Why shouldn’t you be able making money after 60?


Making money after 60 is an issue for (too) many people. A cruel reality sees the daylight when the first pension payout is deposited. Either you downgrade your lifestyle or search for a way to create new income streams.

I’m not 60, even if my body feels lit, I might be, and sometimes even younger. As a passionate blogger who passed the 7th floor of the Life Skyscraper, I often get questions about “how to make money after 60”. It’s an age when some people retire, and others just become aware of what the pension income will look like.


Making Money After 60 

Making Money After 60These days, when the digital world is available to us all, it is much easier than many can imagine to make money online. Conversely, failing is easy if you don’t do it correctly.

The C.E.P. formula is a proven way of starting and creating your business from scratch, minimizing the risk of failing. Further down, you will get a detailed explanation about C.E.P.

But first, let’s go deeper into what nobody told you about making money after 60, 65…or even 70, as in my case.

Here follows my view of the topic, or if you prefer to call it for an issue.


The marketplace doesn’t care about your age

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that it’s a platform mainly used for recruitment. When you have passed 50, most recruiters won’t even think about you.

In a way, I can understand the corporate world acting like this. Hiring an executive is an investment, as it will take some time, often years, to get the person productive and be seen as a good investment for the company. Hiring a 50- or 60-year-old executive will likely never give the company a positive R.O.I. on such recruitment.

This reality is one of the principal reasons the number of upper age people start their own business. Customers don’t care how old you are. The market wants to know the value of your product and don’t give a sh*t about your age.

Never involve your age as part of your sales argumentation. If you show how you can help people to solve their problems in a simple way, money will overflow your bank account.


A fixed income will block your mindset

When people who still work in the corporate world, even if they hate their job, won’t take the step to become their own boss, the argument often is something like this:

“I have a fixed monthly salary and can’t risk that income so badly needed.”

But they never told you there’s no such thing as a fixed income. The day you are not profitable for the company, you’re out!

We can add another income stream if we choose to do so. When I started my online business nine years ago, I still worked in an international organization. During my spare time, I started my business and could pretty soon see “new” money floating in through my business.

The idea of a fixed income comes from people with a fixed mindset. Pessimism and victimhood run their financial life, and their potential will never get to explore new paths.

Once and for all, you can do whatever you want at any age as long as you free your mindset.

You can continue to drown in excuses, or you can change the configuration of your mindset. Money is available for anyone. It goes to those who work and understand how to create new income streams. The limit of how much you can earn is something you and nobody else decide.


Who cares if you’re an expert or not?

When reaching a certain age, we tend to play the role of expert. Often, it could be motivated, as many years of experience, for sure, have made you better than others on specific topics.

In the internet age, the idea of an expert doesn’t have the same impact as before.

Anyone can be an expert. You can learn new skills for free on social media and become a master in less than three months. How many years of university studies do you need for a master’s degree?

There are no formal paths to becoming an “expert” in the digital world. Trust, passion, and proof are the ingredients in today’s environment to fill this vacancy the “expert” held before.

Interesting to recognize is that “non-experts” usually get paid more. Why? They are ordinary people like you and me. Being “ordinary” people can relate to you, and a severe connection can be established.


Mindset vs. experience for making money after 60

If making money after 60 is a sincere desire, you need to reprogram your mind. Erase the current relationship you have with money.

Read books like “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason and “The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel.

The way you think about money will determine how much you will make. The correct mindset will be much more powerful than your experience ever will.

Experience and skills are always good to have, but if they block your mind, you need to make a change. Separate from the current relationship you have with money and find a new partner.


Never stop earning

For old traditional reasons, you stop earning when retiring. You’ll live on your pension funds for the rest of your life.

Why is it like that? I’ll never understand it. Is there a magical age when you stop working for money?

Challenging people in my surroundings, I don’t know anyone who sincerely declares that they don’t want to earn more money. Do you know any?

Of course, I can understand why many people think like this. It’s, once again, about mindset.

A few decades ago, getting an extra job to fill your economy’s missing monetary resources was tough. Add to it that the pension funds to be part of your income for the rest of your life still represent a value allowing you a decent financial lifestyle.

These funds, supposed to be your saved funds after many years of serving society, become continuously reduced year after year. At the same time, the new digital era opens up multiple opportunities to create new income streams without being tied up with the classical 9 to 5 pattern you’ve been used to.

What is holding back many 60+ people is the refusal to dig into this “new” adventure a digital business implies.

If you can relate to this type of people, you will change your mind after watching the video further down in this article.


We all have value (even over 60s)

This one is a tough one.

My emotional behavior varies between sadness, anger, and hopelessness when touching the issue. Many 60+ people think they don’t have value. In a way, they surrender without even trying.

What is “value?” Often, this magical word is wildly misunderstood. It’s not about doing crazy things and sticking out. Value is much simpler:

  • Save people time
  • Help people to curate their ideas
  • Create strategies for people
  • Have people enjoy what you are teaching

You can probably add more stuff to the list, but can you see what value is all about?

And here’s the thing. Once you understand the value, you can start making money from it.


It’s hard making money after 60, as it is at any age

Making money as a fresher straight out of university at 21 is just as hard as making money at 55 after you’ve been made redundant from your job in the middle of a downturn and wondering if you’ll ever be able to get another one again.

Making money is hard because it tests everything we’ve learned. It tests our fragility, mindset, beliefs, and even our relationships.

The challenge of making money is what keeps life interesting. As you figure out more of life, more levels of the money game get unlocked. And if you get too cocky, you lose all your money and have to start again.

This last one of the seven is a tough one. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid all the hurdles. As life develops rapidly, solutions exist to survive all the threats.


Making Money After 60 Can be Easy Applying the C.E.P. Formula

After more than nine years in the online business and making all the mistakes you can imagine, I have come to an insight that many refuse to accept. It’s no rocket science but just an observation based on a trial and error process to get my business up and running successfully.

Check the video and learn all about the C.E.P. formula.

Making Money After 60 Can be Easy

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