Making money could be easier than you think…..


Making money can be very difficult for some people. Even if you have a good job, you may not have enough to pay all of your bills and still have money left over. There’s a way around that, though. You can make some extra money in your spare time. 

You don’t need to dedicate all your leisure time to making money, either. Just a few hours a week would be enough. You could use your evenings after dinner or a day on the weekend. It’s not necessarily about getting rich or replacing your day job – it’s just about having a little extra. 

Even fifty or a hundred dollars a week might make the difference between paying a bill or not.


Where Do Your Talents Lie?

Everyone is good at something. Even if you aren’t sure what kinds of talents you have, think about what you like to do. Do people compliment you on your singing voice? Your cooking? Your handy work? Take this quiz if you are uncertain about your talent.

The compassion that you have for children or the elderly? You have the potential to make money from your passions, interests, and skills! 

It’s not as hard as a lot of people make it out to be. 

What kinds of hobbies do you have? Do you write? Take pictures? Paint or draw? Can you teach or tutor others? Are you handy? 

Make a list of what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing – sometimes, these aren’t the same things.

Choose an activity from your list and then try these strategies to use this talent to produce income:

  • Advertise your services in the newspaper so you can find people who need help Post your information on Craigslist and online
  • classified ad sites where people hire others
  • Start a website or blog where you can offer your talents and services
  • Network with others who do the same things, so you can get ideas and advice
  • Attend community events and hand out business cards
  • Create a portfolio of your work and start showing it to others


If that isn’t enough, here are 32 additional ideas.

You never know when you might be able to make a connection that leads to something great. If you’re not prepared, that chance could slip away. Rather than wait for that moment, be ready in advance. 

Start preparing now, knowing that making money in your spare time could take a little while. 

It may not happen overnight, but it will happen when you remain committed to it.


Yes, Attitude Does Matter

Remember that how you act can make a huge difference in whether someone hires you to do something. Even if you’re the best in the business, a bad attitude won’t get you very far. 

Stay positive, even when you get turned down for work.

The truth is that all success starts with the right attitude.

Keep your head up and continue to improve. When people see that you’re committed to making money in your spare time and you’re actively looking for work, you’ll find people who will buy from you or hire you to do something. 

Get letters of reference from people who hire you,

 ….and use them in your portfolio to show future customers.

Word of mouth is also vital, so do your best job every time. If you make a mistake, admit it, and then work to make it right. People appreciate honesty, and you’ll get more work from those who see that you’re a quality person with the right mindset. These attributes can actually help you go farther than the actual level of talent you have.

So let your talents inspire you, rev up your can-do attitude, and you may be surprised how easy it really is to bring in some extra money in your spare time!


Find the Short Cut to Making Money in Your Spare Time


Short Cut to Making Money in Your Spare TimeAll mentioned above are valid. However, you may argue that it seems to be heavy work to get it all in place. And you’re right!

Today, with the horrible pandemic still holding a grip over society, digital development is taking giant steps forward. I heard somewhere that due to the pandemic, we are four years ahead of the development. So,….

….welcome to 2025!

In the year 2025, it’s doubtful if you will act strictly according to the strategy list above. The strategies will not change, but you will do it all in front of a computer or other Internet-connected device.

Three years ago, I wrote an article about digital evolution and the importance of not losing track of it. The first line in that article:

“The digital evolution is not only here to stay. It will dominate your life from now and onwards.”

Who is willing to deny that statement?

That said, and if making money in your spare time is something you really want to do, why waiting until 2025. The system or platform is already here, and you can join it today!

Click here and participate in the training webinar my friend and coach Stuart Ross will give you for free. If that isn’t enough, you will also learn how to make your first 10K online.

This is precisely what you’re searching for if making money in your spare time is a priority for you. You don’t need to have employees, an office, or your own product to start a digital business.

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