When marketing to baby boomers, you grab the whole market


Marketing to baby boomers is something most marketers take seriously, but only some understand the underlying power of it.

Let’s take it from the beginning once again. We baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, following World War ll, are pretty different from the other generations. To start with, we are a large group of people, as the post-war period boosted the birth rate. 

Only in the U.S., it’s calculated that nearly 79 million people were born during this baby boomer phase. This could be compared with the preceding “Silent” generation, with 47 million, and its following “Gen X,” with 55 million.

Even if millennials are calculated to overtake boomers as the most-populous generation (in the U.S.), baby boomers are still an essential group due to their purchasing power impacting the economy.

Many young online marketers ignore marketing to baby boomers, arguing that they are too old and, for different reasons, don’t fit into their niche.

Check the second point in this video, and you’ll understand why it’s an erroneous strategy.

Marketing to baby boomers on YouTube

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The Golden Age Lifestyle

 Any marketer who wants success must consider the baby boomers. We represent a large group of people with influence everywhere and significant purchase power.

Getting them hooked up could take a while, but it is worth the effort, as great rewards could be the outcome.


Marketing to Baby Boomers is Not a “Hit-and-Run” Race


Marketing to Baby Boomers - Not a “Hit-and-Run” RaceThe strategy to enter the baby boomer market could be summarized in social responsibility, values, and fulfilling the boomers’ desire to cover their interests and needs. As long as you provide content that can resonate with what the boomers have on their wish list, they will also make an effort to invest money and time in your product.

Being a typical baby boomer, soon to reach the age of 71, I know pretty well what works and what doesn’t. Trust is not only a keyword for us boomers but a sort of stamp we put on anything we find on the Internet to get it approved or rejected.

On my website, The Golden Age Lifestyle, you can learn more about my journey as a typical baby boomer. You will also get some advice on what you can do about your baby boomer life.

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