The right online business tools are mandatory for your success


Online business tools represent the beginning of your successful entrepreneurial journey online. It’s the foundation of the entire business.

You can find a lot on this topic; my blog isn’t an exception. In the article 2021, you get all the basics about online business tools. However, where most new entrepreneurs struggle is knowing what tools they will need.

It’s easy to fall into a sort of “purchase-Syndrome” when seeing all the nice tools available in the market. Almost without noticing, most of the available budget, you will spend on devices, and you are not even starting your business yet.

Therefore, in a follow-up article published in March 2022, we were slimming it down to the 4 tools you need to start your online business from scratch. Now we take the next step and slim it down further.

How is that possible, might be your question.

Make a smart tool investment!

And what does that mean?

Get a complete package is my response to such a question.


All-in-One Online Business Tools

All-in-One Online Business ToolsWhatever business online you’re thinking about, there are some tools, software, and apps you can’t live without.

Let’s make a list of these “must-have” applications:


  • Product
  • Website
  • Webhosting
  • WordPress
  • System platform
  • Autoresponder for email marketing
  • Copywriter
  • Landingpages
  • Thank you pages
  • Tracking tools
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • And…much more!

Giving up? Many are doing it when coming to the insight of all online business tools you will need.

Many just get afraid when realizing what is needed. I was one of them, but that was over eight years ago. As a complete newbie in the digital world but with the desire to start my own business online, the more I learned, the more I felt I got distance to starting my own online business.

Then one day, clicking randomly on some links during my search process, feeling like approaching the end of my online adventure, something happens. The video I saw for the next 15 minutes changed it all. The same video has been updated several times, but the content and the message are the same in today’s version.

After watching the video, everything changed. From almost being at a “give up phase,” the future makes a turnaround by 180 degrees.

The beauty of being an online entrepreneur today, and running your own business online, is that you can start from scratch without any experience, digital knowledge, and technical skills.

With a true and sincere commitment from your side, the rest will be available for you if you join the correct system and community.


Two Online Business Tools and Voilà

  Two Online Business ToolsCheck the list above again, and guess what two tools you need.

System Platform

 By joining what we call the Modern Wealthy, you get the rest, except for the autoresponder for email marketing.

Probably this platform was the key to my continuation in the online business world after being turned out of all these false promises you’ll always find on the web.

Relying on a system and being part of a community with like-minded people from the very beginning will give you so much power for your next step to take.

Autoresponder for email marketing

When you start your business, you will begin to build an asset for your business. It’s an asset from where you will generate profit in your business. A business without a long-term commercial asset will have trouble surviving.

In an online business, the most valuable asset is your customer list. It could be everything from customers who already bought from you to potential customers for the future. By nurturing your “list” correctly, your business will start to grow.

But imagine when you have thousands of names and email addresses on your list; how to handle the list properly? The keyword for such a question is AUTOMATION.

By automating everything, you can program campaigns, special offers, and follow-ups; well, you name it, you need an autoresponder. I highly recommend Aweber for two reasons:

  1. They have outstanding service.
  2. It’s fully integrated with the Modern Wealthy platform.

You can even sign up for a free account to test it out before going for the full professional version.

More online business tools

 As you go forward with your business, more tools would be good to have in your arsenal to boost growth. On my website, you’ll get valuable advice on what tools to add later when you’re up and running your business.


Your Online Business Tools Will be the Bricks For Your Construction

Your Online Business ToolsWhen constructing something, you’ll need material, or let’s call it hardware. But without somebody doing the work, the construction will remain as a plan or a project that never will be concluded.

Building a business, whether online or offline, requires somebody to make it happen. But….

“I have no idea how to build a business online.”

…might be your relevant question.

Here comes the “magic” of the Modern Wealthy business setup.

You will be taught everything you need to know to build your business successfully from scratch. Along the way, you’ll always have colleagues and coaches by your side to support you with whatever it could be. You’ll never be stuck and alone.

Modern Wealthy is like acquiring a pre-built business. You get all the pieces you’ll need to be accompanied by detailed instructions. Now, it’s up to you to invest time and effort, which can vary from person to person. Many are doing this part-time while still attending a corporate position. Others do it full-time and invest most of their time in the business project.

All the online business tools you will need come with the Modern Wealthy package. It’s time to get it done, my friend!

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