When money slips through your fingers, it’s time to act 


Money slips through your fingers easier than you can imagine. One of the best things you can do to forever change your financial situation is to categorize your money as it flows into your life. 

There exist various explanations for why money slips through your fingers. But to not earmark money for different final causes is, in my opinion, the main reason people fail on this.

You put it into different categories with very specific purposes.

The big mistake most people make in society (and why most remain relatively poor their entire lives) is that when money does show up, they give it no purpose and have no rules or discipline.

It might offend some people to hear me say this, but most people’s financial problems are not due to not making enough money. 

They’re a result of them being poor money managers of what they have. To get an idea of what bad money management can lead to, look at these lottery winners. Their sad stories are good examples of how false it is to say that money gives happiness.

The problem is that they’ve never been taught how to manage money. As a consequence, poor financial habits predominate in their daily life and behavior.


When Money Slips Through Your Fingers


When Money Slips Through Your FingersIt’s nothing wrong with you but your routines. Money slips through your fingers because of a non-existing system in place. And it doesn’t have to be any sophisticated methods. You just have to know what you’re doing with your money.


Categorize your money 

The most common way and simplest mistake most people make is to put money into one category only; the available money.

Whatever you’re going to purchase or debts you’ll have to pay, the money comes from one and only place; your general bank account.

Instead, you should categorize your money as it flows into your life. X% of the funds should go to everyday expenses, Y% to savings, and Z% to another category of your preference. 

I highly recommend you have an account for investments. Without investing, you will not progress in life. It could be anything, a new property, stocks, bonds, or a new business.

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”

-Benjamin Franklin


Update Your Skills

Back in the old times, when I was a teenager, the formula was to get a good education, graduate from college or university and then start your professional career.

Today the environment is different. You must continuously be updated to have any chance to be competitive. Whether you’re working in the corporate world or running your own business doesn’t matter. The digitalization of the world is automating many old traditional employments, and to be in charge of your life and personal development, you must be up to date.


Start Your Own Business 

Why is starting a business better than working for someone else?

Because most people who work for someone else live their lives during the 4 weeks per year they are on leave. For the remaining 48 weeks of the year, they are working.

If you start a business (and do it right), it can be the other way around. You can work for just 4 weeks per year and live your life during the remaining 48 weeks.


Invest in Good Advice 

Usually, I take a frugal approach when it comes to spending money. Whether groceries or any other consumer product, I always go for the lowest price I can find.

However, there is one exception: buying consulting, mentorship, and professional advice. In this area, I don’t look for the lowest price. I spend as much as I can afford to get the best possible mentorship or advice.

Such investment in yourself will give you a manifold payback if used correctly. Never before investment in yourself has been so crucial for your personal development.


Money Slips Through Your Fingers – Summary and the Next Step to Take


Money Slips Through Your Fingers - Next Step to TakeThe time when money slips through your fingers is gone. With these logical but crucial steps, your destiny looks bright.

#1. Categorize your money. The famous song says, “Money makes the world go around.”Earmark the inflow of money, and be sure to have categories like saving and investment

#2. Update your skills. Education and training are never-ending activities in today’s accelerated and digitalized world. Be sure to always be on the frontline in your niche or business.

#3. Start your business. Never before have so many started their own business. To do it online is easy and inexpensive.

#4. Invest in good advice. We live in a high-speed environment, and it’s impossible to know everything. Accept it! To not be left behind, you should allow mentors and consultants to provide you with the necessary advice.

 The first paragraph concerns how to manage your money; nobody else but you have to do it. With planning and discipline, it’s quite an easy issue to handle.

When it comes to the other three paragraphs, you have the luck to be able to log into a community that can offer you it all.

You get advanced education and training in literally any area. Starting your own business will be something you will do hassle-free with the right guidance side by side with you. The never-ending mentorship will make you feel entirely supported and backed up all the time.

Don’t be left behind! Click the box below and register for the webinar explaining how all this will benefit you.

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