Hit the wall and mobilize power anyway. How to make it happen?

Two days ago when running the Copenhagen Marathon I experienced how to mobilize power when your body sends out the adamant signal, “That´s it. You´re done.”

After many marathons on my experience account, the never-ending question searches for the ultimate answer. When you run out of energy and hit the famous wall, what to do to continue to mobilize power? I mean, the first time you live this sensation during a long endurance race, and you just would like to stop, how do you mobilize power to continue?

There are some rules to make this “miracle” happen.

Organized training is crucial to mobilize power

Training is crucial
Training is crucial

Most skills in life are training based. We all are different, and some people have more talents than others in certain areas. What is incredible though, is how you can compensate your lack of talent with more training.

According to an article by Alex Hutchinson in the magazine Runner´s World, in some cases, even well-trained people can surpass the performance of more talented individuals.

Every year I train according to a very strict and detailed training schedule. Even if you don´t see immediate results, the overall benefit will be of great support when it’s time to mobilize power, and when your body apparently runs out of energy.

Often you can hear that entrepreneurship isn´t a sprint but a marathon. Nothing can be truer. Never try to run a marathon without a lot of appropriate training.

When starting up your own business as an independent entrepreneur, you need to give it all the time required. No serious business has ever been built overnight.

Objective and goal – your vision and mission

Some people ask me why I´m running? “It´s so boring.”

Well, it can be boring, very boring, if you make it boring. You need to have your “Why” crystal clear. It can, of course, be different from person to person. But the “Why” will help you to understand everything when things get tough.

When I started to train seriously my “why” was very much focused on losing weight and improve my physical condition. Over time the “why” has moved towards mental health. Running is now my personal meditation.

“One run can change your day, but many runs can change your life.”

It´s like the entrepreneurial life. Your vision will always be there as your leading star. When other people are laughing at what you´re doing, you are fully occupied with your work based on your vision.

A Vision Without A Mission Is Like An Objective Without A Goal

When I got hooked up on my passion for running many years ago, I quickly found out that the objective of running, the “why” wasn´t enough.

Imagine if you´re boarding a sailing yacht with the only objective (mission) to sail, without knowing towards where (the goal or mission) you are heading. What a boring and even scaring trip.

When I added races to my passion for running, the two marathons I´m running each year are the goals for which the whole training program is scheduled. It´s my mission for the year.

A couple of half marathons and 10k are also there, but not as any primary goals. You need to focus.

The same goes for my business. You need to have clear goals with a specific timeframe. It´s your mission. You will find that the specified goals and mission will mobilize power for you when you need it.

Realistic and challenging goals will mobilize power on autopilot

Based on my performance during the training the last month, I get a hint of what my capacity is up to right now. That will be the base for the goal setting.

Four hour, equal to a pace of 5:41 per kilometer, was my goal for the race. I had to control the speed a lot the first 10k as I know by experience that I use to run too fast in the beginning.

When hitting the wall after 30k, I still kept my pace but slowing down as my body just felt like “not one single meter more.” When 2k to go my watch indicated that I had the 4-hour goal within reach. For the first time ever I was able to keep the same speed the two last kilometers as the two first ones.

How was it possible to mobilize power that didn´t exist?

A true mission, a realistic and challenging goal pulled and pushed me through all the obstacles to the finish line.

Pain? Yes, a lot of pain. But mentally you need to brainwash yourself that…

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Pain is temporary – Pride is forever

Every single time I´m out running I´m surprised about the similarities between serious marathon running and entrepreneurship.

You will surprise yourself how you can achieve things in your business, that you thought earlier would be impossible.

A recap of what it takes to mobilize power when it seems like lacking energy:

  • Have a vision
  • Create a mission
  • Establish a training program based on you mission
  • Set realistic but challenging goals


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