To start an online business from scratch you will only need this:


Most new entrepreneurs struggle when about to start their online business from scratch. The main hurdle is knowing where to start and how to start. Immediately when scanning the web for advice, you will be bombarded with different offers.

Before even getting started, the market makes you confused. The creativity is endless to hook you up for particular products or services. In the worst-case scenario, you even pull out your credit card and start purchasing tools that can be good but unnecessary for your start-up phase.

All this is a common mistake we all make, me included. Before actually beginning, part of the start-up budget is spent on “cool” tools, not necessary to have.

To help like-minded people full of enthusiasm and motivation to start their online business from scratch, I decided to create an entire page on my website to recommend the only 4 tools needed to start an online business from scratch.

In an earlier article, we went through the way of correct thinking when starting to acquire tools for your business. The truth is that most tools out there are good tools, but the question you need to ask is what tools you really need when starting your online business from scratch.


The market is “saturated” by tools

When building a house, you will need various tools, from setting the ground of the house to drilling the last hole for the roof. All are important, but you need the corresponding tools for particular works. If acquiring the most sophisticated power drill when building the ground will not help you much when you instead need a good cement mixer.


Your Online Business from Scratch With 4 Tools


Online Business from Scratch With 4 Tools

Using the correct tools for your business can differentiate between failure and success. So let’s dive into the 4 tools you will need to start your online business from scratch.

We are here to set the foundation for a solid business prepared for success and growth.


System and platform 

Referring back to the comparison of building a house, finding the right system and platform is the most tricky issue before getting started. When surfing around on the web, you will be overflowed with all offers you will come across. But by keeping in mind what “your” system and platform must have to ensure success, you will know what direction to take.

Be sure that the system and platform you choose have this:

  • Extensive training programs
  • Continues coaching sessions
  • Help and support that works 24/7
  • Complete platform, including all technical parts
  • Active community with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Continuing development to always be on the front line of the market

When getting more information on my website about this basic and so important tool, there are three different options you can choose among. It all depends on your personal situation and what fits you best.



When your base is in place by choosing the correct system and platform, you will start to build your business and attract potential customers. It’s like opening up a shop; you need a flow of people entering the door to get to know more about your product.

An Internet-based business works exactly the same way. That “flow” of potential customers we call the “list.” You attract somebody with something. It could be a free course, an ebook, or something else for free. In interchange for that free product or service is the person’s email address, and you start to build your email list with potential customers.

Now, the continuation of your business implies an active interaction with the list. Imagine having thousands of people on your list. It’s an impossible mission to send them emails manually. You need to automate the whole process.

For this purpose, you need what we call an autoresponder. Based on your instructions and configuration, it’s a tool to take care of the communication with your list.

Again, there are plenty of autoresponders out in the market. They are all good (well, most of them,) and it’s very much about choosing the one that interacts the best way with the platform you decided to build your business.

Check the one I can highly recommend. They have an outstanding service, which is essential if something goes wrong down the chain.



You need to do some work when starting up, especially when starting your online business from scratch. You need to understand the process. However, after a while, you will realize that it’s impossible to scale your business, doing every little thing yourself.

In my case, not being technical, I outsource all that stuff to experts who can do the work for me better and faster.

You will find plenty of outsourcing alternatives on the web. The one I recommend on my website is working very well for me. This blog site is a good example. I’m the site’s architect and decide what it will look like, but I outsourced the work to make it clean and user-friendly.


Language tools

This tool you could view as optional if you want. But be aware that how you communicate with your audience (your list) could be the difference between a customer and a potential customer. Communication is crucial for all marketing.

There are two scenarios to cover. Suppose you belong to a group of people who do not have English as your first language. It can go very wrong if you do not have a professional tool supporting you. Your success depends very much on the level of trust you can build with your audience. The choice of words is important.

The second scenario is when people use English as their principal language. The nuances of your wording play a fundamental role. The difference in vocabulary and grammar between British English and American English could be a key factor for your success.

The tool I recommend is a fantastic tool. It’s not simple spell-checking software. When writing your text, it interacts with you, and suggestions pop up along the road. In a way, it helps you on your journey to becoming a copywriting marketer. Sometimes, choosing between two words can be the key to “hooking up” your reader the best way.


Start Your Online Business from Scratch Already Today


Your Online Business from Scratch Already Today

This article aims to give you short and concise “to the point” information on what to think about when starting your online business from scratch. I know it can be overwhelming because I have been there. What I know for sure, after canceling all subscriptions of the “cool” tools I don’t need for my success, it all boils down to the tools I recommend. These are tools I never will get rid of.

Now, your question might be: Where to start?

It could be that you already decided to grab something you found on my website. But suppose you still feel that you need a more in-depth understanding. In that case, I highly recommend you click here and join the free webinar on “How to start and grow a hyper-profitable online business from scratch!”

My coach and mentor will go through in detail how to make it all happen, step by step. The choice is yours, and it’s all in your hands.

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