The good news is that the world trade rules cannot reach out everywhere

New world trade rules announced by the U.S. government taking effect from today, will change the entire commercial basis worldwide. After decades of evolution towards free trade, these new world trade rules put an end to something that in the end had an impact on the economic growth in most countries around the world.

The reactions have been immediate and firm from many political leaders around the world. Also, news media are reacting. One of the first articles released after the new world trade rules were rolled out, written by Doug Palmer has the headline:

“Today is a bad day for world trade: Trump slaps U.S. allies with tariffs.”

You can have the opinion you want about Trump, but for sure I’m convinced on one thing: There are no dull moments with this government!

While Mr. Trump now is fighting to get Mexico to pay for his wall between the two countries, he now surprises the world by entering into something that looks like a world trade war.

In previous articles, I describe today’s politicians as the next group of people eliminating themselves. You can view that as the dinosaurs of today. The church as the political elite some 500 years ago, followed by powerful kingdoms, they all disappeared as a result of the evolution.

The traditional politicians are the next group of people to follow the same path.

The New World Trade Rules Is Another Desperate Tool

World trade rules as a tool

With the fast-growing Internet market, Denmark is the only country so far that has an Internet Ambassador. The sad part is that most government and politicians are relatively disconnected from the online business world.

They continue to promise more jobs, while the reality points in one single direction: There are going to be fewer jobs going forward.

See my article published in 2016 only a few days after the U.S. elections:

“Why Do The Lie To You?”

It could be that disemployment figures improve temporarily, due to particular and not sustainable actions over a more extended period. The automation is here, and the Internet is taking over the world commerce.

Go For Your Own World Trade Rules

To introduce new world trade rules as the Trump administration is doing today is going against all logical way of thinking in a long-term perspective. Could be that it will benefit the U.S. industry and economy short term, but it is like doing pee in your pants. In the beginning, it’s warm and pleasant, but very soon it will become cold, wet and with a horrible feeling.

What can you do then to protect your business and future against these new world trade rules?

Join the movement!

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