Make it easy to succeed with your online business during hard times


To start your own online business during hard times is probably something that has passed through your head several times. Maybe you are already doing business online.

When researching how to set up an Internet business, you will find thousands of different pieces of advice. From articles talking about 3 steps to more advanced stuff going through many things to have in place.

Before letting frustration take over your research, what are the necessary basics you need for your Internet business? Also, read my earlier article “5 Ways To Work Less And Earn More,” where we touch the topic.

Well, all the answers are correct in one way or another. It all comes down to how you would like to focus on the topic. Also, it depends on how detailed you want to be.

Pandemic or not, to start an online business during hard times, should not differ from starting a business when everything is normal. If you read, the article published 5 days ago, you will notice that the opportunities are always there.

However, in times of crisis, an inner force pushes you to do something to not get caught in the middle of the crisis. If you want, it’s a black and white choice of being a victim or a survivor.

Hard times aren’t anything new. They come regularly. Not going back too far in history, let’s start with the Great Depression back in 1929. Continue with the oil crisis in the 70th, the Samba effect in the 80th, and the Tequila crisis in the 90ths. Not to forget the financial crisis 2008, among other things, getting Lehman Brothers going bankrupt.


Coronavirus and other crises 

Thus, the Coronavirus crisis is nothing new, except for one thing: it hits the health of the world population directly.

In any crisis, the ongoing Coronavirus crisis included, there are always steps to take. An online business during hard times follows the same pattern.

So, if your “stay home” mode gets your brain to think about the future, and what steps you should take if an Internet business is on your radar, consider the following advice before getting started.


An Online Business During Hard Times Needs a Product to be Promoted


Online Business During Hard Times Needs a ProductTwo possibilities are inducing you to the online world and idea to start your online business.

You already have a product, and you are searching for a way to sell it through the Internet.



However, now comes the question: What to do next?

I mean, it sounds so easy to sell through the Internet, but how to do it?

You need a system, a platform, well, a tool to get the product out in the marketplace. You need to promote, sell it, and finally charge for the product.

How to make this happen?

The other scenario is that you are enthusiastic about starting your own Internet business for other reasons. It can be that you search for a new job, a part-time job, something you can do from home. Maybe the freedom to be in command of your own life is the driver. Perhaps, you are searching for something where you can work from anywhere while traveling the world.

Not to forget: many have lost their corporate jobs and need an income to cover monthly expenses. Also, a group of people finds out that better to start an online business during hard times on a part-time basis. It could be that you prefer to not put all your eggs in one basket, or that you notice that the corporate world isn’t that safe that you thought.

Whatever story, they are valid.


But you don’t have any product to sell!

You need a system, a platform, and a product to sell.

For all cases, I would highly recommend connecting to an affiliate marketing system. There are plenty of different affiliate companies out there, but look after that you link to one that can offer a complete system.

It means that you should have the entire digital platform supporting the business. You should get all the necessary training and support. Last but not least, you should get a product to promote.

When starting my journey in the online business world, many different alternatives appeared. However, only one could offer all mentioned above.

Jump up on the train and figure out yourself.


Instagram – Excellent Social Media for Your Online Business During Hard Times

Instagram for Your Online Business During Hard TimesTo be success full with your online business, you need to use social media. When starting my business, I connected to any possible social media available. It took a while until I found out that this was an error.

Choose two or three social media and work 100% with them until dominating the platforms. Instead of being an average user everywhere, it’s better to be an expert on a few platforms. After all, it’s all about connecting with your audience, creating confidence and trust.

When starting my journey, Instagram was still a quite “anonymous” platform. But the growth is incredible, and today you can’t ignore Instagram in your business.

As always with al digital activities, automation is crucial. The more you can automate, the more you will have time to develop. Early I came across a handy software to automate all my Instagram publications. Try it out yourself. You will be surprised. 


Build The Customer List for Your Online Business

When up and running with your affiliate marketing system, you will notice pretty soon that traffic and conversion is the name of the game. With access to millions of potential customers, it will be impossible to manage your business properly without a system where you can organize your growing customer base.

The list you are building will be the most crucial asset in your Internet business. You can divide your list into different segments according to your own criterion. Making marketing campaigns to your list or parts of your list will be one of your most valuable marketing efforts.

These systems, or applications, professionally named autoresponders will be an essential part of your business set up. If you don’t build your own list, you will literally lose a growing focus on your business.

Also, in this case, you can find many different autoresponders in the market. The one I use is giving me excellent and professional service. Further, it’s very compatible with the

affiliate marketing company mentioned above.

Click here and get your free trial month.


Your Online Business Needs to Communicate Correctly

Communicate CorrectlyWith Internet marketers all over the globe and with people speaking different languages, English is the predominant language of communication. In other words, if you would like to reach out to most of the potential customers around the world, you need to communicate in English.

You can either be a person speaking poor English or be speaking reasonably good English but not having English as your mother tongue  (as in my case.) In both cases, a language corrector is worth every single invested cent.

The application I’m using makes pure spell-checks as well as grammar checks. You can also configure the software to suggest business language, formal or informal language. It also offers the possibility to choose between British or American English.

Even native English speaking people should use the app. Despite that, your English is correct; the software can suggest a proposal that can improve your text further.

Click here and get your free trial month.

By the way, for this article, the spelling and grammar software has been used. Beleive the language isn’t that bad, or what is your opinion?


Starting an Online Business During Hard Times in a Nutshell


Tough times or not starting a business online always follow the same pattern. There are hundreds of useful apps and software. However, to not get lost and to start up fast and efficiently, begin with the following: 

SFM – Your all-included system to run your online business

Aweber – The autoresponder to put all your email marketing on autopilot

Onlypult – Schedule all your Instagram publications

Grammarly – The “must-have” app to get grammar and spelling to appeal to your audience

This article has been revised and corrected by using Grammarly®. Click here and get your free app for free to start using immediately.

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