There is a reason why your New Year starts today

Your New Year starts today and not within four weeks. Reading my New Year Resolution blog from last year will give you a good entrance to my reasoning.

You have worked hard on your goals this year, making small but still steps toward progress. You indeed want to finish this year well, and also, you want to finish it strong. At this very moment, you are not the same person as on January 1, 2022.

No matter what happens, the few days left of this year, we can all use these days well. The cruel truth is that there is nothing magical about New Year, knowing that you are already on your way to living a life that has been planned for.

Imagine how much time and effort you will gain if you use what you already have achieved this year, bend it a bit, and let it be a cornerstone for your 2023 plan. It has always been said that you learn from all failures, but you seldom see something telling you to take advantage of your successes.

That work starts now, and by doing it correctly, you will get a flying start in the year to come.

Your New Year Starts Today

Your New Year Starts Today

Let’s divide it into two different steps.

 Step 1: Define the goals you achieved so far during 2022, and use them to your advantage.

  • List in a few words how you reached the goals. What were the key factors? Make a clear definition of these keywords
  • Make a list of goals almost achieved, and try to define why you haven’t achieved them yet. It could be many different reasons, such as time, missing resources, interest, priority, etc. Use the listing to make a plan with clear statements of what is needed from your side to reach the goals before the end of the year.
  • The third and last part of Step 1 is to define the goals you have abandoned. It can be for many different reasons, like not valid anymore for your overall plan, not being feasible, etc.

By spending some time on Step 1, your New Year starts today in the sense that the essential hard work for your plan 2023 will have a solid ground based on your own experience and knowledge. Now comes the fun work in Step 2.

Step 2: Using the information from the Step 1 exercise, you will immediately feel that your plan for 2023 gets a professional and doable touch.

  • List your goals for 2023 using the previous exercise results. It will no longer be guesswork but a realistic plan based on your experience
  • When you are happy with your overall goals, divide them into sub-goals. Many of your different sub-goals will cover other principal goals. As it all starts to be more multiple-dimensional, this planning part is important.
  • Make a timeline where you try to be as precise as possible. Each goal should have its schedule defined in months, weeks, and days.

 25 Days Left, But The New Year Starts Today

25 Days Left, But The New Year Starts Today

The last weeks of the year can be stressful. The upcoming holiday season celebrations, together with family and all preparations to be made, is a commitment that by itself is enough to feel overwhelmed.

On top of all this, you should work out your own personal plan. It’s easy to skip this part and only focus on the family and celebration part.

“The plan for 2023 I will do the first day of January”

…is a typical positioning for many. This is not a sort of theoretical rubbish but based on my own experience for a long time.

When I applied the method and made it correctly, I could enjoy the season celebration and, at the same time, have a ready-made and detailed action plan for the new year to be in place on January 1.

Throughout the years, many articles about planning, successes, and failures have been published on my blog. Below you will find the most relevant ones published this year that can help get your plan for 2023 ready before the end of 2022.

Relevant articles to prepare for 2023

However, the first and most crucial step is mentalizing that the New Year starts today. You have 25 days to get it ready, which is a lot of time if you begin today.

Besides the recommended articles above, you will also get valuable tips on my website. It’s

a site built on my experience, what it all means of failures and successes. If your mindset leans towards the entrepreneurial side, it’s a site you should visit,

Happy New Year!

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