Are entrepreneurs mentally strong people or is it the other way around?

We all are struggling with different things in life, and we all try our very best to be mentally strong people. But what does it mean to belong to the group of mentally strong people?

After reading this article, you will have the answer that probably will change your attitude about how to be mentally strong.

Probably you have your thoughts about what it takes as well as I had my idea about what differs mentally strong people from the rest. When I came across the author and TED talker Amy Morin, I had to make a new definition of what mentally strong people really do.

Watch one of her TED conferences below, and I’m sure you will agree with me


As an independent entrepreneur, I always related to the strong mentality in my entrepreneurship. Digging deeper into what Amy Morin has gone through, I realized that it all starts with you as a person and nothing else.

How To Join The Group Of Mentally Strong People

The group of mentally strong people

The group of mentally strong people

In the video, Amy Morin starts with one maybe unexpected rule for being mentally strong.

Don´t waste time feeling sorry for yourself!

Life isn’t ever so easy and fair. Instead of feeling sorry and blame the world around you, mentally strong people take ownership of their role in life and search for ways to improve the situation.

The second most important rule that Amy Moring brings up is:

Don’t waste energy on things you can’t control!

The expression  “I have to…”  is something you never will hear from mentally strong people. You should control your own life. Otherwise, others will do it for you.

For sure some things will get consequences if you take control of it, but the choice is there, and it’s up to you to take control or not.

The third rule is:

Don’t feel the world owes you anything!

From childhood, we have been educated the same way we train domestic pets; achievement and rewards.

Mentally strong people look for opportunities based on their own criterions and merits. The world owes you nothing and doesn’t have to reward you for your effort and success.

You don’t have a mentality that others would take care of you or that the world should help you out. It’s very much the way a true entrepreneur acts and believes.

In the same manner, you never blame anybody but yourself for your failures, learn from any mistake and focus on what you could do better the next time.

How To Learn The Rest To Be Mentally Strong

Learn how to be mentally strong

Learn how to be mentally strong

In the book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don´t Do” by Amy Morin, you will learn about the remaining 10 rules to become a mentally strong person.

When reading the book, you will be surprised how all the different rules sat up by Amy Morin, in the search for a mentally healthier life as a human being, also coincide with the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

Whether you are working on improving your health or building a business as an entrepreneur, mentally strong people don’t expect immediate results.

In both cases, you´ll fully understand that real changes take time.

Conviction, passion and huge desire to achieve something, are common ingredients for mentally strong people and true entrepreneurship.

To strengthen up your mentality, I highly recommend you to read Amy Morin’s book.

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In both cases, the choice is yours. Don´t forget that you are in control of your life.

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