If you pay attention to the right things…..things will start to happen 

Pay attention to the right things, and never worry again about your destiny. Easy like that! The only snag is that there is a huge competition out there to get your attention.

Do you remember the president rally in the U.S. four years ago? No matter if you love or hate Donald Trump, but he’s a guru in getting you to pay attention to the right things. The combats between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hit all rating records. No-one would like to miss the latest on what I would like to label as “The Trump Show.” 

People just love conflicts and stuff not molded in the traditional comfort zone frame.

Today we are facing a new and indeed different situation the whole world is focusing on. The Coronavirus pandemic is literally putting the world upside down. As a consequence of this horrible pandemic, it’s essential to think forward. To pay attention to the right things for you, will decide how the rest of your life will look like.

To save lives is today the main focus and should, of course, be so. But behind all the tragedies that Coronavirus brings to the world, there is also a “tomorrow.” Very few words have so far been dedicated to the tough and hard economic recovery when the pandemic finally will be under control.

Under normal circumstances, employment figures slightly decreasing cause sometimes nervous panic moves on the principal stock markets. Today we have already lost millions of jobs, and in the best case, it shows up as a marginal notice in the news. 


Headlines that sell

On one side, it’s completely absurd, but on the other side understandable from a news agency’s point of view. To pay attention to the right things, the title in a newspaper or news broadcast must talk about death and disaster caused by Conavid-19. Unemployment figures don’t sell!

In an earlier article about “What Marketers Can Learn From Donald Trump,” we could see how a presidential candidate in the U.S. breaks all traditional frames for the first time in history. Only pay attention to the right things, (forget about the political messages, which is another story,) and answer the following question:

What is the purpose of making the wall on the border to Mexico to a campaign issue?

To get your attention!

When the subject has been discussed for a while, and people start to focus on other issues….

“…..and Mexico gonna pay for the wall.”

New attention!

Whatever political opinion you may have, I believe we can agree on one point. Everybody talks about Donald Trump. To such degree that for a while Hillary Clinton almost appeared in the political shadow.

When the rally for the presidency starts rolling this time, it will be interesting to see what “attention magnet” will be on the menu.


Pay Attention to the Right Things and Then What’s Next?


Pay Attention to the Right Things and Then What's Next?The lesson we all learn from Trump’s original and uncommon entrance on the political arena is that no one will listen to you without your attention.

Attention is like a key opener to the next level. And the next step is to get out relevant information or content. Due to Donald Trump’s strong opening, no matter if against him or agreeing with him, people are waiting with interest for his next statement or piece of content.

The old formula AIDA: Attention – Interest – Decision – Action, still works.

Haters and lovers of Donald Trump for sure can agree that he got his audience’s attention.

If the entrance is right and you get the attention, at least people will listen to you, and if your content is of value, the interest will start to grow.

The debates between the candidates for the precedency will, for sure, play a fundamental role in the next step of the process—the decision and then finally the action, culminating in giving your vote for one of the candidates.


Pay Attention to This!


Pay Attention to This!All the debates and confrontations between the candidates to run the most powerful country in the world, deliver tons of different promises and statements to the voters in attempts to get them hooked up on their side.

Among all baits thrown out to attract people, the number one without comparison is:

“Vote for me as your president, and I promise you, X, million new jobs!”

No matter if these new jobs will be created by cutting or adding taxes, statistics tell a different story.

According to a study made by The Boston Consulting Group in The Internet Economy in the G-20, the Internet economy will grow at double speed compared to the overall GDP growth in the leading developed countries.

The same report says The Internet economy of the G-20 will nearly double between 2010 and 2016.

In the U.S., 10.1 % of the GDP year, 2019 came from the Internet economy, compared to an estimated figure of 5.4% for 2016.

The new ingredient in the political circus this time will be the horrible Coronavirus pandemic. More than ever, we can all see how jobs disappear like never before. The automation process starting years back and eliminating jobs, is getting a different dimension due to the pandemic. In general, people begin to fully understand how the new world will look after the pandemic.

 Automation is one of the cornerstones of successful Internet business. Robotics, computers, and systems are replacing and will replace further an essential part of jobs that human beings do today.


It’s critical to pay attention to the right things already today!

Thus, global growth is mainly going to happen based on the Internet and online connections. Automation is the key, creating less traditional jobs but many more business opportunities.

The different phases of the world economy development also can be described in terms of varying skill sets and dominant professions. In an earlier article, the economic evolution gets an in-depth explanation.

The agriculture revolution 200 years ago fostered professional farmers and agriculturalists. 100 years later, the industrial revolution created positions related to engineering and industrial planning.

The digital revolution started out silently and softly some decades ago with professional IT technicians at the helm. Now it reached the level where the practical usage of the digitalization is on the frontline. This phase fosters online entrepreneurs, people of all ages, all nationalities, and genders who see an opportunity and a great future in the Internet business.

The pandemic sweeping the world like a tsunami, force people to pay attention to the right things.

critical to pay attention to the right thingsIt’s an entirely new scheme where the “safety” of a traditional corporate backup is replaced by goal-oriented entrepreneurship. You are the accountable and direct beneficiary of your successful business.

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Do I have your Attention?!

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