The best way to progress could be the opposite of what you think 


The best way to progress is sometimes to take a path different from how your brain is typically programmed. In the case of running an online business, social media is crucial for a long-time success. Pausing your social media activities means voluntarily giving up money and opportunities we could otherwise take advantage of.

But does that mean you’ll abandon all hope of earning more if you take a break? It certainly doesn’t!


A nonstop performance is impossible 

Whether a one-person business or a company with various human beings, every business is based on personal efforts. The input of people working with the business creates the final result. To believe that this endless effort is the best way to progress could produce the opposite effect.

There are three different valid reasons to pause what you’re doing:

  1. You are tired and your human “mechanism” needs to rest to replenish new energy. You need to rest to give your body and mind the opportunity to do this.
  2. Often, an overwhelming working situation can be the roadblock to your goal. You want to do so much and become your own obstacle at a certain point.
  3. This third point is often the description we all entrepreneurs become a victim of. And that’s a combination of the two previous reasons.

Whatever you can refer to, take it seriously and do something about it. You will be the winner by doing it in a planned and straightforward way.


The best way to progress – revaluate your priorities

When busy pursuing your goals, it could seem unproductive to pause and start thinking about how to prioritize the entire business. Daily hard work, often against time, could push you off the track without even noticing it.

A snowball effect often appears. You work harder and harder and get more blinded about what you’re really up to. It’s easy to become a victim of your own hard work.

When I started my blog 7 years ago, my goal was clear about what content to deliver to the market. Over time some fine-tunings have been done, but the overall goal is the same.

“Help people prepare their lives as retired and live a joyful and happy life – The Golden Age Lifestyle.” 

I have my blog connected to certain social media to make it happen. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter form part of such an environment.


The Steps for the Best Way to Progress 


Steps for the Best Way to Progress 

At the same time, new “players” are showing up on the social media horizon when thinking about how to finetune the whole social media setup. One of them is Youtube. It’s true that Facebook still is the most important social media for the group of people belonging to my audience – 55+ people.

However, Youtube is aggressively gaining ground for seniors and is today the second most important social media after Facebook.


The best way to progress with Youtube

I’m now working hard to get my new Youtube channel up and running. It will be a channel for my audience of 55+ people to feel at home and get plenty of content to start their Golden Age Lifestyle.

It’s a job that will consume most of my time, and I’m sure it will be the natural “home” for senior people searching for advice and tips to really make it happen.

Time, as we all know, is a limited resource. We all have 24 every single day. It’s the same for every single person on earth. So, the way you use your 24 hours is crucial. In my case, I will spend most of my time, at least for the next couple of weeks, getting my Youtube channel launched professionally.

To prioritize the Youtube work, my blogging will be paused. You can access my blog as usual, but no new articles will be published for a while.

In the same way, my Instagram channel will only have some sporadic post publications.


See you on “The Golden Age Lifestyle” site

To be up to date on what’s happening in our tribe, visit my website, the Golden Age Lifestyle. There you will find a lot of tips, advice, and updates. When it’s time to launch my new Youtube channel, my website is the place to get all the information.

This pause on various of my media, for sure, will be the best way to progress and deliver the content you would like to have.

See you around.

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