Plan your marathon like your business and take advantage of the synergies

When you program your next marathon like your business, things will start to show up you didn’t know about before.

This is the second and last part of the series about the must-do things to implement to successfully run a marathon like your business. If you missed the first part, click here and read it. Tomorrow I will be running my next marathon, which also will be my marathon number 20.

The remaining 3 out of 5 things to do to successfully run a marathon like your business fit in very well in the phase where I am right now and where maybe you are as well.

Surround yourself with inspiring people

Surround yourself with the right people and run your marathon like your business


There are two possible reasons you’re not doing things:

  1.  you convince yourself that you can’t do it.
  2.  the people around you tell you, you can’t do it.

There is a quote by Jim Rohn going like this:

“ You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

There are many examples from both the sports world and the business environment, showing that Jim Rohn’s statement is nothing but the pure truth.

Building a business as an entrepreneur is a long winding road. Failure is part of your journey. If you have your goals and plan correctly set, you will always find the way back to the “road” again. However, having people around you who are on a similar mission, or maybe are some steps ahead, can save you a lot of time and effort.

This doesn’t mean that you should erase or minimize your accountability, but only get some suitable input to help you find the right solution to a problem.

Your marathon training goes the same way. Sometimes you get into problems with your training and motivation, or maybe you even get injured. To run a marathon like your business is the best and most efficient solution.

Find a running mate or even a training coach giving you the appropriate guidance, and things will start to roll on again.

Push your limits

No one can tell you better than yourself what you are good at, not so good at, and the overall skill set you have gathered during your lifetime so far. Use it, push it, and challenge yourself.

Push your limits - run a marathon like your businessMy passion for marathon running teaches me whole the time how to plan for new challenges. It’s all about setting a realistic goal, preparing for it, and sticking to the scheme. Your business works precisely the same way.

To push your limits isn’t a “hit and run” strategy, but the formula follows clear and precise steps, as perfectly explained by the Great Performers Academy.

My business has greatly influenced my preparation tomorrow when running the Mexico City International Marathon. To run the marathon like your business is the leading star in preparing for this occasion.

Indeed the running experience has been an excellent help in building up my business. Now it’s time to make some re-engineering, leverage the two activities, pull out all business experience, and use it for my marathon training.

When you fail with something in your business, the immediate analysis will tell you what went wrong. The next step is to understand why it went wrong and, finally, what to do to implement the appropriate changes and how to make them.

This four-step formula, what (analysis), why, what(new intent), and how always works. It works for my business, and when applying the same in my running, it gives the same answers, solutions, and proposals. Training for a marathon is like your business; it works, and it works well.

Disciplined execution

Sounds like military drilling. And do you know what? It’s what it takes if you want to run a marathon like your business. With a detailed plan, there should be no excuses on earth not to fulfill the mission.

Disciplined execution and run your marathon like your businessIt happens now and then that I don’t make a scheduled training session for any reason. That’s OK. After all, we are no machines but humans. What is essential, though, is to compensate for the missed training during the next days to come. Your business works the same way.

So what is then a disciplined execution? The book “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” it’s tied together in four steps. The four cornerstones are focus, leverage, engagement, and accountability.

In principle, you just let it be as it is, but remember that the time frame is part of your overall goal, and things not done will not be done by themselves. The one who has to make it is you!

Sometimes we long-distance runners are seen as a sort of weird people in the eyes of others. Maybe we are, but that’s the label we get when a rigorous discipline is the unnegotiable red line in our execution plan. Nothing can stop us!

Run A Marathon Like Your Business Reflects The Leverage Of Two Passions

We all have different backgrounds, but we can all search for exciting leverages in life. My entire life, I have been active in various sports activities, even on a quite high level. However, I ran the first marathon in 2009 at age 57.

The trigger to start training for a marathon was the desire to push my limits. So many times, I have heard about the famous “wall” that appears somewhere between 25 and 30km (15,5 to 18,6 miles). It was a challenge I wanted to experience myself. You can read more about that experience in another post published back in 2017.

Now, when you know how to tackle the “wall,” it is more a natural hurdle in your way than a challenging problem as it was in the first five marathon races.

Before starting my marathon training, I was lucky to find a coach and a training program that fit into my plans. I have achieved all my goals thanks to the program, and following it 100%.

The online business I run in parallel with my running started five years later. In the beginning, I used all my mental experience from running to begin building my business.

It took me some time before I found the correct system, platform, education, training, and community in the same package. However, when it suddenly appeared on my radar, it was all-in.

There are many good coaches and training programs out there to start training for marathons. But the most important is that you find the right program for YOU.

The same goes for any online business. I’m happy I came across the system I’ve used since then. In a way, it follows the same logical procedure as my running program.

Curious to try it? Click the banner below, and voilà.


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