Monopoly in its original form is a win-win game

The famous Monopoly board game, most people have played at least once. It’s a thrilling business game where all participants start in modest “let’s get this done” mode, and it ends up in a completely different way. All players are totally engaged and are fighting to survive or “kill” the rest of the players around the table.

Today is a historic day for all Monopoly lovers. It’s exactly 84 years ago since this well-known board game goes on sale.

Monopoly vs. the Landlord's gameIn fact, the game was created and even patented already 1903 by a leftwing feminist by name Lizzy Magie. The original name was The Landlord’s Game. Her original idea with the game was to get the players to help each other when coming into financial troubles. However, it wasn’t until the more capitalistic touch to the game was in place that it starts to take off.

The last century has been an era where global growth very much has been based on a win-lose scenario. The polarization between typical extreme capitalists on one side and central state-planned economies has made the popularities of economies to go from one side to the other over the time.

The win-win scenarios have appeared in the last decades. Before we were all brainwashed that if there is a winner, there must be a loser on the other side. It’s a little bit how the Monopoly game of today is working. You have a limited number of land and properties, and it’s all about grabbing as a big piece as possible of the cake.

Going back to Lizzie Magie’s original thought about winning by helping others to win as well, is something that starts to take over modern business strategies of today.

Modern Monopoly Finding Its Roots

Monopoly a win-win gameMonopoly was originally conceived to be a protest against monopolist, not in favor of them. In today’s business world where the digital businesses and markets are fading out the old traditional retail business, a new phenomenon appears on the map.

As you can sit behind your computer and literally talk to the world, the potential markets are changing dramatically. You don’t have to worry any longer about the survival for your little shop, having a limited area of potential customers.

There is no longer any need to protect your marketing strategies, worried that a competitor will use it against you in your business territory.

The competition today, erasing all old monopolistic behaviors, is about offering the best product within your niche with outstanding service.

The old saying “give and receive” is a must to be successful with any Internet business. Providing a constant flow of value is to be a winner. But what is new in the digital world is that we all become winners.

If Lizzie Magie would be here, she would probably say that Monopoly in its initial version is precisely what modern online business is all about. Provide value and create winners!

It’s not a whim or any type of trick when you get the offer to learn exactly step by step how to make your first 10K online.

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