you. In other words, you are not working for the money as you do in the corporate world, but rather the money is working for you.


If You Start to Love Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday And All the Other Days Will Follow


Of course, there are well-paid employees everywhere. Still, their high income is a result of a considerable number of working hours per week, together with their unique professional skills and knowledge.

This group of people is usually so-called “workaholics” and will never have time to do anything else but work

The nice thing about online business and with a strategy where you invest your earned money in such a way that it starts to work for you is that you can be wherever you want in the world without losing the grip on your business.

A laptop and the internet and you are “at work.”

The working place can be at home, with your children and grandchildren, at the beach resort of your preference, exploring new countries on the journey of your dreams, or wherever you prefer.

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At the moment, you start to love and live every single day as the best day ever, it is the moment when you have achieved a balance between duties and passion. It is the moment when you finally can start to….

….. live the life you deserve…….the Laptop Lifestyle

Today it’s Monday and a long new week ahead. Click the banner below, register for your free webcast and give your life a chance to set free, learning how to start a profitable online business. Don’t hurry! Do it all at your pace.



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