Why Passionate Runners Are Good Entrepreneurs


Passionate runners

Passionate runners


Success in running relies entirely on your dedication and work methods.

It’s not a random coincidence that professional and passionate runners become successful business entrepreneurs after their running career. In fact, there are so many habits in common for running and entrepreneurship.

A good starting point is to figure out the common bonds that runners and entrepreneurs share.

We have two categories of runners, the joggers, and the runners, and it’s important to make a clear distinction between the two. Not because one is better than the other, but rather the differences in mindset and commitment. A jogger is usually people who take a run once it fits into the other plans in life, meaning there is no laser detailed plan.

A runner is someone who has a mission and a goal making him or her to a dedicated and passionate runner. Most passionate runners on amateur level focus the training a marathon runs for a very simple reason: It requires a serious training plan. All people with a reasonable good physical condition can run 10k and even half a marathon, but a full marathon requires something else.

Often I get the question: “How can you mobilize efforts to go out and run at 5 o’clock in the morning?” The answer can be a long one, but the short one is much easier to understand:

I belong to the privileged group of passionate runners!

At the same time, I’m a passionate online marketer, making my living through the Internet, allowing me to decide the schedules for work and training.

The habits are joining together these two passions, and can be summarized in 9 points.

Pattern For Passionate Runners And Entrepreneurs


  1. Runners and entrepreneurs they both cross-train – making the same routine day in and day out without adding anything else, can easily harm your ambitions to be a good runner and a successful entrepreneur. Runners always add certain gym sessions per week to his or her program, and can even go further and add cycling or swimming. An entrepreneur adds reading, motivation sessions and other non-directly money producing activities. All this will help to get a broader understanding and more harmonized training.
  2. Passionate runners and entrepreneurs are always open to new things – No matter if we are talking training methods, food intake, running shoes or anything else to do with your passion for running, we are always eager to get the latest update. Maybe to try it out and who knows, it could be something to change for the better. The same goes for entrepreneurs, always updated on what is going on. Especially when doing business in the digital world, it is must to be well informed as everything is changing faster than what you can imagine. Not being updated on what is gong on in your niche is the same as taking a step backward.
  3. Runners and Entrepreneurs always have goals – In December, I do personally establish the agenda for the year to come. The main goals, the 2 to 3 marathons to run will dictate how the training program will be mounted. As an entrepreneur, the primary goal for the year can be streamlined down into several sub-goals. The whole business will be hooked up on the goal setting. Passionate runners, as well as serious entrepreneurs without detailed goal setting, will be frustrated persons, like headless hens running around without destiny.
  4. Consistency is the “secret” recipe to success – Asking passionate runners or successful entrepreneurs about the key to success, they will both pretty soon come up with the word “consistency”. For a runner it doesn’t mean that you have to run every day, but rather to stick religiously to the established training program you have committed to. Personally, I have only two valid excuses not to fulfill my programmed running training; an infection in the body and a thunderstorm. The infection has to be treated seriously with total rest but when a thunderstorm you can easily replace your running with a couple of hours in the gym instead. The professional entrepreneur works the same way. The plan with deadlines indicates the path and the speed to take. Therefore, you often hear stories about entrepreneurs working the whole night long. It’s not because they are crazy, or their passion has brought them to another level. It is their burning passion to fulfill the plan that makes them do what they do.
  5. Plenty of sleep – All physical efforts and running without exceptions, require a lot of rest. If the body doesn’t get the necessary numbers of sleeping hours during a determined period, the body will never recover and cannot take advantage of the high dose of training. The result will be the opposite, and you cannot expect any good results the next time you line up in the starting blocks. A successful entrepreneur has to deal with the same issue. At a certain point, the body needs to rest. Both time consuming long distance training as well as entrepreneurship done in a correct way, allow you to schedule everything according to your personal agenda, including rest time and sleeping. If you couldn’t get a sufficient number of sleeping hours, your activities will always allow you to plan in an afternoon nap, or whatever is convenient for you.
  6. Runners and entrepreneurs are pack rats – If you are a runner you know how we save all our medals, bibs, and all other stuff. We have dozens of running shoes and even if some of them have completed their lifecycle, we keep them. Why are we like that? All stuff have memories; they have a story to tell. Among all your shoes, you always have your favorite pair of shoes. You know that these shoes will be the best for you when you run your next marathon. Entrepreneurs are reasoning the same way. We collect a lot of stuff, bad or good, but they all have a purpose, or at least we believe that they could have an essential purpose as you go ahead with your project.
  7. The gears ready at all times – The 24 hours we have every day, not a second more or less, in fact, is a limitation we can’t do anything about. The remaining choice will then be to optimize how to use these 24 hours. All natural and passionate runners they are always prepared. Wherever you are, you are always ready to take off for a one or two hours’ run. Entrepreneurs never turn off the entrepreneurial channel, always prepared to learn something new to the benefit of the business or project.
  8. Pride of being who you arePassionate runners and entrepreneurs are tremendously intensive in what they are doing. Their passion drives them towards this behavior, and we are proud of being who we are. A passionate runner with a distinct wristwatch tan sign shows clearly what you are up to. You are proud to show it and don’t want to cover it. In some way, it forms part of your identity as a passionate runner. A true entrepreneur is always happy to share the gained experience towards the goal, no matter if successes or failures, as both are part of the journey to the final the goal.
  9. Tough races and well-deserved recovery – A lot of people say that a marathon race is 32 kilometers of warming up and 10 kilometers of running. The last 10 kilometers represent the part of the race when all your training, motivation, discipline and passionate dedication will be accountable to show how solid they really are. After a marathon race, you deserve and you should rest and recover for the effort to finish 42.2 kilometers. The nice side of the tough entrepreneurial journey is that you will continuously enjoy your efforts, by living a life you have decided to live. You will get the opportunity to experience the freedom to be what you dreamed about.

To commit yourself to run marathon races, not once in your lifetime but 2-3 races per year isn’t something for everyone. It requires something that not all people are prepared to do.

To be a successful entrepreneur, not a one-time creator, but to build something sustainable, profitable, serving a huge group of people in the society, isn’t something for everyone.

If you belong to the group of passionate runners, entrepreneurs, or maybe both and looking for something that can transform your lifestyle to something of your dreams, the online marketing is here to stay, grow and conquer the world of the new generation of business leaders. Are you in?

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