Passion for marathon running and entrepreneurship follow the same path

Have you ever wondered what ties marathon running and entrepreneurship together? Maybe you have not even thought about it. 

There is an explanation of why so many CEOs around the world are marathon runners. Marathon running and entrepreneurship follow the same steps to success. To run a marathon, 42.2k or 26.2 miles, is no joke. Without proper training, your probability of failing is high. Precisely the same goes for the start-up of a business. Both activities require 100% dedication, focus, and persistence.

As a passionate marathon runner and online entrepreneur, I learn every day how to improve my marathon running and entrepreneurship habits. Sometimes I will learn from my running and practice in my business. Other days it can be the other way around, and my running gets some important input form my entrepreneurship.

Marathon running and entrepreneurship is like a bolt, and a nut put together

To combine two so very different activities like running and online entrepreneurship open up a whole new world. The world of fighters, goal-oriented people, discipline, planners, and a dozen other common qualities.

The combination of running and online entrepreneurship perfectly complement each other. Jacky Anderson’s article “35 Amazin Health Benefits of Running, According to Science (+10 Tips for Beginners)” confirms my conviction.

In his article, “6 Reasons Why Running Is the Perfect Sport for Entrepreneurs,” Seth Goldman highlights 6 advantages by combining the two activities. The 6 points explained indeed are correct, but I would like to narrow down the whole thing to get the two activities to make a perfect fit.

As an entrepreneur, you take an important step in life. As a runner, you push your hobby to another level when training for long endurance races like marathons and ultras.

See my articles “How Marathon Running Can Make You A Better entrepreneur,” and “Best 6 Tips To Successfully Run Your Business Like A Marathon,” published back in 2017.

Being a passionate runner practically whole my life, the sport got a new dimension when I decided to run my first marathon race back in 2009, and at the age of 57.

You don’t run a marathon (42,195 meters) without appropriate training. It could be dangerous, and I would even say stupid.

With a new goal in life and one year ahead of the right training, a lot of things changed mentally. The training suddenly becomes “serious.” It’s not a question of going out for a run when you feel for it but stick to the program like a stubborn donkey.


Marathon Running and Entrepreneurship Will Teach You This….

Learn from marathon running and entrepreneurshipBeing a passionate runner practically whole my life, the sport got a new dimension when I decided to run my first marathon race back in 2009, and at the age of 57.

You don’t run a marathon (42,195 meters) without appropriate training. It could be dangerous, and I would even say stupid.

With a new goal in life and one year ahead of the right training, a lot of things changed mentally. The training suddenly becomes “serious.” It’s not a question of going out for a run when you feel for it but stick to the program like a stubborn donkey.

Here are the most important habits I have learned so far:


Preparation and training

To believe that you can run a marathon without the correct preparation is completely stupid. You need to set your goal and find the right training program to achieve your goal. Your training has to be disciplined and the correct one for you.

Further, you need to include strength training and proper nutrition intake. All running programs are different, but the long-distance sessions will always be there. After all, a marathon is about running 42.2km or 26.2 miles.

You have probably heard before that business, and successful entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint. Nothing can be a better description of true entrepreneurship.

You will find all over the web that you can start an online business, do almost nothing, and being a millionaire in a short time. These false promises pull too many people into a guaranteed failure.

To successfully start up your business, you need a marathoner’s mindset.


Never give up attitude 

Marathoners have the mindset of never giving up. They keep fighting and working hard towards their goal. While running, you have to keep motivating yourself at every mile to stay strong and keep going on. It requires a maximum of will and determination and is not easy to keep up with all the time.

As entrepreneurs, we need to keep on working every single day and not give up, even if you’ll go through tough moments. You will face difficulties in terms of things not going your way. The same happens to you during a marathon, but you don’t stop running.

Always come back to your “Why.” Why did you start your entrepreneurial journey? By remembering your “why,” you will get sufficient motivation and courage to not surrender.

The correct attitude will help you to overcome any obstacle, and you’ll become a successful entrepreneur, marathon runner, or both.



It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in to. Successful entrepreneurs always have along term-vision. At the same time, you are prepared to work hard, with early mornings and late evenings, almost daily, at least in the beginning.

To be able to achieve the weekly training program for your running, you need to train early in the morning sometimes, long before the sunrise.

As runners, we know that we need to get all the necessary training in place, everything from endurance to strength, high-speed training, and much more.

There is a saying among us passionate runners….

“You don’t need to be crazy….but it helps.”

People not having the same passion for running as we have, can’t believe that we are out running 5 am to avoid the heat and, at the same time, get the programmed dose of long-distance training.

If you have seen movies or read books about the most famous entrepreneurs, you have noticed a similar pattern as to their working habits.

It’s all about dedication.


Rest and recovery can be productive

Passionate long-distance runners and real entrepreneurs are indeed dedicating many hours to their training and work. However, they are no machines but human beings, and also need rest and recovery time.

If time is your limited resource, and indeed it is, if your passion is strong enough, there are many ways you can rest.

The so-called productive rest represents an essential part of an effective program. For a runner, it can be activities like massage, swimming, or yoga.

For an entrepreneur, it can be seminars, podcast participation, or similar activities when you can learn new things and, at the same time, rest from your daily work.


Analyze your performance

Somebody taking the marathon training seriously, always train with a detailed training program. Every now and then you compare your performance with the training program you are using.

If you don’t have a training program, what should you then compare with?

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” – Lord Kelvin

The analysis of your performance should be measurable, and what is measurable can be improved. 

As an entrepreneur, you must have a plan, a mission, and vision, and you should measure your performance by comparing your project with your results.

It’s important to learn from mistakes and do the best for yourself.

Running a marathon teaches a lot about yourself and others. In this process, you’ll discover what is right and wrong for you. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this process.


How to Leverage Marathon Running and Entrepreneurship


Leverage Marathon Running and EntrepreneurshipOf course, there are days when your motivation isn’t the best, but then you learn how to overcome these obstacles. And as the publicity of one famous brand says:

Just Do It!

My first marathon race ever 2009 was a combination of emotion, fear, and a lot of motivation. When hitting the famous “wall” for the first time in life, and you think for yourself, “That’s it….”, pushes you to do something that not even existed in your mind a few years earlier.


Since then, I have done 24 marathons around the world and improved my running time to below 4 hours. The “wall” is now a familiar routine; you know how to handle the best way.

Once you get locked into the passion of running and training for marathons, you have to face and deal with other obstacles.

In my case, the total training dose is more than 200km (1242 miles) per year, and of course, it takes a lot of time. You need to divide your available 24 hours between training, sleeping, family life, and your job. 

This passion for running motivated me to search for alternatives when it comes to working. A corporate job didn’t fit into the lifestyle for which I was searching. By searching on the Internet, the online world brought my attention.

First, I did it part-time, and since 2014 when I had figured out that this works, the big step to say goodbye to the corporate world becomes a reality.

The most significant advantage of doing business online is the flexibility. You can be wherever you want in the world. As long as you have your computer and an Internet connection, you’re in business.


Passion and freedom making teamwork

The love for both running and online entrepreneurship allows you to combine training and work in a way that fits your agenda. I can participate in marathons all over the world without losing contact with my business. That is freedom!

With the necessary income to live your passions, you will notice that money always is secondary.

The funny thing, though, is that once the money starts to flow in from the online marketing platformyou are just a click away from joining, the flow will never stop.

While you’re sleeping or out doing something else, your online machine is there working for you to achieve the best from your passion.

We all have different interests and passions in life. This article describes my journey, passions, and dreams. You might have completely different interests. However, the pattern follows the same path.

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