Age is a f***ing number and you are never too old for anything

How often do you hear somebody say that you are never too old? To be honest, quite seldom, right? But how often do people insinuate that you are too old for something you have in mind?

Our society is configured in a certain way, and we have a tendency to group ages into different categories. It goes from everything from the way to dress to the way we “should” behave.

A lot of people feel comfortable belonging to a specific category and act accordingly. They will never feel too old within their segment, neither too young. It’s a ready-made comfort zone where nobody will criticize what you’re doing.

All new challenges in life require some sort of skill development. Where a lot of people go wrong is when they believe that skill development is age-sensitive.

If instead of saying “you are never too old,” change a few words and say “you are never too old to learn new things,” it all gets a different approach.

In an earlier article I wrote:

“You can’t escape time, but you can choose to embrace it as an asset and just start your life over again.”

Do you see the pattern? You decide what to do and when to do it. You are never too old, as your willingness to do something isn’t age-related.

Never Too Old and Then What?

You are never too oldIf we can agree that age isn’t a reason to avoid doing things, then your question might be:

“What do I need to do?”

There are plenty of articles out there writing about the same topic, but the serious ones always include the following points:

Never stop learning

Most people when they reach senior age, feel like they have learned everything that is worth learning. There is not much more to find on the plate of the unknown.

Nothing can be more wrong!

Psychologically mental aging is very much about entering into a sort of stall mode when it comes to education. In today’s fast-moving Internet-based world things are changing every day.

When you get older, you don’t have any difficulty learning. Your brain just gets a little bit slower. It’s like your hard disk. What happens when your memory is almost up to its limit? It gets slower. The same thing happens to your brain. You get a bit slower because you know more.

Do not view learning as something that you missed and have to catch up. Education is a part of today’s environment. Call it for development, evolution or whatever you want, but always be open for new skills to learn.

Technology is playing your game

People in the industry early understood that if the Internet and all technology around should be something for every citizen, it was necessary to develop user-friendly systems. It should be systems that every single person could easily use.

With Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows probably the first software was launched, where you didn’t need to be a professional programmer to use. To make Windows available for every person is actually something that their mission statement reflects.

From being a data industry limited to professional programmers and system engineers, the entire population suddenly became the target group. All social platforms wouldn’t be possible to develop without these easy-to-use systems.

Today it’s rarer to find any person without a smartphone. In fact, people age 60+ is the fastest-growing group of smartphone owners.

As a senior, we often refuse to dive into the “new” Internet world because of new terminology, you have never seen before. Learn the meaning of these new words and that’s it.

You are much more disciplined than you can imagine

Remember back to the time as a teenager and compare how you did things. You will probably notice that your discipline has changed to your favor over time. With life experience, responsibilities, and extended skill sets, your discipline to achieve things in life is continually growing.

No matter what goal you have, the more ambitious they are, the more discipline is required to reach them. Use that talent you have got!

Take advantage of your mistakes

Life is a never-ending journey of trial and error. The good thing with all mistakes is that you have a bank of experiences that you can take advantage of when starting new projects.

By nature, younger people have less experience, and in many cases, the “errors” are still waiting ahead. You have done that part and can avoid the failures, only because of your age. You see, you are never too old, and in this case, your age is to your advantage.

I’ll Show You That You are Never Too Old

At the age of 55, I started to train for my first marathon. See my previous article. The driver to enter this challenge was definitively not driven by my age, but by something much more significant and that isn’t tied to any age at all


You are never too old for anythingMarathon Running

Well, it all starts with the challenge, as you can’t be passionate about something you’ve never tried. On the other hand, the challenge triggered me to prepare myself as much as ever possible. Learning everything about running and marathon running in particular.

Lining up for my first marathon ever in December 2009, was something that I’ll never forget. One year of hard training, a lot of fun, successes, and failures. Nothing was missing.

Thanks to the disciplined training, my confidence was on the highest level to run the first marathon. Although I had to hit the famous “wall,” that we all have to do when running a marathon, my first race had transformed the challenge into a passion.

Since then I have run two or three marathons per year, and at the age of 66, my marathon number 21 will take place within a few weeks. You are never too old if you have a true passion for what you are doing.

Online Marketing

Exactly the same pattern as for the passion for marathons happened with my online marketing business.

After more than 35 years in the corporate world, something happened.

It was not the job. I hold various management positions, had a good income, and escalated on the so-called career ladder. I was positioned in different countries as an ex-pat and got the opportunity to learn various languages and dive into different cultures.

However, there was one piece missing:

Being the owner!

Understand me right here. To be the boss can never be a goal as such. But to be the owner means that all you’re doing you’re doing for yourself. You are doing it for your company, for your family, and for your well-being and welfare.

To own your own company and your own business involves of course risks, but also a lot of opportunities.

I was lucky to hit the correct button when surfing around on the Internet, among all shiny, false “get-rich-quick” schemes, and since 2014 I’m into online marketing.

In my spare time I figured out how to get it working, and it didn’t take more than a couple of months before I was ready to go all in.

Another challenge is now another passion for me.

Thanks to the simplicity and high level of automation, the system I’m connected to makes it possible to get your online business up and running in a short time.

On top of that, you get all the necessary training and tutorials never to feel lost in something where you can’t find a way out.

Belonging to the large group of baby boomers, I was on alert whole the time to see if this was something for my age group. As senior citizens, we always are impressed by the younger generation to handle all IT-related stuff, and you can quickly build up a false barrier that doing business online is only for younger people.

Wrong again!

You are never too old as long as you’re willing to take the challenge. The probability is high that your challenge will turn into a lifelong passion.


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