This year you will make your 2021 resolution rock!


To make your 2021 resolution rock could be something to achieve more easily this year. The chaos, turbulence, or whatever label you would like to put on the pandemic is literally changing the game.

What earlier was something obvious is no longer something to take for granted. As humans, we now appreciate things and happenings differently. A new year is rolling out, and if you have a plan in place with the five recommendations described below, the probability is high that you will make your 2021 resolution rock.

It’s funny, but every new year the same thing is repeated. As a passionate runner, I never fail in my scheduled training program. On the 1st of January, I always go out and run with a personal curiosity in mind: How will the outfit look this year for all these people whose resolution consisted of doing some sort of physical exercise.

Typically, the main reason is to get rid of some kilos. They are so easy to identify, as their running outfit is brand new. Many got their clothes as Christmas gifts. Now it’s time to make a flashing entrance on the training arena for healthy people.

The sad thing is that a few weeks later, most of these “enthusiastic” and “committed” individuals, already failed and had withdrawn their participation in the group of avid runners.

However, there is a reason why they fail. 

A sustainable New Year’s resolution requires some essential ingredients to have a chance to become a reality.


How to Construct the Goals to Make Your 2021 Resolution ROCK


Goals to Make Your 2021 Resolution ROCKIn my last article of 2020, published on the 28th of December, the new way of thinking about life goals should be based on four pillars. Further, the method of building a sustainable resolution should be by adding and not quitting.

Five cornerstones should be in place for your resolution to be sustainable. If you build the resolution around these five pillars, you’re on the right track. It’s like building a house. You can use different materials; that can give you a more or less stable construction.

If you have the correct material, you also need some skills as to the technique to use. An architect knows how to plan the construction to get it stable. What you need when constructing your goals is to understand how to create a sustainable New Year resolution.

It’s no rocket science, but you need to know it.


Know your “Why”

This first cornerstone is the foundation of your resolution. Why should you make the New Year’s resolution you are just one step away from doing? If you can’t give yourself a quick and direct answer to this question, you are on the wrong path.

Let’s say that your goal will be to lose 10 kilos of weight. Immediately, it seems to be a clear and precise “why,” but if you define the reason why you would like to lose 10 kilos, it gets a different shape. It could be for health reasons, you want to look good, or any other reason.

Whatever your “Why” might be, be sure that you know your “why.”


Make a commitment

Sounds logical, but what does a commitment mean? I mean, try to describe a commitment. The closest I come is by using a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln:

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”

If it won’t become a reality, then it isn’t a commitment, but only a wish, which is something completely different.

If your commitment is to lose 10 kilos in weight, then you will be 10 kilos lighter with a specific time, no excuses, and no explanations needed. You just do it!

Many are looking for a new income stream during this pandemic year, a new job, or start as an independent entrepreneur. In 2020 more people than ever have chosen this new path, a way of making a living as an independent entrepreneur.

There are two groups of people: those who make a commitment and really go independent, finding a new lifestyle, and those who let it all stay as a “wish.” For this latter group, nothing will happen more than that they will remain as before.

So, when being clear on your “why,” make a commitment.


It must be measurable

Let’s go back to the example of losing 10 kilos of weight. You are clear on your “why,” and you make a well-defined commitment to achieve the goal. But you have no weight scale to measure how your weight is changing over time. Do you think you will reach your goal? Probably not, for the simple reason that you can’t measure your performance.

By measuring your results, you will know how you are doing and what changes or fine-tunings in your program are necessary.

To measure your accomplishment correctly depends on many different things, and there is nothing more correct than the other. It all comes down to your personal goals. Whatever your route might be, do not forget to measure!


The time frame and deadline

Entrepreneurship and marathon running have a lot in common. You can read about how I leverage these two so opposite activities in various of my previous articles.

When starting the training for my first marathon 12 years ago, I didn’t have much experience (well, I fact no experience at all), what training program to use. I came across a professional program which I followed extremely disciplined. I could choose which program to use based on the finish time I would like to target. My decision landed on 4 hours and 15 minutes as the finish time for my first marathon race 11 months later.

When lining up for the first marathon in my life, there were a lot of emotions before starting to conquer the 42,195 meters distance. I followed the recommendations of my trainer to keep an even pace throughout the race. I promise you, that’s a difficult task, as you would like to run too fast initially.

Long story short, my finish time 4 hours, 14 minutes, and 35 seconds. Is it pure coincidence, or is it something else that I literally nailed the target? I’m a firm believer that the established deadline with its corresponding training program made it all happen.

A deadline and the work behind to reach the goal are tied together. Without a deadline, how to know which program to use or what type of work to do? The same goes for work without a deadline. How to work toward a goal that doesn’t exist?

Take the deadline issue seriously, and you’re half the way to achieve your goal.


Hold yourself accountable 

This last one of the five tips to make your 2021 resolution rock is often forgotten to close the circle of a successful goal-setting process. To hold yourself accountable will be the icing on the cake. There will be no excuses, but it will all go back on you. You’re the captain of the ship, and you’re going to cross the ocean successfully.

An excellent way to challenge yourself in being accountable is to announce your new year’s resolution once you are ready with it. People in your surrounding will remind you and frequently ask how you’re doing on your project. Be aware of being under the loupe will force you to do the required work and be accountable.


Make Your 2021 Resolution ROCK by Using These Steps


Make Your 2021 Resolution ROCK now!As you can notice, the five steps for a prosperous new year’s resolution setting are all tied together.

To make a COMMITMENT, you must know WHY you should do it. Making it MEASURABLE will be much easier to achieve the goal, and a DEADLINE will heavily positively affect your ACCOUNTABILITY.

If you for any reason should fail partly on your commitment, you don’t have to worry. One of the most misinterpreted truths about a New Year resolution is that it only can be made when shifting from one year to another. By the way, who has decided that it should be like that?

The truth about resolutions, commitments, goal settings, or whatever you would like to call it, is that you can do it whenever you want.

Suppose you belong to the group of people who seriously have decided to go for independent entrepreneurship, an additional income stream, or only a change in your lifestyle. In that case, you should check this out. Involve it in your goals for 2021

It’s time to leave 2020 behind you. Let 2021 be the most successful year ever. Let the success come true on real goals and achievements based on the necessary ingredients; whenever you decide to make it happen.


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