To overcome frustration is very much about understanding

We have all gone through tough and stressing situations, but to overcome frustration is something that very few spend the time to dive into deeper. Just to finally get the problem solved that caused the frustration, is enough to keep on going….until the next time!

In the first place, why do we get frustrated? The short but excellent article “4 Reasons We Get Frustrated and How to Cope,” describes, in a nutshell, the main reasons behind frustration.

Most people feel comfortable when life is framed up in one way or another. Another word for the same could be to have habits. When things don’t fall into the pre-constructed frame, a sort of frustration scenario appears.

It could be anything from a missing phone call to a lost wallet with all your credit cards. It could be the loss of a loved one to being fired from your work. All these examples have in common that you don’t expect them and you don’t consider them to happen either.

In my blog post “How To Get Rid Of The Entrepreneurial Funk,” from December last year, the technique in 3 steps is revealed: Reconnect with your WHY, GRATEFULNESS, and PRACTICE what you know.

The technique and the article very much focus on your entrepreneurial life. In reality, it works for any situation of frustration.

Overcome Frustration By Using These 3 Steps

Overcome frustration in 3 steps

Overcome frustration in 3 steps

As frequent frustrations occupy too much of your limited time, it is essential to find a way to overcome frustration. With curiosity and interest, I have developed further the three steps mentioned above, inspired by a lot of different material you easily can find on the Internet.

One crucial inspiration source is a fellow countryman, Henrik Edberg, who with his “The Positive Blog,” writes a lot of related topics.

One of his articles actually develops further my “home-made” formula of Why, Gratefulness and Practice. However, the essence is the same.

It’s a straightforward formula to overcome frustration, but you need to know it.

Step 1: Be Here Now

The first thing to do is to act in the present. Henrik Edberg is talking about breathing and having control of your body. Meditation and similar activities work perfectly well. It’s all about being present here and now.

Personally, I use an alternative that works perfectly well for me. As a passionate runner, I just stop what I’m doing and go out for a run, or spend a few hours in the gym.

The fact that you do something you like and that entirely isolate what causes your frustration helps you to “Be Here Now.”

Step 2: Appreciate What You Do Have

Appreciate to overcome frustration

Appreciate to overcome frustration

After calming down by being present, start to appreciate what you do have. When you get frustrated the world is “falling down, ” and you feel miserable. Fortunately, the accurate description is different.

Think about simple and often forgotten appreciable things, like a house where to live, food to eat, a lovely family, friends, connection to the Internet (otherwise you can’t read this.)

Take a sip of water and remember that while you’re drinking water, there are people in another part of the world dying because of lack of water.

Step 3: Focus On What You Can Do Right Now

In a way, the two previous steps represent the preparation to overcome frustration. And this third step is the part when you get out of a status quo situation, starting to bring life forward again.

By paying attention to the present and get into a mood of gratefulness, psychologically you are ready to be active and “productive” again. But take it easy! Start with small steps and by all means avoid being overwhelmed.

One small step can change everything when you notice that you actually take a step forward.

Maybe your frustration is a result of carrying too much responsibility on your shoulders. The whole method is a kind of “self-healing.”

By taking small steps you’ll concentrate to focus, and focus is the key to overcome frustration.

This entire article is an example of the method revealed. I didn’t have any bright idea about what to bring to my audience and followers. The time goes by, and suddenly your next blog post must be published.

By spending a couple of hours in the gym doing a tough session, sweating and enjoying the treatment given to the body, unconsciously my mind went through a sort of clean-up.

Spending the following hours on a nearby Starbucks feeling the taste of good coffee, thinking about people somewhere else on this planet who not even can get their necessary daily food or water intake to survive, made me tremendously grateful for the life I’m living after all.

Once of a sudden this article saw the daylight at a Starbucks.

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