If I only had money and fame all should be different

For sure more than ones in your life you have blamed your situation on the lack of money and fame. Of all excuses, lack of money is without any doubt on the top of the excuse list.

It seems to be so easy just to blame the money for not taking action on something. It’s true that you will need money for almost every project you would like to launch and fulfill in life. In some cases, more money than in others.

As I mention in my blog post “Why You Should View Freedom As A Choice“ published the 31st of August, 2016, you need to view money the same way as you view fuel for your car. It’s necessary to have fuel in the tank to get the car rolling, but you don’t decide which car to buy based on fuel issues.

The “fame-excuse” follows more or less the same pattern.

“If I was famous, I could also do this” or “If I had a famous dad or mom, things would be easy.”

As far as I know, neither Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had any famous parents. And they were not famous before they hit their goals with their successful inventions.

Instead, these two guys, now famous and indeed rich, entrepreneurs achieved what they did, based on something far away from money and fame.

A burning passion for an idea, frequently turning into an obsession of high dimension.

Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started up their projects in their parent’s garages. They didn’t have any money for fancy offices, and other non-productive assets. And when it was time to find capital to finance the continuation of the projects, their passion and strong belief in what they were doing supported them to not causing any major problems to attract investors.

The list can be long with successful entrepreneurs who have achieved their goals, (and earned money and became famous), but money or fame did never motivate them to do what they did.

Be Happy And The Money Will Follow You

The Money Will Follow You

In my blog post “How Do You Define Happiness?“, published the 20th of October, 2016, we reveal the secret behind happiness. Again, the money was discovered as the most dangerous and at the same time false driver towards happiness.

Instead, you could see that relationships with other people, is by far the most important influencer for a happy life.

You can have a huge network of people, and always someone with whom hanging out. However, relationships inducing happiness must have some degree of quality.

If you a searching for relationships where you will learn new things and develop with whatever you are doing, you should always search for people who know more than what you do yourself.

As passionate entrepreneurs, we will always come across naysayers in our own network. They are everywhere. Don’t worry you will find them. So, how to deal with them? Avoid them or just let them go! They will never bring anything that will support your mission.

But….if the naysayer is my own brother..? Of course, you should not avoid him as your brother. Instead, you should make an agreement with him. When you are together, you should never talk about your project. Once your success is a reality, show it to him and most probably you will turn a typical naysayer to a new yes-sayer. (Could be a bi-mission for you.)

You will also need to be surrounded by people who believe in what you are doing. Not necessarily they know about your project or business, but they have a strong personal belief in you as an individual. These people are crucial to your success!

Often you can find them where you less expect it. The following video by Marc Mero shows in a very emotional way the importance of not rejecting any person in your surroundings. His 6 minutes speech moves his entire audience to tears. So, get some tissues and watch the video

It can be tricky to select correctly the people to hang out with, but with an attempt to bring up a parameter to use, it would then be:

Choose winners and avoid losers!

And to add an extra bonus on that: If you want to learn something, select winners who know more than you.

Gratefulness vs. Money?

Gratefulness vs. Money
Gratefulness vs. Money

One of the most challenging behaviors or qualities to identify or specify is gratefulness. This short video by Marc Mero moves emotions.

What is it to be grateful?

In search of the correct description what it’s all about, I prefer to quote one of my favorite philosophers.

“It is just that we should be grateful, not only to those with whose views we may agree, but also to those who have expressed more superficial views; for these also contributed something, by developing before us the powers of thought.” – Aristotle

Not until his mother died, Marc Mero understood the importance of being grateful for people around you that believe in you.

As entrepreneurs or whatever other activity you have on you plate, you will go through good and easy days. But you will also face challenging and hard days with failures and setbacks. It’s true that your strong passion for what you’re doing is the fuel that keeps the engine going in spite of the uphill struggle you might have.

For sure money can support a short time trouble, but for a reliable long-term solution you need to rely on your relationship with other people. These resources you can neve buy.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

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