To retire and never run out of money could be your reality today!


The strategy to never run out of money when retiring is something many struggles with but very few really solve. Let’s face it once and for all. If you rely only on your pension funds, the probability is high that you will run out of money in retirement.

Of course, the situation varies a lot from person to person, but this “lack of money syndrome” is quite simple to explain:

  1. There are no sufficient retirement savings to back up your current lifestyle.
  2. People are living much longer than before.

There are many things that can be subject to the discussion when it comes to retirement and never running out of money. However, these two realities are the naked truth nobody can deny.

When surfing around on the Internet, you’ll find a lot of explanations and proposals for solutions. But they are primarily defensive ones. What does that mean? Spend less, downgrade your lifestyle, sell your house… Is this way you would like to end the last years of your life?

In a detailed survey made by the prestigious life insurance company Allianz, the evidence is indisputable about the poor financial preparedness most people have for their retirement.


To Never Run Out of Money, Depends on What?

To Never Run Out of Money, Depends on What?

What does the retirement future look like if people live longer than before? Most advice you find on the web is mainly focused on external factors, like:

  • How many years should you expect to live as retired?
  • What reforms are necessary to put in place by authorities?
  • What employment rules need to change to create job opportunities for older workers?
  • …and it goes on in the same tone

There are two different ways you can approach the problem. 

The first one, and let’s be honest, the most common one, is just to accept the situation and hope that the “surrounding” will be in your favor.

As a second approach, you can be the one who takes charge of the situation, being proactive in the search to never run out of money in retirement.

Can you feel the difference between being dependent on the government and other external institutions versus managing your future yourself? You must be prepared to escape your comfort zone if you are in charge of your destiny. But on the other hand, by taking that step, you can reach any goal you would like to achieve.

You’re the architect of your own future 

By mentalizing that you and nobody else will be in charge of your future, you have taken a giant step toward the freedom we all strive for. To never run out of money is actually an issue where you decide whether it will happen or not.

When you take this step, you will find that the future can look like whatever you prefer. It’s all up to you.

So, what is the expectation for future retirement? The number one topic popping up is that people today are living longer than at any time in history. How should you plan for such a reality? More savings, less spending, a combination of both, or something completely different? 

Here comes the challenge. Many prefer to stay within their comfort zone and go for more savings and less spending. That is all right, as long as you’re happy with such a decision.

Literally, no other choice did exist, and you had to adapt to what was available. Thanks to digital development, you’ll today have a choice, and you decide what direction to take.

Pause, Progress, and Never Run Out of Money Again.

Never Run Out of Money Again.Exactly 8 weeks ago, my last blog post was published. The article’s title, “Why Pausing Could be the Best Way to Progress,” could be better. By taking one step back and preparing to take two steps forward, I could focus on what I believe is crucial for my audience: useful content to solve your problems the best way.

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