To love Mondays is something much more profound than pure love

Do you love Mondays just like a click on a button? Of course not!

Maybe you already find these starting lines somewhat weird, and the reason why is that you most probably are a victim of the famous Monday syndrome.

Hate or love Mondays or any other day of the week depends on how you relate to the day.

Today it’s Monday, which means that many people will be back to work again. On Sundays, in most of the societies around the world, we should rest, be with our families and friends.

However, many people start to behave differently on Sundays. They begin to think about the job and the work waiting for them the next day. Why is it like this?

Most probably, it is because you are not 100% happy with your job. Maybe the stress level is increasing due to all the expectations of your performance.

Therefore, you must find an occupation that will make you 100% happy. The job you have is what you are going to do during the next 40 years.

The working place is the place where you spend most of your time awake, and that’s the reason why it’s so important to do what you like. Otherwise, it would be best if you looked for something else, right?

Now, I have to admit that for many years I have been in the situation just described. I was always working, and practically there was no free time, as the weekends also were absorbed by my work.

The so-called “rat-race” is more common than what you can imagine.

How to love Mondays by escaping the “Rat-Race”

Escape rat race and love Mondays

To convert every day in something you like, and be motivated to do the whole week, three things must be in place:

You need to find the reason – your why

You need to be 100% convinced that you need to add something to your life. It has to be an activity that will drive you to do something different. In many cases, we accept life as it is and in a certain way, try our very best to “suffer through” the time we are staying on this planet.

You need to know and understand your “why.”

To love Mondays has nothing to do with Monday, but how you relate to your job and life in general.

You have the choice to decide if you want your life to be like that, or like me, who never would accept a “suffering-plan,” search for something that will help to get a change in place.

When I found that something had to change, I started to surf around on the Internet. I could never imagine that within a short time, I should become an online marketer.

Fortunately, I didn’t fall into the trap of the false and scammy “get-rich-quick” schemes but could focus on a system and platform that would bring me to an entirely new mindset.

It’s not only a question of how to love Mondays but to do something every day that will be a real passion of yours.

This brings us over to the second point in this little “find-yourself-analysis-journey.”

You need to have a passion for what you are doing

Without a passion, you will get bored pretty soon and as a consequence, tired and reluctant to what you are doing.

I will never promise you that the online business with the system I’m using or any other platform, is something that will attract you.

We are all different. However, it is worth giving it a try if you don’t have anything else in the pipeline that will blow your mind towards the land of passions.

After all, we are talking about a very modest investment compared to the cost to start a company only a few decades ago.

Let the money work for you

During my life behind me, I have always been trading my work for money. What does this mean? For a specific job or a certain number of hours of work, you will get paid a pre-decided amount of money.

It is a traditional selling-buying process, which is the standard model for a relationship between an employer and an employee.

Whatever you would like to do with your life, some sort of income is necessary to materialize any of the dreams we have, ….like it or not. If you then try your very best to do something that will generate money and at the same time, be a passion, well, then you have a different scenario.

Whatever you do in life….

True passion will generate money.

Of course, there are well-paid employees everywhere. But usually, their high income is a result of a considerable number of working hours per week. Their unique professional skills and knowledge are needed by the employer. This group of people usually is so-called “workaholics” and will never have time to do anything else but work.

The nice thing with online business and with a strategy where you invest your earned money in such a way that it starts to work for you is that you can be wherever you want in the world without losing the grip on your business.

A laptop and Internet, and you are “at work.” The working place can be at home, maybe with your children and grandchildren. It can be at the beach resort of your preference. Perhaps you would like to explore new countries on the journey of your dreams, or wherever you prefer.

How to love Mondays forever

To love Mondays foreverAt the moment, you start to love and live every single day as the best day ever, it is the moment when you have achieved a balance between duties and passion. It is the moment when you finally can start to live the life you deserve.

The more I searched, the more convinced I became about the best way to earn money in today´s society. Either you invest money or build a business. Both these scenarios have in common that the money works for you and not the other way around.

My passion for what was a life-changer for me cannot refrain me from extending an invitation to participate in our webcast with the co-founder of the system I’m a member of since various years ago.

Whatever your position will be after attending the webcast, for sure, it will be much easier for you to decide if the online business is something for you.

The link to the webcast you will find here.

Start to love Mondays already today!


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