Is part-time entrepreneurship a feasible path to success?

Full time or part-time entrepreneurship is an issue that is holding back a lot of people to give their life dream a real chance. The topic is more “hot” than ever. The entire global labor market right now is going through a transformation never seen before.

To just choose one of many different reports, the Daily Mail published an article a few months ago, where they estimate that 38% of US jobs will be automated by 2030.

Traditional jobs with a high demand in the market suddenly disappear. Not because of any global financial downturn but, I would say, the opposite. Economies are growing at a good pace right now, but at the same time, fewer job positions are available.

The reason:


The whole digitalization process of companies and entire societies requires less human labor. The machines are taking over.

The number of new independent entrepreneurs is growing like never before. On one side, people find an excellent opportunity to jump up on the digital train and take advantage of the new business opportunities. It’s like the gold rush 150 years ago.

Other people find their own business as an alternative. In the new environment where corporate jobs are becoming more difficult to find.

From statistics published by the Entrepreneur three years ago, 53 million Americans are independent workers. It’s about 34% of the total workforce. This number is expected to grow to 50% already by 2020.

Whatever your journey looks like, the question will always pop up:

“Should I go all in and dedicate 100% of my time to grow my own business, or is part-time entrepreneurship an alternative?”

Part-Time Entrepreneurship Gives You Flexibility

All people thinking about starting their own business will sooner or later face the issue: full time or part-time entrepreneurship.

There doesn’t exist any answer to what is the best alternative. We are all different and what is right for you can be opposite for another person. However, based on experiences, if the choice exists (which isn’t always the case), then part-time entrepreneurship is, in my opinion, the best path to follow.

Flexible part-time entrepreneurship

Flexible part-time entrepreneurship

In her article, “6 Reasons to Start a Part-time Business,” Tai Goodwin gives some excellent and valid arguments in favor of part-time entrepreneurship.

With part-time entrepreneurship, you can optimize your flexibility. Let me explain:

More like a rule than an exception a startup of a new business will always take more time than calculated. It means more time without any income, and probably the need of spending more money to get your business to run correctly. If you can lean back on a salary from a corporate day job, you will relieve a lot of pressure on yourself.

When you seriously start to dive into your project as an entrepreneur, you will find that everything is changing in your behavior and your environment.

Forget about the 40 hours work week. As a passionate entrepreneur, you will spend many hours (too many to put a number here) to get your business to see the daylight. But you do it with love and pleasure because you’re a real entrepreneur and it’s your life dream that is going to be molded.

There are people, let’s be clear on this point, who can’t afford this kind of life and through in the towel at an early phase. If you then are doing it part-time, you can always rely on your corporate job, and life continues as “usual.”

Affiliate Marketing And Part-Time Entrepreneurship Makes A Perfect Fit Together

Affiliate marketing and part-time entrepreneurship

Affiliate marketing and part-time entrepreneurship

After spending many successful years as on various executive positions in the corporate world, my first try as an independent entrepreneur ended up in a complete disaster and bankruptcy.

It was a huge project with a numerous direct sales force involved. The passion for finally running my own company was the driving carrot to work up to 70 hours a week.

A vital investment was necessary for products, technical service, and spare parts.

When everything seemed to be just to take off, the curtain falls as a blizzard from a blue sky.

Sever technical issues with the product and the supplier refuses to take their responsibility. As the owner of the company, I can see how the assets disappear like snow in springtime. Long story short; close the business and rescue what is possible to minimize the losses.

The lesson learned: do not rely financially on an external product when launching your business.

When a new opportunity to continue the entrepreneurial challenge pops up 13 years later, the motivation and passion are there. Now we are talking online business. It’s another ball game.

As a senior baby boomer making professional career during the times of telex machines, the computer suddenly should be my working tool.

The digital part never caused me any problem, as all logical steps to take, also are backed up by proper training.

What caught my attention was the affiliate model. What does it mean? Well, you sell the product of somebody else and get a commission for that. In fact, you don’t even have to sell the product.

Take a look at my blog post “How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?” from July last year. There we go through the advantages of starting up your online business as an affiliate. There are huge advantages!

Let’s Do This Together

Watch this short version of the video published in the same article from last year, and get to understand all the significant advantages of affiliate marketing.

Starting up my own online business applying part-time entrepreneurship, was the “push go button.” The pride and self-esteem I felt that day when I walked up to my boss to quit my job, was something that confirms my inner entrepreneurial heart.

To all people asking for advice, I always say the same:

Part-time entrepreneurship combined with affiliate marketing is the optimal way to approach a real try to be an independent entrepreneur and to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

You don’t have to trust a single word that I’m saying, but if at least my story sounds reasonable, then you owe yourself something:

A serious try!

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