Change your new year’s resolution 2021 to a success story


New year’s resolution 2021 can be an overwhelming thing this year. The pandemic, and everything around it, is changing absolutely everything in your life. Setting a new year’s resolution will follow the same path. The impact of the turbulence around Covid-19 will definitely influence a lot on how you will design your new year’s resolution 2021.

At the same time that you notice that 2020 has been a challenging year, you will also perceive the opportunities waiting for you.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

These wise words are more accurate than ever before.

While a smaller group of people have had a reasonably good year, it has been a nightmare for others. Lives have been lost, jobs disappear, and it doesn’t seem to be an end to all disasters.

It’s time to change page, and the good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is only one way left to go, and that’s up.

Only 8% succeed in their new year’s resolution, and only 19% of people keep their resolutions for at least two years. We can all identify ourselves in this failing group, and there can be many different reasons behind it.

This time, I’m going to be healthier, save money, sleep earlier, read a book each week, spend more time with people I care about, and find the love of my life.


What could go wrong?

Every time, it’s the same. The time is 12 on the 31st, and bam! You’re a new person! All those occasions that made you feel bad about yourself are going out the door! Well, for a couple of weeks or so.

According to a survey in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, University of Scranton, out of the 45% of U.S. citizens who typically make a New Year resolution, only 8% of them will succeed.

Wow, that is disheartening. There are 3 main reasons we have such difficulties to succeed with our New Year resolution.

  • Too many
  • Too vague
  • Unrealistic

It can be relatively easy to make a huge bucket list of all things you want to change about yourself and let 2021 be an excellent year. The problem is that we have so many competing priorities. How to keep your New Year’s Resolution, and become a member of the exclusive 8% circle?

The classic commitments will always be there, and there is a reason they still pop up. A resolution like quitting smoking, going to the gym, eating healthier, and finding a new job are just a few on the list of the most common resolutions. On the web, there are plenty of ideas.

There is nothing wrong with these topics. What you should focus on this year is how to approach them.


Approach Instead of Avoiding in Your New Year’s Resolution 2021


As the resolution on the 31st of December is a strong (or at least pretend to be) commitment, it’s easy to be too black and white.

For a smoker, it can be dramatic to stop smoking from one moment to another. If you’re battling with overweight, it’s much easier to say that you’re going to lose 5 kilos per month than actually make it happen.

To find a new job because you don’t like the one you have sounds simple and straightforward. At the same time, the reality is something completely different.

No matter if belonging to the list of the classical ones or something new and unique for you, the commitments will experience a higher probability to be achieved by approaching instead of avoiding.

Scientist in Sweden show in an extensive experimental study that,

“Resolutions regarding avoiding or quitting something, ‘avoidance goals,’ proved to be less successful.”

What does it really mean?

Do not quit smoking! Add nicotine replacements like nicotine gum, patches, etc., while lower the consumption of cigarettes.

To drastically change your eating habits to lose weight could be why you fail with your resolution. Instead, add exercise! The curious thing is that by exercising, your body will start to produce enzymes, changing your biological configuration. Without noticing it, you begin to consume less unhealthy food.

Quitting your job just because you don’t like what you’re doing is a tough one. After all, you need an income, and a “safe” job will push you into a comfort zone with “high walls.”

Approaching the problem correctly would imply that you find something more interesting to work with and start to do it part-time. Later in the process, you will choose to go all-in with your new job or continue with the one you have.


The Four Pillars as the Base for Your New Year’s Resolution 2021


Whatever you’re up to in life, everything is orbiting around four crucial pillars:

Wealth, Health, Me, and Social

It’s incredible, but you will always find these four areas being the bricks in building a harmonious life. You can be more focused on one part than another, but they will all be there.



Social - new year's resolution 2021The way you relate to and interact with important people in your environment must keep the right balance. It all starts with the closest members of your family, spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and so on.

Also, the relationship with friends influences a lot in your ideal lifestyle. Such a simple thing like go out with friends and having dinner together can lighten up your life more than you can imagine.



MeOften, we forget to treat ourselves in the way you deserve. Suppose you are living a stressful life, which many have done during this turbulent 2020. In that case, we tend to put ourselves further down on an already busy to-do-list. It can be such simple things as dedicating time to your favorite hobby or sport.

To have time to read and listen to your favorite music are other things that you must look after. Taking care of yourself in a more advanced manner, we can add to the list activities like meditation, yoga, and massage.



HealthThis part is the lifeblood of a happy life. Compare to the way you treat your car. You always look after that you fill-up the tank with the correct fuel of high quality, as you know that your vehicle will last for a longer time if you give it this treatment. Further, you do not miss out on the periodical service dates. It’s natural and, to be honest, easy to understand to keeping your car in good shape.

So why should your body be an exception?

To eat healthily and exercising follow precisely the same logical pattern as to how you treat your car.



Wealth - New Year's resolution 2021Being wealthy and being rich isn’t the same thing. It’s easy to be confused as money is involved in some way or another in both cases. So, what is wealth?

Chris Hogan explains skillfully in one of his articles.

As Chris Hogan explains,

“True wealth is about three things: making an impact through giving, leaving a legacy, and having options for how you live your life. “

You may argue that all that is stated above requires money, and do you know what? You are right!

However, the big difference when searching for a wealthy life is that you don’t have to chase the money. The money will follow you!

Going one step further, the same money requirement argument goes for Social, Me, and Health. For most things you would like to do within those frames, you’ll need money.

Thus, it’s like a well-connected and lubricated wheel, where Wealth, Health, Me, and Social are working coordinated together.


Your New Year’s Resolution 2021 is Taking Off Shortly

New Year's Resolution 2021 is Taking OffMake your New Year’s Resolution 2021 a serious commitment and not a “Pie in the Sky” resolution.

Making a commitment is something you need to take seriously. It must make sense. You need to be crystal clear on why you make it. Before anything else define what’s your WHY.

By now, you know the one thing to do: add and do not quit!

To reach the key point on your journey, which is wealth, there are several ways to make it happen. You’re invited to participate in our yearly New Year journey, which will take you to the Island of Freedom Lifestyle. It’s a beautiful place where you’re in charge of your own destiny.



Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pre-boarding announcement for Freedom Lifestyle Airlines’ direct flight No. 2021 to the Island of Freedom Lifestyle. For security reasons, it’s only allowed to carry the best memories from 2020 in your luggage. The bad, sad, and painful memories from 2020 have to be left behind before crossing the security control.

The flying time will be 12 months, with technical stopovers in the cities of Love, Joy, Friendliness, Kindness, Patience, Harmony, Wellness, and Peace.

For your convenience, we kindly ask you to fill out your personal data in your boarding pass below and have it ready when the time for boarding.




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