It’s not about lack of topics, or that you have nothing to write about, but a writing block you need to overcome.

As bloggers, we have all come across the famous “Writer’s Block” sometime in your blogging career.  If you prefer, let’s call it for the “nothing to write about” syndrome. It’s normal and nothing to worry about if you know how to deal with it when it happens.

As a relatively new blogger, there were some important topics I had learned before getting started. When taking off as an enthusiastic blogger almost two years ago, I first tried to figure out what was necessary to even think about getting any success with my blog.

There are plenty of things you need to learn and be aware of, but the following three cornerstones are mandatory:

  1. Write for your audience – sounds logical, but how often don’t you find articles out there where the content could be interesting from the writer’s point of view. To be rude and straight forward, your readers don’t give a sh.. about you. They want content that can be of interest for them.
  2. Publish consistently and with a clear timetable – when you have gathered a loyal group of readers, they expect your articles at certain times. It’s like your favorite TV program. You know which day and the time for the next broadcasting, and therefore you can plan your other activities accordingly and not miss any of the episodes.
  3. Give value – whatever your topic may be, make sure that your article always gives value. In the hectic world we are living in, consciously or unconsciously we are all the time searching for things that can bring value to our lives. It doesn’t have to be free physical stuff, but also good and professional advice can be of high value to your readers.


Nothing To Write About – The “Writer’s Block” Syndrome

Nothing to write about

Nothing to write about

There is so much to communicate, and so much value that you can bring to your audience.  The flow of new article ideas will go with the same speed as the change of the world around you. If it wouldn’t be the case, then tell me how newspapers can continue year in and year out and having customers reading their news and articles every single day. Have you ever heard about a paper saying that they have nothing to write about?

If you are acting in the online world the speed of the news flow is even higher.

However, to start from scratch and have an article ready to publish within an hour can block the mind of any human being. As in so many other cases in life, it´s all about planning.

It’s true that you need to be in the right mode to get an article produced. And sometimes that mode just isn’t there. To prevent those “weak” moment you need to have something in your pocket ready to grab and develop further.

Whatever you are doing during the day, you will always come across happenings, views, meetings, accidents, and many other things, that can inspire to a blog post at a certain point. Maybe it’s not the right moment to publish, but save it and sometimes in the future for sure it will be useful material for you.


Methods To Use To Have Your Idea Bank Filled Up

In my iPhone notes, I have a folder exclusively for blog ideas. Every single day there is a reason to make a note or various notes about blogging ideas.

Idea bank

Idea bank

The recent political campaign in the United States of America is a good example. This time it was a campaign different from any other presidency campaign. Every week one of the candidates inspired me to a topic to write something about. Due to one of the candidate’s particular character and often questionable behavior, the topic wasn’t for immediate publication. The base of the subject was there and when time passed by I got more meat on the bones. Maybe the article could see the daylight later on after getting more mature.

During the last year, three posts related to the elections in the U.S. were published. The latest one and maybe the most polemical one was posted five days ago (“2 Reasons Why Acting As A Deaf Frog Could Be A Winning Strategy”, 28th of January, 2017).


Even if you are using such a difficult theme as a political race as your base for the article, you need to focus the outcome and the conclusion on your avatar and what your audience is asking for.

An eye-opening political event, like the one we saw in the U.S. last year, can help you to trigger, provoke and motivate your audience to read your article. But it can also be sports events, concerts, environmental conflicts or concerns, well, your imagination sets the limit.


Mind Mapping To Success

Mind mapping

Mind mapping

One thing that the so-called A-bloggers have in common is that they plan their posts in advance. By doing that you can take advantage of certain dates, celebrations, or holidays, and link your topic to that happening. It makes your article more relevant and at the end more interesting.

For example, within short San Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s something celebrated in a big part of the world, and linking your article to that day, will give and extra push to your content.

An old but very useful way of getting the discipline to your blogging with relevant and valuable content is by doing mind mapping.

Mind mapping is a highly effective way of getting information from your brain properly organized. It literally “maps out” your ideas.

Compare mind mapping to a map of a city. The city center should, in this case, represent blogging. From there streets, roads, buildings, monuments, and street signs continue. You will notice how easy it is to get a nice flow in your mind mapping once you have started.

Like any city, the structure of the streets and roads will change over time. The same thing will happen to your mind map.

If you for any reason should be out of ideas, and you have nothing to write about, check your mind map. Within seconds ideas will start to pop up. You can download online ready made templates for mind mapping. Here is an example of a good one for Mac.

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